A Note from Scott and Marsha
December 2, 2021
As we celebrate the upcoming holiday season, we have been busy, little elves decorating and preparing for all the things! The magical smells of cinnamon, spice and pine, oh my!  The tinkling of bells as the reindeer moves about our FGS reindeer ranch pen?  Adorable. You actually thought for a split second I had reindeer.  You're so cute. If only.  

Beyond all the chaos and decorating, Scott and I have been navigating another loss in our life. Andrew Ross. No words can express our sorrow. His life is such an intrical part of our story at FGS.  He passed away November 1st and we are truly heartbroken.

Andrew was the first person Scott met at FGS. He actually interviewed Scott for the General Manager position 12 years ago when Mrs. Davis was the owner. They met at Starbucks at Southpoint. Scott and Andrew immediately hit it off and Andrew wanted him to meet with Mrs. Davis at her home. Two days later at her kitchen table in Chapel Hill, Mrs. Davis offered Scott the mighty task of GM. I think she offered it because Max, her dog, approved as well! The next morning, Scott met the team and that was our beginning story at FGS.  

Andrew was our fan. He was the go-between for Mrs. Davis. Scott had lunch with her and Andrew weekly for years and years. They laughed at the Cheesecake Factory over dessert. They laughed and shared stories at her kitchen table. As much as Mrs. Davis was our biggest fan, Andrew was second in line. He loved Mrs. Davis deeply and cared for her until her passing last year. He was just that kind of man and friend.  

You would not find a person who loved as fiercely as Andrew did. He was honest to a fault yet kind. He stood up for the underdog. He cared deeply for his family. He was a good friend. He embodied our core values and didn't even work directly with us. Excellence. Integrity. Teamwork. Professionalism. Customer care. He was this and so much more.  

Our story will never be told without Andrew in it. His life was far too short. We are thankful for our last dinner with him over the summer where he shared his future hopes as he was navigating a new life outside of caring for others. Yet, we all know that was his passion. Andrew, you are loved and will never be forgotten at FGS.  

Hug your loved ones fiercely. Check in on them. And I'm talking about the humans, not the plants. But we do have plants to cheer us up when disappointment and loss happens. And free hugs. We have those too.  

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What if we told you there’s a Christmas tree that can be left up all year without looking out of place? One that doesn’t drop needles and fits small apartments or larger homes alike, and doesn’t take hours to set up? This magical tree is a houseplant called Norfolk Island Pine and when decorated with ornaments, it’s perfect for the holiday season and a great gift for the plant lover in your life! When the holidays end, it’ll still look gorgeous year-around. They love bright light, and can even handle direct light. Keep humidity high by placing your plant on a tray of pebbles partially covered with water or use a humidifier. You can also mist your plant once a week to add moisture!
Meaning "the flower that welcomes Spring," Winter Jasmine is one of the few blooming plants of winter, giving us a small glimpse of warmth with its yellow blooms. Quick to establish, this decorative and deciduous shrub grows 4' tall and 7" wide unsupported. With green, arching stems that cascade over walls and slopes, it creates a mounded, sprawling form when allowed to grow free. In the garden, Winter Jasmine can be grown in full sun, as it’s tough and tolerable!
Tis the season, for it’s the most wonderful time of the year as we’ve received new pottery for the holidays! With a variety of designs and colors, you’re sure to find something you love. Pair with an indoor plant or holiday plant, like, Frosted Fern or Poinsettia to make the perfect gift for anyone in your life! Or keep for yourself, to brighten your day!
Holiday Gift Guide
The Garden Center has a ton of great gift ideas for the holidays! Make sure to check our Instagram and Facebook for our new "24 Days of Christmas" Advent Calendar series this year!

New gift ideas will be posted every day leading up to Christmas, with a variety of price ranges to help you find the perfect gifts for your plant-loving friends, family, and co-workers.
Landscape Design and Installation
Attention: calling all Type A planners! With less than a month till the new year, now is the best time to start thinking ahead about your 2022 landscape design and installation. We are scheduling design appointments for December and January with our designers, so don't delay!

Need a holiday present this year? Gift an FGS gift card that can be applied to your design appointment!
Thursday, December 9, 6PM

Join Alfredo Salkeld and Jackson Brinkley—professional beekeepers from Buddha Bee Apiary—as they dive deep into the fascinating world of bee behavior. We all know they’re important for the environment, but there’s a lot more to bees than meets the eye. By the end of the class, you’ll know about bee “dances”, secret clubs where queens go to get lucky, what challenges bees face, and how you can help. They’ll also provide craft beer brewed with their honey!

Fee is $20.00; includes honey beer samples!
This class will be held in The Robin’s Nest.

Registration without payment will be disregarded.

Plant Tip of the Week:
Are you buying a fresh Christmas tree this year and want it to last through the entire holiday season? Check out this blog post where we have complied a list of suggestions for how to best care for your Christmas tree!
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