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"My humanity is bound up in yours"
(Desmond Tutu)
In light of the quick spread of COVID-19, this situation makes us reflect on humanity’s interconnectedness across the globe. We depend on each other to protect, advocate, and take care of one another. Unfortunately, a historical pattern that also arises in times of crisis is the scapegoating of marginalized communities through racist and xenophobic propaganda, policies, and inequitable distribution of resources. This is contradictory to values of various religious traditions and spiritual practices of compassion, generosity, and solidarity. For example, Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity’s headquarters is located in Chinatown, Oakland - a lively neighborhood that thrives from the local economy and is home to many community resources. We have noticed that anti-Asian prejudice has risen in the past months and it is lamentable as this community has a high percentage of elderly who are at risk of contracting the Covid-19. Instead of scapegoating, we must be aware of the racial inequities that exist in public health and health care systems. We invite you to act in solidarity with the poor, the working class, people incarcerated, immigrants.
Faith Organizing for Liberation Campaign
advocating for those imprisoned and detained at this time
We believe every human being is sacred across bars and borders. We are concerned about our community members that are incarcerated in prisons and immigration detention centers. They are not separate from us. They are at high risk to contract and spread disease because the conditions inside are crowded, unsanitary, and medical services are woefully inadequate. This population depends on our advocacy because their voice and human rights are discounted and neglected. The Justice Collaborative has created materials for us to demand Governor Newsom and decision makers ensure there is protection and care for our incarcerated community members.
These are some of the demands that we are making.
  1. Demand that Governor Newsom and ICE use their discretionary power to responsibly release people from CDCR prisons and immigration detention to mitigate the risk of an outbreak of the disease, beginning with people in highly vulnerable populations and increased risk of the disease.
  2. Ensure people showing symptoms receive adequate medical care outside the detention center. 
  3. ICE should adopt a moratorium on deportation to prevent the global spread of the virus.
  4. ICE should immediately halt all enforcement actions, detention transfers, check-ins and court hearings.
  5. Prisons and detention facilities should have adequate cleaning and disinfection of clothes, facilities, phones and equipment.
  6. Drop all costs of soap and sanitation materials because these are essential.
  7. Drop costs of phone calls and commissary to support connection with relatives and community during this anxious time.
For more background on these demands visit: thejusticecollaborative,org/covid19/
We will be sending out more ways to advocate in the next few days.
Consoling the Fear
Immigrant & low-income communities accessing public health
Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity works with congregations because they can be trusted messengers to immigrants and low-income communities where there are existing relationships. At this time, it is important to encourage this community to not be afraid to access medical care if they are experiencing symptoms, regardless of their status or income level. This is critical. Now is a good time to find out where are their nearest local clinics and get people enrolled in medical coverage that is accessible to all, regardless of status.
Here is what your congregation can do to reach out to support low-income and immigrant communities!  
1.) Please reach out by phone to immigrant families and communities you know through your community, schools and networks.
2.) Share language-appropriate information about the Covid-19 and preventive measures.
3.) Share local community health clinics and county medical coverage that low-income and immigrants can visit for services. Check out our Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity's Resource Guide
4.) Share information about the new immigration policy Public Charge. Many immigrants are concerned and confused about how it can affect their immigration case.
Thank you for all that you are holding up during this time.
We encourage you to take the time to reflect and act on our shared values of generosity, equity and compassion. They are vital for the well-being of every human person. May we make the most out of the opportunities we have to take care of one another. Our future is promising when we appreciate our interconnectedness and proactively take action for a healthier and more equitable tomorrow.
Together, with you,
we are building a world of
Justice, Compassion and Opportunities for All.