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A major biography of a key but forgotten figure in the Harlem Renaissance now available in paper

Hubert HarrisonHubert Harrison
The Voice of Harlem Radicalism, 1883-1918

Jeffrey B. Perry

"This is a superb study of a neglected but powerfully influential figure in African-American history." - Arnold Rampersad

"A groundbreaking biography and act of historical recovery that restores Hubert Harrison's vital importance to African American history..... A major work of scholarship that will transform understanding of black life during the early twentieth century." - Peniel E. Joseph, Brandeis University

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Hubert Harrison was an immensely skilled writer, orator, educator, critic, and political activist who, more than any other political leader of his era, combined class consciousness and anti-white-supremacist race consciousness into a coherent political radicalism. Harrison's ideas profoundly influenced "New Negro" militants, including A. Philip Randolph and Marcus Garvey, and his synthesis of class and race issues is a key unifying link between the two great trends of the Black Liberation Movement: the labor- and civil-rights-based work of Martin Luther King Jr. and the race and nationalist platform associated with Malcolm X. Jeffrey Perry's critically acclaimed biography of Harrison offers profound insights on race, class, religion, immigration, war, democracy, and social change in America.

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