Ground Breaking Ceremony for the New Addition of Ellsworth Hill Elementary
On April 22, 2019, the community -- alongside Mayor David Basil, members of the Board of Education, the Super intendent, students and staff -- celebrated the groundbreaking of the new wing on Ellsworth Hill Elementary. The new addition will include 11 additional classrooms to accommodate grades 1 and 2 starting the 2020-2021 school year. Thank you for celebrating with us!

Follow along with the ongoing Master Facility Plan here .
The new Al Statts Transportation Facility (bus garage) and Koberna Salt Storage Facility are now complete! City Council members and Board of Education members, along with City and Hudson City Schools staff gathered for a ribbon cutting at the new facilities. Read more.
Did you know you can watch the Hudson Middle School construction live, as it is happening? Click the link below to view!
Tips for Summer Screen Time: What Parents Need to Know
With summer fast approaching, it’s essential for students to balance screen time with other healthy activities. Screen time is the amount of time spent in front of computers, tablets, and smartphones.  

While there are many benefits to using technology, too much screen time can have adverse effects on children’s well being. Physically, students can suffer from headaches, neck and shoulder pain, sleep irregularities, and vision issues. Their posture can be affected as well as changes in behavior and attitude. Too much screen time can affect students’ relationships and socialization with their peers.  
iPads in Hudson’s Classrooms
With the advent of the 6th generation iPad, learning opportunities for students have reached unprecedented new heights. Starting next school year, students in grades 6-8 will be trading their Chromebooks for iPads. At the start of school year 2020, high school students will also be issued iPads as their learning device.  Continue reading.
Watch a New Episode of The Herman Show!
HHS Student and Nationally-Ranked Table Tennis Player Visits The Herman Show
Watch the latest episode of The Herman Show to see Superintendent Phil Herman take on Hudson High School Senior Roger Liu, a nationally-ranked table tennis player.
Safety & Security Update
Two major concerns at Hudson High School have been addressed with the following enhancements.

  • Changing Door G (on the way to the senior parking lot) to an "emergency exit only" is proving to be effective in preventing exterior doors from being propped open. Plans are also being made to expand this change to other more remote entrances.
  • Seven strobes have been installed around the exterior of the building that will be illuminated during a lockdown, in order to alert those outside of the building that a lockdown is happening. During a lockdown, there is no admittance into the building.
Ohio Middle Level Association
2019 Parent of the Year
Our district superintendent often asks us to reflect on the legacy we’d like to have, when we look back over our careers. Laura Jones, a parent at Hudson Middle School, has created a legacy of service and care for the youth of our school and community.
HMS Student Council Raises Over $3,000 for The Orkeeswa School Scholarship
Hudson Middle School Student Council held a successful fundraiser for The Orkeeswa School. During the fundraising drive, they raised over $3,000 which will provide a scholarship for Witness Julius, a student of The Orkeeswa School, and additional funds toward other students' education.
Hudson High School FIRST Robotics Program Awarded Highest Rookie Seed
Hudson High School's FIRST Robotics Team, The Hudson Hybrids, placed 8th of 60 teams at the 2019 Miami Valley Regional competition. The team, led by Mr. Ryan Fernandes, Ms. Emma Kanning, and Mr. Dave Thomas, was also awarded the Highest Rookie Seed award and the Rookie Inspiration Award.
Hudson High School Winter Sports Recap
Girl's Swimming and Diving won the Suburban League title! See the Winter Sports Recap to catch up on how all the winter sports finished out the season.
HHS Mid-Winter Concert
The Hudson High School Band performs their Mid-Winter Concert.
The Spring Orchestra Concert
Hudson High School Orchestra performs their Spring Concert including two solo performances.
Good news!   There is still time to order your copy of the History of Hudson Public Schools, 200-page, photographic, coffee table book before we have to close the opportunity to include your name, or the names of your children in the original edition of the book. Think how fun it will be for your child to see their name and their future class graduating year (Susie Smith, 2024) when the book arrives! For those of you who have ordered a book, THANK YOU!

But you need to hurry, the  deadline for names to be included is May 31st.

We’ve had so many great photos given to us for this book that we have extended the production time.  The books will arrive in early November , just in time for the holidays!
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