July 26, 2021
One Day Voting Petition: Hues and Views

To: 139 reporters and commentators; plus 163 folks who are generally interested in good governance including members of the Social Mavrik Federation .

From: Bob Bray, President, Social Mavrik Federation

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CAMPBELL RIVER: Bob Bray presents a comparison of Critical Race Theory to his new Electoral Race Theory as each applies to One Day Voting.

Status of the Voting Opportunities petition
Signing the petition starts on August 9th.

Registering as the third Canvasser is open.

The Canvasser Application Form is here.
Hues and Views
I am annoyed that Critical Race Theory has been promoted in our universities.

Our institutions of higher learning have put strategies in play similar to those used by political parties in election campaigns.

As a counter balance I created my Electoral Race Theory.

Both theories use color as a method of identification.

I am pleased to present my notes on the Critical and Electoral Race theories, accompanied with a tie in of how believers in each are likely to view my petition.
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From Pandemic Petition to Pushback Petition
During these first two months of the 5-month petition period I have characterized the petition as a "pandemic petition" to draw attention to the way it could be signed and witnessed at home.

Now I am characterizing the One Day Voting petition as a "pushback petition" to draw attention to my observation that the people who are eagerly dismissive of One Day Voting and strongly in favour of vote-by-mail and early voting tend to support other ideas that weaken local communities.
One Day Voting Initiative Petition Information
The name of this legislative petition is: Initiative to change the voting opportunities in provincial elections.

The petition is described on the Current Initiative Petitions page of the Elections BC website along with the Public Notice which can be seen here.
The canvasser challenge
For my petition each canvasser is vital.

More vital than signatories.

One signatory obtained by a canvasser is sufficient support for one day voting.

A registered canvasser becomes acquainted with the petition procedures.

By registering as a canvasser a registered voter takes political action between provincial elections. Such action may promote a cause or a candidate or both in preparation for the next election, be it a provincial, federal or local trustee one.

A registered canvasser will see his or her name on two online lists, one with names in alphabetical order and one with names in geographical order.

The alphabetical list is maintained on the Elections BC website.

The geographical list is maintained on the Social Mavrik website. It shows each canvasser's home riding. There are now 2 approved canvassers on the geographical list.

If you are thinking of registering as a canvasser, of course there is an Elections BC application form. When a completed form is approved by the proponent (that's me) it is submitted to Elections BC. An official canvasser identification card is issued along with instructions on how to be a good canvasser and sent to the proponent who forwards it to the newly registered canvasser. The application form is here. Please send the completed form to this email address or mail it to the contact address shown below.

As I write there are 0 canvassers showing on the Elections BC list which may not be updated until August 9th.

Canvassers for this One Day Voting petition will be invited to occasional half-hour group Zoom calls hosted by me for training and strategizing plus question and answer conversations.

Not interested in drama queen displays at the protest camp? How about a quiet and dignified process of obtaining one signature as a registered canvasser from an acquaintance who prefers in-person voting as a social event for his or her community.
Watching Brief - Another Petition - IP-2021-002
The name of the second legislative petition in 2021 is: Initiative to conduct a Surrey policing binding referendum.

The petition is described on the Current Initiative Petitions page of the Elections BC website.

At the time of writing 0 canvassers are registered for signature gathering after August 16th from folks who prefer national policing over local policing.
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