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October/November 2015


Warning:  This message is a call to action. One that will require taking  personal responsibility.

Sometimes, by the time a new idea reaches our ears it's not really a new idea any more but rather one that's been worked on and developed. It's easy to spot the value in these.

Other times, when we first hear an idea, it's raw, weird, half-baked and a bit fuzzy. It takes great effort and courage to stop and look for its merits. Yet this effort can really pay off.  

Yes, we'll risk the judgment of others who just want to point out what's wrong with the idea. Do we have the courage to find value where initially all we see are faults? If so, we're braver than the majority of other gator brains out there and we've got a much better chance of creating value.  

So, what do we want? To play it safe and kill every idea that looks weird? Or, to be an innovative leader and possibly create something great? The choice is ours. The next time we're presented with a new idea let's not run the default pattern and look for what's wrong with it.  Let's STOP,  Praise First , and not wimp out!

Once you get that exciting new idea - and you will - here's a little help on how to pitch it:  Read this>>

*Frank T. Gator is New & Improved's the frank-talking spokes-model.
Understanding what the gator brain is, and how it works, will help you to up-shift your thinking.  Watch: What's the Gator Brain

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