Board Accepts Bid for Natatorium Renovations!

On Monday, February 11, 2019, the Board of Education approved a resolution to accept the lowest responsible and responsive bid of Engelke Construction Solutions, LLC for the Ada Cooper Miller Natatorium additions and renovations and the East...

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Herman Show Guest and '18 Grad Continues Curling Success
Featured in the April 2018 edition of The Herman Show, Andrew McDonald continues a successful run in the sport of curling. On this episode of The Herman Show, he discusses his journey in the 2018 US Junior Curling Nationals, which he competed in again in 2019, earning a bronze medal.

Read more about McDonald's most recent success in the Hudson Hub Times.
Keeping Your Children Safe from Potential Dangers in Various Apps and on the Internet.
With the rapid development of new apps and new programs on the internet, that are often aimed at grabbing children’s interest, many parents desire to learn more about the potential, unintended dangers their children may be exposed to through digital media.

Apps and Websites:
Common Sense Media is a valuable, reliable, and free resource that parents can access to look up information and recommendations about various apps and websites. If your child wants to use an app or website that you are unfamiliar with, we recommend you visit for more information. For each app you review on Common Sense Media, there is a section titled “What Parents Need to Know,” providing a descriptive overview of what the app is, how it’s used, and undesirable consequences that could ensue. 

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HHS Robotics Club
The newly formed Hudson Robotics Team, the Hudson Hybrids, is building their first robot to take to the Miami Valley Regional competition in March. In Dayton, 15 Hudson students will compete against 60 other teams in the robotics challenge.

Robotics Club students learn engineering, programing, and designing skills through the building of robots - giving them beneficial tools to take into their future careers.
New in 2018-2019: McDowell’s Creation Space
McDowell's Creation Space is designed and dedicated to hands-on creativity. It is a space for idea generation, flexible thinking, collaboration, problem-solving, critical thinking, and creative production. Creation Spaces are needed in schools to help develop students skills that will help them thrive in a creative economy.

We know that students learn at deeper levels and retain more when they are engaged in creative thinking that connects to the subject. The Creation Space helps students focus less on the reproduction of information and more on critical thinking and problem-solving. It also allows students to explore new ideas, express themselves and pursue their passions and interests. The purpose of the work done in a creation is not about the end product associated with project. It is about the learning that takes place by engaging in the process of trying to complete a project. In their own words McDowell students tell us that they are more creative, learn to work with others who they may not otherwise choose to work with, learn to fail and try again, and are “the boss of their own learning.”

The Creation Space at McDowell Elementary was made possible by a $15,000 grant from the GAR Foundation. Teachers Jamie Davis, Eric Stanley, and Kristen Selner, along with their third grade students, presented several projects to the Board of Education meeting on January 28, 2019. Board meetings are viewable at , Board of Education, View Meetings.
8th Graders Submit Artwork to Akron-Summit's Annual Holocaust Arts & Writing Contest

Hudson 8th graders inspire us with their interpretation of materials that are read and reflected upon in class. This month, students have been learning about the power of words and how this applies to the Holocaust. Each student has created a piece of writing or artwork in response to Akron-Summit's Annual Holocaust Arts and Writing Contest. This year's theme is "Opposing Hatred and Discrimination: It Started with Words."

We are truly inspired by the creativity that student have brought to this project and want to share some of their work with you . The pieces on the left are just a sample of the students works.
HHS Examining Race: An American Study Course
Hudson High School students engaged in an open discussion about the Native American experience. Through this Gallery Walk, students connected photos, posters, and articles to topics of discussion relating to the Native American race and culture. Students were able to share their thoughts with the class following small group discussions.

This course called Examining Race: An American Study traces the tumultuous history of race in America. From legal designation intended to keep people from full citizenship, to construct of cultural identity, to modern day political lightning rod, race has been and will continue to be a pressing social and legal issue in America.The class examines race classifications in Colonial America, through the Civil War and Reconstruction years, the rise of the KKK, immigration policy, minority identity and the modern Civil Rights era. Special emphasis is placed on current day race issues that demand historical context to fully understand.
Winter Sports Teams Update
The Girls Basketball finished with an overall record of 9-13, and a Suburban League record of 7-7. The girls fell to Cuyahoga Falls in the OHSAA Sectional Semifinal on February 16, 2019.

Find out how the rest of the Hudson High School teams are doing in the Winter Sports Update .
New District Website is in the Design Phase
The District web team is working on a new website. With rapidly changing technology and different “think” about how most people navigate websites for information, Hudson Schools will launch a new site this fall. The look and organization of the key sections of the website will be reorganized into broad buckets of information for user ease. The graphic/multimedia components of the site will be greatly improved, and streaming video will be added to the visual content of the site. Each school will also have a fresh approach to daily announcements, news, and activities. In addition, there will be prominent icons and buttons that link to information most frequently used by parents, students, and staff. The team is in the final phase of selecting a new template designed by our current web provider, and we will then begin populating the template with our unique content. 

While the design is critical and will help us deliver the essence of our schools, relevant content is key. Right now, our current site has over 9,000 pages and, we admit, a good scrubbing of little viewed content is needed. To put this in perspective, we have more pages than Bowling Green State University and probably other large colleges and universities! Our goal is to simplify our information, significantly reduce the number of pages on our site, deliver content that is easy to navigate for all users, and makes sense to our parents and other visitors to our site.

We are excited about the opportunity to deliver a better product, and hope to launch the site before August 2019! Stay tuned! 
Elementary students said farewell to Officer Harold with celebration and cheer, as they thanked him for keeping them safe. Happy Retirement, Officer Harold!
Officer Joe is the new Student Resource Officer for the Elementary Schools. Welcome, Officer Joe!
Purchase Your Copy of The Hudson History Book
Your first edition copy of the History of Hudson Public Schools is just a few clicks away! This 200-page, hardbound pictorial coffee table book is about the history of our outstanding public schools and the passion of over 200 years of teaching and learning! 

In addition to your order, please include the name(s) you want to be included in the Honor Roll. Multiple names may be included. If you are including alumni, please identify the name with the class year, such as John Smith, '08. If you are a retired teacher, administrator or staff member, please include your name, such as Jennifer Smith, HHS teacher. 
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