March 24, 2020
Help From Home!
In the midst of these extraordinary times, we have found ourselves with an urgent need for new incubators to support the upcoming Baby Bird Season.

This is a tough time to ask for money. I know that many of you reading this may very well be faced with your own financial hardships. If, however, you are in a position to make a gift for a tangible piece of equipment that will save—literally—thousands of lives in the upcoming months, please make a gift today.  

By the end of April and extending through September, our facility will run at peak capacity, often caring for more than 400 birds at any given time. The majority of these will be babies, helpless and fragile and requiring time in incubators until they are able to thermoregulate on their own. These incubators will save their lives.

With attention being pulled in so many different directions at the moment, I am especially grateful for you taking the time to consider this request.

The total cost needed is: $4,500 (shipping included)


Ashton Kluttz

Executive Director
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Coronavirus Protocols
If you find a bird in need of care and can bring it to our facility, please do so. We have an area by the front door where you can fill out an intake form and leave the bird and a bell to ring so we know to come and pick it up. Please make sure you call us before you come to the center: ( 707) 523-2473 . If you get voicemail please leave your name, phone number, and expected arrival time. We want to be prepared for you.

If you find a bird but are unable to rescue it yourself, please call us at (707) 523-2473. You may have to leave a message, so please make sure to leave your call-back number. While we have limited staff, we will make every effort to help.

As the situation develops, we will continue to provide updates. We hope you and your loved ones remain healthy and urge you all to adopt every possible measure to reduce the spread of this destructive virus.
You make this life-saving work possible. Thanks to you, this year alone approximately 3,000 native wild birds will have a second chance at life. Thank you for your generosity and support!
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