Susan Parker gets ripped off by huge company
Press Release
Custom quad comes back DESTROYED

This all started Mon, 7 Nov 2011 16:59:31 -0700 - As you all know I was featured on the very first quad build episode of American Chopper's Paul Jr Design's show back in 2010. After doing the show I decided to build a replica Yamaha YFZR, but a more "user friendly" version if you will. I had many BRAND NEW parts donated from various companies, like FOX, Dasa, Maier, Hiper, RPM, Works Connection, Quad Tech, Precision, Power Madd, Galfer and of course Blingstar. I even purchased some of my own parts to put my own touch on it, from sponsor Walsh, Trinity, SCR Graphics, Powder House of Daytona etc. I had parts sent out for powder coating, and had someone build the quad the way I wanted it. My mechanic spent several hours making special brackets for the bumper and nerf bars because the sets Clint sent to me were for a YFZ not a YFZR. So the bike was built and we used it for 2011 ATV's Most Wanted Calendar shows to promote for all the companies that donated, American Chopper/Paul Jr. Designs/Blingstar and the calendar. The quad had a Dasa built head and the motor was never even broken in. I never rode the machine but for a quick photo shoot for a friends' magazine, ATV Insider. It was literally BRAND NEW, as you can see in the attached pictures.

 I decided to sell it after the 2011 season ended, and began talking with so called "friend" Clint Roberts, owner of Blingstar about what would be the best market to sell it in. I had my photographer Scott Church do a photo shoot with it, and had listed it on Ebay. Clint insisted he could sell it out West that it was a better market for this machine. There was a huge event coming up at Glamis and he insisted and even pested me to send it. I had reservations at first but thought since he was a friend and the owner of Blingstar he would not screw me over. I have saved and dated emails discussing the shipping and also the powdercoating that covered the vin as I did not want this to be an issue for prospective buyers. I had my mechanic tack weld a plate that displayed the vin properly, and had to use quick flourescent paint to match the frame as there was no time to get it matched at the powdercoater. He assured me this wasn't a problem and said just ship the machine.
Let's step back a few notches...

Clint donated parts for the build for his sponsorship in the calendar. His logo was run on every page of the 2011calendar, including the cover. While in discussion of this arrangement, somewhere along the way he started texting me half naked pictures of himself. (Attached) While I get this a lot, I kind of disregarded it and did not feed into it as I had no interest in anything beyond a friendship with him.

So back to him pesting me to send the quad INSISTING he could sell it for me at this event at Glamis. He contacted me at the spur of the moment and said on a Monday or Tuesday that he needed it by that weekend as the event was that weekend. I had my friend who works for a well known trucking company, New Penn, get me a quote. It had to be crated and ready to go by the next day to guarantee delivery before the weekend. I had the crate built that night, my friend literally spent all nite building the crate and it was picked up the next morning (NOVEMBER 17, 2001) by New Penn (at my expense) and shipped to the Blingstar facility in Corona, CA. Clint played games even from the get go texting me saying it had been stolen in transit, the shipper called him etc. I found out later he was "joking" all was well and it arrived safely. Low and behold it did not sell at this Glamis event.

Communication was slow and after a few weeks to a month I had contacted him to touch base. He said there was some interest and that he would continue to try and sell it, relax. Weeks pass, months pass. I decide to try listing it again on Ebay and also Craigslist. I had a few people in June start to contact me from Ebay and/or Craigslist. I gave them Clint's contact information and he dodged their phone calls and they would call me back to say they could not reach him. I called him to ask why he isn't returning or taking their calls. He stated he was busy and would call them back. After me calling him several times he began avoiding me now and I started getting concerned. I began texting him and calling him to tell him just to ship it back if its a problem or he cant sell it as he had thought. I was fed up with everything and had my business associate contact him after he ignored me for a few more weeks. She got ahold of him and he said that the tack welded plate was an issue and that prospective buyers hes shown it to thought it was stolen and this is why he couldn't sell it. My business associate told him that we made him aware of it even before shipping, (we have dated email's) we had the title, and that it wasn't a problem then. She told him she finds it hard to believe that people who would look at the machine who know him would accuse "Clint Roberts, the owner of Blingstar" of having a stolen bike. She then got smart and said are you sure they aren't accusing you of stealing $ by selling them crappy products that don't hold up. (She was kind of bitter at this point because she had bought an overpriced Victory bumper that didn't hold up even one race, it bumped another machine broke at the weld and fell off. She was also fed up at this point because she saw the stress this whole thing and situation was causing me and just said what was on her mind. He was wasn't returning the quad) He got angry and called me and asked where she lived,  threatened to have her whacked,  why was I not calling him why was I having someone else call him etc. I told him I tried calling and texting asking for the quad to be shipped back, he continued to yell at me saying he was still trying to sell it and "did I know who i was talking to?" yada,yada, yada. He also said he was going to drop the piece of sh*t off in an alley, and that my calendar girls were ugly.

Come to find out, because I have many MANY friends and followers on facebook, the quad was seen on display at WORCS races and also was rumored to have been run at a race. I do not have proof of this but I will learn later that it was used at some point. After talking to various people and friends at different events other people began contacting Clint trying to help me get this machine back. I posted on Facebook I had had enough, that I was going to let everyone know how this guy really is and how he conducts business. Another friend of mine who has a moving company contacted him and Clint lied to him and told him that the shipping company never showed up to pick it up. Well that's because I never contacted my shipping company to go get it because he refused to crate it and release it. So another friend posted about the crap going on and posted his picture, her experience with him and his products, tagged him in the photo, and all of a sudden we get a response from him. He agreed to talk to a gentleman friend of mine about personally picking it up, then began playing games dodging phone calls again. Again, my business associate calls him and he refuses to talk to her. He hangs up on her and wants to talk to me. Said he "will not ship until Susan calls him." I had had enough of his games and did not want to speak to him. This guy is supposed to be a friend and then takes advantage of me when I'm having hardships in my life but I am supposed to want to talk to him? Unreal. So I texted him and he told me he wouldn't let my shipping company come pick it up but a friend of a friend who was in AZ (who I had to yet again, PAY) could come get it. He said that "my punishment" for my associate talking to him that way, would be him removing parts from the quad before shipping. (See attached) He also told my friend who arranged for the pickup through his friend in AZ that I was ugly and live at home, my calendar girls were ugly etc. But what does that have to do with him being a man of his word and doing the right thing? If I'm so ugly why would he send me half naked pictures of himself? If my girls are so ugly then why are over half of them friends on his Facebook page? Hmm. Food for thought.

So my friends' friend plays his phone games for another week, and finally arrangements are made for him to pick it up. He picks it up from the Blingstar facility and he immediately contacts me to let me know that many parts are missing. I told him to take pictures and send them to me and he did. The Nerf bars are missing, the Maltese bumper, the grab bar that wasn't even Blingstar, the rear Sproket/Chain guard,  the Precision stabilizer, and tires are all missing. Oh, and the BRAND NEW FOX front shocks have been swapped with used, rashed and probably blown shocks. The Hiper wheels have been swapped with used and the tires are gone. I got it delivered from my shipping company today, September 18, 2012. (Almost a YEAR LATER) The thing is stripped, faded, dirty and obviously ridden...and I can imagine there is sugar in the gas tank amongst other things and a nuts and bolts dropped in the engine, or the engine was purposely blown. It still sits in the crate because I am sick and don't want to deal with it right now. I texted Clint that I was extremely upset that he not only stripped the parts and broke his contract, and stole from me his response is "get over it". Then he said the guy who picked it up stole the parts. (After he told me it was done as punishment for my business associate's mouth). I gave him the option to send them back and he refused. So this is how I'm getting over it. I am exposing him for the crook and the narcissistic nut that he is, and letting everyone know what he did and how he conducts business. I hope you all think twice before dealing with Blingstar, so you don't get ripped the way that I did. Pro Armor or Rath would be in my opinion the better way to go. I have Pro Armor on all my machines now and it holds up and looks great to boot. DO NOT give this jerk your hard earned money.