Hudson Area Joint Library (HAJL) is on the move with a propaganda campaign to increase funding by up to 48 percent to increase salaries (mostly). The threat from the library is that if they don't get increased funding, services will need to be reduced. Shelley Tougas, co-director, states:

“…and if you haven't been here in a while, or maybe you're just not a regular library user, come and see us. We are not your mother's library, we're not your grandmother's library. We do not run around shushing children and reading books. It's not books anymore. We are books plus and technology, the programming, the lifelong learning, the cultural experiences. It is a vast community center. Essentially, public libraries are the last free true public gathering space in our society . We're it. That's it. We become cogs in our community connectors, relationship builders, all kinds of partnerships so we can deliver more to the community with less…”

Here is a list of items that the HAJL could eliminate: Minute 36:14 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nrzIGmMEuE

After an open records request was filed with the Hudson Area Joint Library, it was discovered that the Policy and Programming Committee of the HAJL tried to exempt Hudson Board of Trustees, Library Foundation and Friends of the Library from background checks, even if they were to present to children. What would the public say if the Catholic Church tried to exempt the same from background checks? Thankfully, the City of Hudson attorney stopped the exemption. But troubling attempts to exempt non-staff presenters from background checks continues.

Do you want to pay for another "community center"? If you are in the City of Hudson, Town of Hudson, Village of North Hudson or Town of St. Joseph, please call your supervisors and tell them to say No! to increased taxes or increasing levy limits. The library needs to live within its means without increasing taxes. We will assuredly have increased taxes at federal, state and county levels. How many of us can request an almost 50-percent salary increase from our employer?

Paul Berning, President, 715-531-8202; Rich O'Connor, 715-381-0492; Jim Schrock, 715-386-2028; Barbara Peterson, 715-549-6798; Katie Coppenbarger, 715-377-3890; Kristine McCarthy, 651-261-9033; Susan Blank, 715-386-6539; Tracy Whiteley, 715-381-5286.

Minnesota Isn't Being Tough on Child Predators (can you guess where they might be headed?)

The HAJL is fear-mongering for increased funding but can sponsor an event like this?

  • November 2019, community members were concerned about the potential of drag queen story hour presenters coming to the Hudson Library. 
  • February 2020, the Library implemented a policy to protect children and residents from potential liability by implementing a policy that would require background checks for non-staff presenters. Link here for more information:  Citizens for the St. Croix Valley 7.15.5 states: "...All outside presenters will need to undergo a background check or equivalent when presenting a library sponsored or co-sponsored program designed specifically for children/youth under the age of 18." The Hudson Library billed the LGBTQ event as "family-friendly." What does "family-friendly" mean to you?
  • July 2020, the Hudson Library started hosting off-premises events at a private business downtown Hudson that did not require background checks.  The series is called "Voices in the Valley." These included "Hispanic Voices in the Valley, Black Voices in the Valley, Asian Voices in the Valley, and LGBTQ Voices in the Valley." Do you want your tax dollars or donations to go to these off-premises events that are exempt from background checks?
  • October 3, 2020, Policy and Personnel Committee meeting minutes state: "Discussion: The city attorney recommended eliminating the exceptions for background checks for board members, Foundation members, and Friends members when conducting programs specifically designed for children/youth."
  • At the Hudson Library Board Meeting, November 17, 2020, the Hudson Joint Library Board unanimously approved a "clarification" to the 7.15 Program Policy exempting background checks for non-staff presenters off premises.
  • When an "All Voices in the Valley" event was requested, Shelley Tougas, the present co-director and applicant for library director, stated arrangements would need to be made with Hop and Barrel without Library support. Link to present policy:  Programming and Room Use.docx (hudsonpubliclibrary.org). Feel free to make your own event request through the Hudson Library.
  • The Hudson Library-sponsored program included graphic discussion from a bisexual transgender "woman to man" "married" to a bisexual step-daughter of library co-director Shelley Tougas. These two presenters are not from our area. There was discussion regarding gender altering hormone "therapy." Full names of presenters were not provided. Why? Please watch this video: Rand Paul Confronts Biden's Transgender Health Nominee About "Genital Mutilation. Click here for unofficial transcript.
  • Please call the Hudson Area Joint Library Board of Trustees: https://hudsonpubliclibrary.org/about/board-of-trustees/
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