Fall 2019
Your quarterly news & updates from the Supervisor of Elections Office.
From Supervisor Chambless

The holiday season is here, and with the New Year quickly approaching, the Elections Office is kicking into high gear. The quiet hum has grown into a loud buzz as we prepare for what is sure to be an unprecedented year.

Security is the hot button topic. It seems there’s a new story every week concerning the safety of the American voting system. With all eyes sure to be on Florida, we know the best offense is a good defense. Our plan is to #PROTECT2020: pre-, post-, and during the elections.

  • We review what worked and what needs improvement, what new laws must be implemented, and what must be updated
  • We review our security procedures and staff training
  • Test and upgrade equipment
  • Conduct Election Worker training
During the Election

  • Prior to every election, we conduct a Logic & Accuracy test which ensures our machines are counting votes correctly.
  • On Election Day, voters must show a photo and signature ID. Our records electronically update as soon as a voter votes at the polls or when we receive their Vote by Mail ballot.
  • Florida is a paper ballot state- you can’t hack paper
  • Ballots are stored with an extensive chain of custody records and we implement strict security procedures.
  • Voting equipment is not connected to the Internet.

  • Early Vote and Vote by Mail results are uploaded in-house.
  • Paper results are printed at the precincts and a copy is returned to our office on Election Night to verify results.
  • We conduct a public manual audit. Ballots are hand counted in randomly selected precincts and races to ensure the machine count is the same as the human one.

All these processes and procedures are in place to keep your vote safe! However, by far the biggest threat to our elections is the spread of misinformation. We can put security into place for many things, but how do we combat rumors? That's where YOU come in.

Don’t take everything you hear or read at face value. Do your own research and when in doubt, go to the source. The Elections Office is here as a resource. We’re happy to answer any questions or listen to concerns you may have. As you'll read below, we're also updating our website to ensure easier access to accurate information. Integrity and transparency are not simply words to us, but a promise to our voters.

Help us #PROTECT2020 and we'll see you in the New Year!
News & Updates
New Year, New Look
We wanted to start our New Year off with a bang! We're in the process of refreshing our website. We wanted to make it easier to navigate and more user friendly. Along with a new look, our name will be changing to ClayElections.gov. These changes reflect our commitment to provide you with up-to-date and accurate information.

Stay tuned in January for our big reveal!
Signature Update Reminder
Did you know that nearly 6 million Florida voters have a signature older than 5 years?

At the end of October, we sent a letter to 30,000 people who hadn't updated their signature in at least 5 years. It gave voters the chance to update their signature or any other information, like name or address, before election season.

We wanted to be proactive as we prepare and #PROTECT2020. We received a great response overall and appreciate everyone who took time to update their signature!

Scholarship Opportunity
Once again, we're happy to announce a scholarship opportunity for local college students! The Florida Supervisors of Elections (FSE) will award three $1,200 scholarships to students across the state.

Eligible students must be enrolled or accepted as a full-time student in a senior college or university in Florida, and majoring in Political Science, Public or Business Administration, or Journalism/ Mass Communication.

Interested students can review the full guidelines and application online at ClayElections.com or stop by the Elections Office in Green Cove Springs.
Completed applications and two letters of recommendation must be submitted by 5 PM on February 28, 2020 to the SOE Office. 

Save the Date(s)
Mark your calendars- Election Season will be here before you know it!

Presidential Preference Primary - 3/17/20
Municipal Super Tuesday - 4/14/20
Primary Election - 8/18/20
General Election - 11/3/20

Election Workers Needed
Did you know approximately 400 Election Workers are necessary to assist citizens with the voting process in Clay County? Our Election Workers play a vital role in elections. It's a rewarding way to help others and learn more about the elections system.

If you're looking for a way to serve your community and earn extra money, visit the link below to find out how!

Outreach Events
Veterans Appreciation Day
We attended the 3rd Annual Veterans Appreciation Day at Moosehaven. There were local vendors, musicians, airplanes, and military vehicles. Supervisor Chambless, a veteran himself, participated in the opening ceremony. We had many military members, and the public, stop by with questions and to update their registration. It was a great turnout to help celebrate those who serve our country- past, present, and future.
National Voter Registration Day
Every year millions of Americans find themselves unable to vote because they miss a registration deadline, don’t update their registration, or aren’t sure how to register. On Tuesday, September 24, organizations from all over the country participated in a day of coordinated efforts. We're thankful to Clay County libraries,the Tax Collector's offices, Green Cove Springs City Hall, the BCC, and the Clerk of the Court for hanging posters and helping us spread the message.

Fall Festival
Orange Park's Fall Festival is one of the biggest events we participate in. This year was even busier, despite some rainy weather! Packed with vendors and entertainment, it did not disappoint. We had lots of voters stop by to register for the first time or update their information. Thanks to all our volunteers for all their help!
Fall Frolics
It was no trick, only a treat to spend Halloween at St. Johns River State College's Fall Frolics event. Students were able to chat with businesses from all over Clay County, as well as get to know more about the SJRSC community's clubs and associations. It was great to interact with students and faculty as we answered questions and passed out information.
High School Registration
Did you know we visit EVERY public high school in Clay? Yep, every single one! We combine voter education with a registration drive. Our goal is not just registration. We want to help students understand why voting is important and get them involved and engaged in the process.

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers for registering students, answering questions, and all your enthusiasm!
Around the Office
Happy Anniversary!
Lynn Gaver..........9/2*

Kemie Mahan......9/7*

*Denotes full time employment

You can read more about both Lynn and Kemie below.
Meet Our Team
Lynn Gaver has worked in the Elections Office in Voter Services for 12 years. She's earned her Master Florida Certified Election Professional (MFCEP) and if you ever have a question about Vote by Mail ballots, Lynn is your girl! She's never too busy to answer a question or help out her coworkers, though.

On her days off, Lynn spends as much time as she can with her two grandchildren, Hudson and baby Ellie. She loves to show them off like any proud grandma! We love to see her pictures and videos of them both. A huge animal lover, she's also mom to her dog, Penny, and a favorite sitter of our office mascot, Sam (read more about him below). Lynn also volunteers in her church and seems to always have a home improvement project underway with her husband Jeff.

Lynn's warm nature is so welcoming and truly makes everyone feel like they're family. Lynn is sweet, but definitely has a knack for sassy comebacks! It must come from all the spicy food she loves! We know the way to her heart is hot salsa and anything with cinnamon.
Kemie Mahan started as an Election Worker, then worked as a temp in 2014 before being hired full time in 2015.This past spring, Kemie was promoted to Clerk II when she took on payroll and accounting duties. She's become knowledgeable in all aspects of the elections process. Despite being busy in her new roll, she's always willing to lend a hand!

Raised in Clay County, Kemie comes from a family of 7, in fact she's the oldest of 5 girls! She was homeschooled and then earned her AA degree from St. Johns River State College. When she's not working, Kemie spends her time serving in her church, playing with her wonderful Labrador Retriever, and catching up with friends and family over coffee.

Over the years, Kemie has learned so much about how elections run. It can be an incredible amount of work, but serving the public makes it very rewarding too. Kemie says one of her favorite things about working here is her coworkers and we have to agree! Kemie keeps a smile on everyone's face and always knows where to get the best cup of coffee in town!
Meet Sam
Sam is the unofficial mascot of the Elections Office! You could say he adopted us. He actually jumped into Leslie's car one fateful day. We tried tracking down an owner, but nobody ever claimed him.

After staying with several of our office staff, Lisa has adopted him permanently, although Lynn has gladly stepped up as aunt.

Sam loves the chance to come visit the office. He spends his day snoozing and people watching, and hoping someone will slip him a treat! We're so happy he chose us to be his new family!
Flag Presentation
On October 9, local woodworker Brad Satcher presented Supervisor Chambless with a beautiful flag hand-carved from wood. Satcher, owner of The Patriot's Barn, and a Navy veteran, began creating these flags to memorialize military members and first responders.

The flag that now hangs in our office, is inspired by the original U.S. flag. Thirteen stars encircle the number 1776, carved waves give the illusion the 13 stripes are rippling in the wind, and in the right corner the Declaration of Independence is etched.

The Elections Office is thankful to Mr. Satcher and excited to have this unique piece of art. We hope those who view this flag will not only see its beauty, but be reminded of the foundation upon we built this country. 
Election Worker Orientation
Our Election Worker Trainer, Thunder Nkere, has been busy with Election Worker orientation classes. These orientations give curious voters a chance to learn more about being an Election Worker and each position needed on Election Day. Our in person classes have wrapped up, but you can still attend one online. Follow the link below for our online orientation video and Election Worker application.