Winter 2020
Your quarterly news & updates from the Supervisor of Elections Office.
From Supervisor Chambless

This time of year means new beginnings and fresh starts. It brings with it the promise of the future. 2020 is here and with the PPP days away, our office is full steam ahead.

We recently launched our new site, . With more and more people using their phone to access websites and information, we knew we needed to adapt to this trend. Our new site makes it easier to find important information from any device you choose. It offers simplified navigation and an improved user experience. The .gov domain is only given to official U.S. government websites. As security continues to be at the forefront of all we do, this new domain is more secure against DNS hijacking or website spoofing. It’s another way we #PROTECT2020 .

Though our site is new, our dedication to holding fair, secure, and transparent elections, is not. It’s why we spend countless hours learning, practicing, and improving our process; and continue to refine our procedures. This commitment to success shows in the efforts of our team to prepare themselves to deliver an accurate election.

There are critics who ask why we bother.

To them I say because elections matter. Because your vote matters. Because your VOICE matters. We wouldn’t work year-round, day in and day out, if it didn’t.

To those critics, I point to our Elections staff, to our volunteers, and to our hundreds of Election Workers who each play a role on Election Day and beyond. I point to their hard work and enthusiasm and their pride in delivering a fair, accurate election for every voter. We're fully invested in this process, you should be too. Join us this Election Season and cast your ballot with confidence.
News & Updates
New Year, New Look
Have you checked out our new site, yet? With more and more people accessing information from their smartphone or device, we knew we needed a site that was adaptable and easier to navigate. A new streamlined design and simplified layout lets users find the info they need quickly and conveniently, from any device they choose.

Check out today!
Signature Update Reminder
We get asked all the time why someone should update their signature. The truth is, we check the signature on every petition and Vote by Mail ballot envelope.

Yes, every single one of them!

And there are many factors that may affect your signature- age, illness, or injury just to name a few. So, to prepare and #PROTECT2020, we sent a letter out to voters who hadn't updated their signature in the last 5 years. Overall, we received a great response and we appreciate everyone who took time to update it.

Election Information
Presidential Preference Primary

Read on to learn more about the upcoming PPP
and the
3 Ways to Vote!

What's the PPP?
The Presidential Preference Primary (PPP) is an election to narrow down the field of presidential candidates. There is a ballot for both Democratic and Republican candidates. Florida is a Closed Primary State, though, so only members of those two parties will be able to vote in the PPP.

Want to take a look at your Sample Ballot?

Vote by Mail
With 72% of the vote happening prior to Election Day, more and more people are choosing to vote early or to Vote by Mail.

VBM ballots are a popular option, not only because of convenience, but because it gives voters the time to research the ballot ahead of time.

If you'd like to request a VBM ballot, you have until March 7. Click here to order yours today
Early Vote Dates, Times, Locations
March 6 - March 14
9 AM through 6 PM

The majority of voters cast their ballot before Election Day. Early Vote has become increasingly popular for people constantly on the go! During the Early Vote period, March 6-14, you can vote at ANY of our Early Vote locations. Before work, after school, on the way to the store or the park, swing by the location closest to you and let your voice be heard!

Click here for more information.
Election Day Reminders
There are still many voters who vote on Election Day! When voting on Election Day, you MUST vote in your assigned precinct.

Not sure where that is? Click here to find where you vote.

Election Day is March 17
Polls are open from 7 AM till 7 PM

Outreach Events
Clay Day
On February 20, we celebrated Clay Day in Tallahassee. Held in the courtyard of the Capital, businesses, elected officials, and local government gather to show the great work being done in Clay County!
Reps. Bobby Payne and Travis Cummings, Sen. Rob Bradley, CFO Jimmy Patronis, and Gov. Ron DeSantis all welcomed the crowd and highlighted the exciting things in store for Clay County and Florida as a whole.
100 Years of Women Voting
On August 18, 1920, the 19th Amendment was ratified. Women were finally able to vote! To celebrate the 100 Year Anniversary, we'll be showcasing the elected women of Clay County, past and present, throughout the year. Keep an eye out for us at the Fair in April.

Around the Office
Happy Birthday!

Happy Anniversary!




*Denotes full time employment

Read more about Thunder and Holly below.
Meet Our Team
Holly DePaul started in the Voter Services Bureau answering calls, processing applications and classifying documents. Now, as the Election Services Manager, she's responsible for managing each precinct location/early voting site, all warehouse functions, ballot coding and tabulation. These tasks require incredible attention to detail, efficiency, and logistical skills

Though Holly's level of organization (color-coded calendars and all) is impressive, it's her quick sense of humor and ability to build strong relationships with our county partners and community, that sets her apart.

While most people may take time to relax after an election, Holly is quickly on to the next project and looking at what we can improve upon. She's an integral part of how we deliver accurate, secure elections every time.
While on active duty, Thunder Nkere joined our team as an Election Worker in 2004. In 2012, she became an Election Worker training instructor and, now, as our Election Worker Coordinator, she's become a vital piece of the puzzle.

Thunder has a knack for taking a complicated subject and simplifying it. If you attend a training class, you know she's firm, but fun! This is obvious in the amount of Election Workers we have return each Election Season.

After retiring from 20 years of Naval Service, she calls Fleming Island home. In her very spare time, she enjoys being with her family, learning about Clay County history, and crafting. P.S. if you want to win her over, bring her a piece of peanut butter pie from Sweet Sensations.
Election Workers Wanted
To say Thunder has been busy, is an understatement! She's spent months recruiting new Election Workers, holding orientations and training classes. With Early Vote starting and Election Day almost here, she's in full on Election prep mode.

While training is over for the PPP, we're still looking for Election Workers for the August Primary and November General. If you're interested in serving as an Election Worker, please contact us today!

Signature Forensics Class
The staff attended a Signature Verification Seminar provided by Richard Orsini. Mr. Orsini is a board certified, court-qualified, forensic document examiner and licensed private investigator from Jacksonville Beach, FL. We learned about:
• Signature checkpoints, principles & theories
• Handwriting identification
• Factors that affect handwriting
• Types of Forgery & Forgery Defects
These skills are used to verify voter signatures on all Vote by Mail envelopes and petitions received.
Another way we #PROTECT2020!