The Huckleberry Wellness Academies (HWA): 
Celebrating 10 Years of Providing College Access to 
First-Generation College Students!
The  Huckleberry Wellness Academies  are celebrating 10 YEARS of providing first-generation college students with the support they need  to graduate high school  and pursue  post-secondary education. 
The first cohort of the Huckleberry Wellness Academy-San Francisco, 2008. 
The Huckleberry Wellness Academies ( HWA) were created in response  to the realization that our clients and  peer health educators needed additional support in order to successfully transition and persist through college The Huckleberry Wellness Academies are college and career access programs in San Francisco and Marin Counties that prepare first generation college students for post-secondary education. Youth join the program in their sophomore year of high school and continue in the program through their first year of college.
HWA  empowers young people to access higher  education by providing academic support, financial  guidance, career exposure, counseling, and  academic case management.  Three hundred youth have participated in the program across San Francisco and Marin Counties. 

In fiscal year 2016/2017:  
  • 100% of HWA senior participants graduated from high school.
  • 92% of HWA participants enrolled in college
Mamie Jiang, HWA Class of 2010, with Vicky Valentine, HWA Senior Director. Mamie graduated from Samuel Merritt University with a degree in nursing.  
Katie Reyes, HWA Class of 2015, with Armando Franco, HWA Coordinator. Katie is currently enrolled in College of Marin. 
Huckleberry Wellness Academy Program Components Include:
  • Academic guidance, tutoring, and SAT/ACT preparation
  • College tours
  • Academic case management
  • Assistance with college applications, as well as scholarship and financial aid applications
  • Internship placements
  • Parent education and support

Brothers Justin (left) and Jonathan Kwok (right), pictured with their mom, are the first in their family to attend college and are both graduates of HWA-SF.
Justin was a member of the first graduating class of HWA-SF. He graduated from UCLA and received his Masters in Public Health from Columbia University.

Justin's younger brother, Jonathan, graduated from Princeton University and is currently a software engineer at Google.

"HWA definitely helped me," Jonathan said of the program. "It was a great experience and they played a huge role in my high school years. They recommended I apply to Princeton. I would not have applied without them. They do their best to help students achieve their goals."

Congratulations to the 
6 HWA-Marin students who recently received
Huckleberry is pleased to announce that  6 of the 26 Seniors in HWA-Marin were recently awarded college scholarships by the  Making Waves Foundation.  The Making Waves scholarship provides up to $5,000 a year for 5 years. 

HWA staff assisted the scholarship winners with essay coaching and editing, deadline reminders, and follow-up to ensure applications were submitted on time. 

Exposing youth to a wide range of post-secondary education options is a large component of the Huckleberry Wellness Academies. Students are taken on field trips to a variety of college campuses to give them a glimpse of what life in college may be like. 

From sophomore year through the first years of college, HWA's sustained support guides students through high school graduation and toward a successful transition to post-secondary education. HWA's post-secondary guidance relies on a partnership between each student, their family, and staff that allows all stakeholders to participate meaningfully in the process.
Comprehensive college access programming combined with holistic support results in students and families that are prepared for the transition to college.

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Members of the Huckleberry Wellness Academy-Marin

The Quest Foundation has been a vital supporter of the Huckleberry Wellness Academies (HWA) since 2013. Through Quest's commitment, HWA can continue to offer critical academic case management, college access, and financial aid support to our youth. 

Huckleberry is so incredibly grateful for Quest's continued partnership!    
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