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February 18, 2016
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Empowering our students to be academically and socially prepared for their futures through the support of excellent teachers and staff, families, and community partners.
Welcome to the Warrior Pride, our enewsletter to share current news and events with our community. Thank you for your support of our Warriors!

District News
Introducing the "New Experience" in Huber Heights City Schools

There is a new story to tell about education in our schools. It's great news for ALL residents of Huber Heights. Our success is for the future of our community--"we are all in this together!"
We are still about teaching the basics--reading, English, math, science, and history. But wait until you see what else we are doing with education!
"The New Experience" is how we are preparing kids for the future. "The New Experience" is what education is about in 2016 and how different it is from education in 1986...1994...2005. It's about new programs, new opportunities for students and professional development for teachers, new technology, and more.

Learn more at our The New Experience website!

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District Science Fair participants will advance to regional science fair competition in March

The Huber Heights City Schools 2016 District Science Fair was held on Wednesday, February 10, in the Wayne High School Gym. Student participants represented all of the district's buildings and earned their way to the district fair by being in the top twelve of their individual school fairs.

Students who earned a "Superior" rating and are in fifth grade or above are eligible to participate in the regional West District Science Day to be held at Central State University on March 19, 2016.

Please join us on congratulating these exceptional students!

A "Superior" rating was earned by: Raelee Lance, Emma Mainord, and Connor Tolliver from Charles H. Huber Elementary; Peyton Roberts, Taryn Shea, Samma Musleh, and Noor Musleh from Monticello Elementary; Jacob Emery, Malachi McLin, and James Zbinden from Rushmore Elementary; Isabelle Gruen from Valley Forge Elementary; Hannah Craig, Kinnick Dahlstrom, Maddie Henline, and Curtis Stauffer from Wright Brothers Elementary; Allie Dodge, Haley Geiger, Chloe Mann, and Madison Redick from Weisenborn Junior High School; Abigail Kerestes, Kaitlyn Leeds, Briana Lewis, Morgan McElroy, Madison Perry, and Nick Riffle from Wayne High School.

The following students earned an "Excellent" for their projects: Meghan Bernard, Ella Collins, Enna Eastman, Laine King, Ben Petroski, Katelyn Reilly, Avery Sullenberger, Evan Sullenberger, and Allexis Thorton from Charles H. Huber Elementary; J.T. Barnes, Mike Cole, Darin Dalton, Josephine Henry, Ariana Kinney, Charlie Leggs, Joshua Mallas, and Jacob Stoll from Monticello Elementary; Ian Ballard, Kadence Fitzpatrick, Allison Hale, Vanessa Hood, Grace Kissee, Chasity Lyons, Aubrey Shelby, Kylie Stamper, and Jack Trego from Rushmore Elementary; Christian Brown, Hollie Cain, Wyatt Cyran, Marina Dilbeck, Ashlynn Mandich, Ciara Pearson, Gavin Roper, Drew Walton, and Luke Walton from Valley Forge Elementary; Madison Cox, Olivia Dunaway, Myla Johnson, Johnathon Lewis, Leah Livesay, Issiah Loree, Gabriel Marlow, and Megan Rybitski from Wright Brothers; Morgan Hamby, Theon Hill, Ashley Mahaffy-Davis, Meghan Posey, and Kailey Wilde from Weisenborn Junior High School; Trenton Foster, Kathryn Greene, Mackenzie Gross, Devonte' Jackson-Reddick, Britney Kozlowski, and Michelle Wong from Wayne High School.

The district would like to extend its thanks to parents and teachers who supported the student projects as well as numerous community volunteers who judged the projects. 

Science Fair participants from Charles Huber.

Wayne High School
Two Wayne students place in regional art and writing competition

Congratulations to Wayne senior Lily Truesdale and Wayne junior Josie Zamora on placing in the regional 2016 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards competition! Lily won a Gold Key and Josie won a Silver Key. Lily's art will advance to the national level, with national medalists to be announced on March 14. Good luck, Lily!

Gold Key winner by Lily Truesdale.

Silver Key winner by Josie Zamora.
Partnership with Sinclair enables Wayne students to earn college credit in high school

Most universities require students to take two English composition courses as part of their general education requirements. Thanks to a partnership with Sinclair Community College, more than 100 Wayne High School students will graduate high school with one of those composition courses already completed.

Through the College Credit Plus program (CCP), students can earn both high school and college credits at the same time. This year, 111 students are earning college credit while taking English composition from Wayne teacher Mr. Steve Wyrick. We will offer the course again during the 2016-17 school year. We are also looking to expand our CCP course offerings into other subject areas.  

Scheduling for the 2016-2017 school is just around the corner. Those who wish to earn both high school and college credit should consider taking advantage of this outstanding opportunity offered by Huber Heights City Schools. More information is available through Wayne's Guidance Office.  
Wayne business students give back to the global community

Students in several Wayne High School Business classes recently learned about the social responsibility side of business by making pinwheels to help Syrian refugees through the "Healing Classrooms Challenge" sponsored by Students Rebuild and the Bezos Family Foundation. This organization is helping Syrian youth from conflict areas recover from crisis and grow into happy, healthy adults. For each pinwheel the students sent in, the Bezos Family Foundation will donate $2--up to $400,000--to the Healing Classrooms program. More than 200 Wayne Business students participated, making 300 pinwheels to support this program.

Students learn genetics with Boonshoft experiment

Earlier this month, a presenter from the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery joined Wayne High School students for a genetics experiment involving fruit flies. Students studied fruit flies under a microscope and learned about some of their genetic mutations. The class kept some of the fruit flies, and in a month, students will study the offspring and compare their traits to that of their parents. The experiment is giving our students a singular opportunity to study first-hand how genetic traits are inherited.
Wayne students get inside scoop on public service career options from local firefighter

Human Anatomy and Physiology students learned what it takes to be a firefighter/paramedic when Lt. John Russell from the Huber Heights Fire Department spoke with students about the different facets of this career choice. In addition to explaining the qualifications and required school and training, Lt. Russell shared a video that demonstrated how a life can be saved by a trained paramedic, how firefighters proceed to a call, and how the department helps with the mock crash at Wayne.

His informational and engaging presentation is one of many methods we use to expose students to different career pathways as they move forward with selecting their careers.
Students get sweet lesson in finite math

Think Skittles and M&Ms are just for satisfying a sweet tooth? Think again. These little candies recently doubled as academic props to illustrate exponential growth and decay in Wayne's finite classes.

The students performed an experiment to discover the rate at which their candy expone nt ially grew and exponentially decayed by adding and removi ng cand y dep ending on if their "marker" (M or S) was shown when po ured out ont o a plate. Students created a table of their data and then created a s catter plot of the same data. Once that was completed, students plugged their data values into the appropriate function and used that functi on to solv e for the rate at which their Skittles/M&Ms exponentially grew and decayed!
This experiential lab got s tuden ts actively engaged with one another in applying what t hey have le arned in class! 
Wayne JROTC members advance to regionals cybersecurity in national competition

In today's digital age, cybersecurity is critical. Several members of the Wayne JROTC recently got a hands-on experience of what a career in cybersecurity might entail when the team competed in the Eighth Annual U.S. CyberPatriot competition.

The competition puts teams of students in the position of newly hired IT professionals tasked with managing the network of a small company. Teams are given a set of virtual images that represent operating systems and are tasked with finding cybersecurity vulnerabilities within the images and hardening the system while maintaining critical services. Wayne's team successfully competed in three rounds against 1,281 JROTC teams nationwide and will advance to the regionals on February 19-21!

The Wayne JROTC team consists of Ethen Borders (9), Kyle Boyd (12), Mason Carter (9), Alexander Dickey (12), Brandon Dickey (9), Juan Marcelo (9), Walden Se'antino (9), Isiah Smith (12), Lukas Yaney (12), and Brittany Zazueta (11). The team was provided technical support by the Wayne IT staff and mentored by 2LT Graham Haphey, cyber threat analyst, and 2LT Heather Haphey, applied research engineer, both active duty from Wright Patterson Air Force Base and Huber Heights residents.

Weisenborn Junior High
Three Weisenborn students awarded the College Promise Scholarship

Congratulations to eighth graders Colby Beard, Alanna Deal, and Taylor Huffman on being awarded the Montgomery County Ohio College Promise Scholarship. The College Promise Program provides these awards for up to 50 eighth grade students in Montgomery County every year.

College Promise recipients will be supported throughout high school by an adult mentor. Upon successfully completing high school, the students will be awarded full scholarships to the following schools, provided they meet the entrance requirements: Sinclair Community College, Wright State University, Denison University, Kettering College of Medical Arts, Central State University, Miami University, the University of Dayton, and/or other four-year university partners.

Congratulations, Colby, Alanna, and Taylor!

Weisenborn student to compete in Dayton-area spelling bee

Congratulations to Julia Norris, who qualified for the Dayton Area Collaborative Spelling Bee. Julia is one of 12 participants from the Miami Valley who will compete at Sinclair Community College on February 24. Please join us in wishing this skilled speller the best of luck!

Valley Forge Elementary
Students explore math, science, writing concepts in celebrating 100th day of school

This month, Valley Forge first graders celebrated the 100th day of school with a fun--and tasty--exploration of math, science, and writing concepts.

Students used various strategies for counting to 100, such as organizing snacks in groups of 10 and counting by 10s.  
Using the scientific method, students predicted and t hen determined whether or not they could get to the center of a Tootsie Pop in 100 licks. And to foster writing and art skills, s tudents wrote about their 100th birthdays and made accompanying portraits, some of which are on display in the kindergarten hallway windows.

In the end, students celebrated an important milestone while making real-life connections to important academic concepts. 
Charles H. Huber Elementary
Students show their scientific know-how at annual science fair
On February 4, 74 Charles Huber fourth,
fifth, and sixth graders displayed an impressive array of scientific inquiry at the school's annual science fair. Students are not required to participate in the science fair, but those who do are offered extra credit points in science class. Special thanks to Mrs. Pam Ginn, fifth grade science teacher, for all of her work to make the science fair a success! 
Hundreds turn out for Warriors with Pride dances at Charles Huber

Charles Huber staff and families chased away the winter blues last month with a Father & Daughter Dance on January 29 and a Mother & Son Dance on January 30. More than 470 family members attended the two dances. One father even flew in from California to take his kindergarten daughter to the dance! Many attendees proudly sported red in reflection of the dances' theme, Warriors with Pride.

Students were asked to bring canned goods to share with Food for Fish. Hats off to the PTO and staff members who organized and managed these two amazing events!

Monticello Elementary
Monticello students showcase their scientific skills at school science fair
On January 28, approximately 120 students in grades four through six participated in the annual Monticello Elementary Science Fair. Each student conducted a scientific experiment and created a display to share what they had learned.
Although it was difficult to narrow down the finalists, the top 12 scoring students represented Monticello at the district science fair. Those students were: Peyton Roberts, Josephine Henry, Samma Musleh, Noor Musleh, Ariana Kinney, J.T. Barnes, Taryn Shea, Mike Cole, Jacob Stoll, Charlie Leggs, Darin Dalton, and Joshua Mallas.

Congratulations to these students! And special thanks to fourth grade science teacher Mrs. Becky Daniels, fifth grade science teacher Mr. Ian Berry, and sixth grade science teacher Mr. Andy Mikalauskas for organizing this outstanding event.

Rushmore Elementary
Third graders energize classroom with Haring-inspired art murals

The third grade art classes at Rushmore have been studying the work of artist Keith Haring. Just as the artist transformed hospitals and schools by painting his large, colorful murals filled with action onto the walls of these establishments, Rushmore students transformed the art room with their amazing murals! All Rushmore students are learning how their art has the power to positively impact the atmosphere of our school--and maybe even change the world.    
Wright Brothers Elementary
More than 300 students participate in Wright Brothers Science Fair

On February 2, more than 300 students from grades three through six shared their research into pressing questions at the annual Wright Brothers Science Fair. After each project was judged twice, 12 winners were chosen to move on to the District Science Fair on February 10. The 12 winners were given a championship t-shirt to wear when they competed at the district level. Everyone who participated received a ribbon recognizing their achievement. Congratulations to these students, and special thanks to fourth grade teacher Mrs. Long, fifth grade teacher Mrs. Cox, and sixth grade teacher Mrs. Booher for organizing this important event!

Studebaker Preschool
Preschool students grow by leaps and bounds through play-based literacy activities
Play-based literacy activities continue to b e the fo u ndation of Studebaker Preschool. The students learn together through whole-group activities as well as at learning sta tions. Children explore various play-based centers that include a cozy r eading center to help develop their love for reading and a listening center where they follow along as a book is read to them. The children also enjoy the writing center, where they continue to develop fine motor skills and writing as a form of communication.         

Preschool enrollment begins March 7

At Studebaker Preschool, students learn the building blocks of a strong education while gaining the skills and experience to work independently and cooperatively.

Registration for the 2016-17 school year begins in March. If you are interested in enrolling your child in this academically rich environment,
please call 237-6300 ext. 5. 
Huber Heights City Schools | 937-237-6300 | http://www.huberheightscityschools.org
5954 Longford Road  Huber Heights, OH 45424