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"All my life, I fought to be a symbol. A symbol of all the things that were right about this country, all the things I loved. And now, they're trying to turn that symbol into whatever's most convienient, whatever will best serve the political agenda of one side or another. I can hear them talking nonstop...the media, the press...They don't understand. It was never about politics. It was never about me. It was about the country. It was always about the country. But they can't hear the truth above their own voices." - Steve Rogers, Captain America, Thor # 11

Ernie's Contribution to the

Customer Select Series

Last week I introduced the Customer Select Series, a compilation of our favorite comics and graphic novels.  I'd like to start us off with one of my personal favorites, Xenozoic by Mark Schultz! Highly recommended! 



Sample Page from Xenozoic Tales

I don't know about you, but I'm in!


From the publisher's website: 


Forced into hiding by a global ecological cataclysm, humans emerge from their underground warrens half a millennium later to discover that the Earth has been totally transformed. All of the familiar flora and fauna are gone, replaced by a radically altered natural order populated by rampaging dinosaurs and strange, new creatures.  


It takes guts, grim determination, ingenuity and a whole lot of old-fashioned luck just to survive, much less thrive, in this alien wilderness-all qualities that ace mechanic Jack Tenrec, lovely scientist Hannah Dundee and their friends possess in abundance.



But even the worthiest of these hardy souls are hard-pressed to surmount the obstacles presented by their new homeland. And when those trials are further compounded by the underhanded and selfish actions of the cutthroat human scavengers they encounter, even the best equipped and bravest among them might not endure.


Xenozoic combines lush and richly realized ink-and-brush artwork with a pulp-fueled narrative to create an action-packed fantasy-an unrelenting adventure that also serves as a subtle cautionary fable concerning the unforeseen consequences that shortsighted present-day decisions might have upon future generations.



Podcast Live From FNC!

Comic Book Roadshow Episode 130: Live From Friendly Neighborhood Comics 


I'll let the guys introduce the episode:


In this episode we are fortunate to be joined byErnie Pelletier

owner of Friendly Neighborhood Comics and our sponsor. Ernie shared his recent experience with the DC Retail Roadshow. Plus we talk about how he got into comics and his beliefs on what makes a good comic store. As well as some cool promotions coming up in the store.  


It was a lot of fun to sit in and talk comics! We'll be doing this once a month.  


Some language (not mine) is NSFW. 

Hull Breach Game Demos

I am proud to announce that FNC is the Massachusetts Flagship Store for an exciting new game, Hull Breach! This new game is receiving tremendous advance buzz and is locally produced!


Learn how to play Hull Breach!from the creators of the game! Admission is free, and we have everything you need to get started and have some serious fun! Pre-orders will be accepted for the 7.15.11 release.


Hull Breach Demo Sat. 7/9/11 10am 


Hull Breach Game Demo Sat. 7/9/11 4pm 



As we speed toward the relaunch of the new DC Universe, Flashpoint continues to change the dynamics of characters and relationships at a dramatic pace.


The following Flashpoint titles ship this week:  








Flashpoint # 3


Flash Question: Will Flash and his new allies be able to fix the world?


Flashpoint: Abin Sure Green Lantern # 2 of 3


FLASH QUESTION: Will Sinestro side with Abin Sur against the Guardians of Oa, or is all hope lost?


Flashpoint: Batman Knight of Vengeance # 2 of 3


FLASH QUESTION: Who is The Joker? And what is his dark connection to the Wayne family? - By the team that brought you 100 Bullets! Highly recommended (even if you don't read Flashpoint)!!


Flashpoint: Secret Seven # 2 of 3


FLASH QUESTION: Who killed the first Seven? And can Amethyst stop them from killing the new Secret Seven?


Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint # 2 of 3


FLASH QUESTION: Why is Traci 13 the most important girl in the world? Does she have the strength to do what must be done?


Buy all 4 of this week's Flashpoint titles

and receive a  

Free Friendly Neighborhood Comics Pin!  



Fear Itself

Fear Itself # 4
Fear Itself # 4

The blockbuster Marvel event of the year continues!


AFTERMATH: the heroes reel in the wake of last issue's shocking finale. Thor finds himself unwelcome in two homes. Steve Rogers makes the decision of a lifetime. And Iron Man prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice. Every move the heroes make just serves to make The Serpent stronger-- and the feat he accomplishes in this issue will rock the Avengers.


Summer Movie Express

Friendly Neighborhood Comics is partnering with Regal Cinema Bellingham to offer the Summer Movie Express. 


This program offers family movies for the low ticket price of only $1 per person! The program also raises funds for Stars of Hope, the Regal Cinema charity.


Movies run every Tuesday and Wednesday morning at 10 am, beginning this week and running until August 24th.


Join us this week for either Megamind or Nanny McPhee Returns!


DC Holding The Line At $2.99

We Carry A Full Line of WALKING DEAD Comics, Trades & T-Shirts!

This week:


The Walking Dead Survivors' Guide # 4 of 4


Everything you've ever wanted to know about the cast of THE WALKING DEAD. The Survivor's Guide is a handy checklist of all the characters who have appeared in the series thus far, alive or dead. This series is a can't miss supplement to the hit comic book series that is now a hit TV series on AMC!


The Walking Dead Weekly # 27


Life goes on as the bold new direction for THE WALKING DEAD continues.



New Comics Wednesday! 

For a list of this week's new comics, check
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The I-Box

Image Comics is producing a wide variety of quality reads!


Here are a few books coming out this week that are worth a look:

Blue Estate # 4


'BAD BUSINESS' Who's play-acting and who's getting played? Nothing's what it seems in part four of this fast, funny, 100% cool new series, where vicious criminals act like respectable businessmen, a Hollywood starlet feigns weakness to gain power and a has-been action hero plays the role of loving husband while plotting to murder his wife!

Gladstone's School for World Conquerors # 3

The Skull Brothers pay their mother a visit in a maximum-security prison where villains keep the worst of their own kind; those who have turned on other villains. But, whose side are the Skulls really on? The delicate armistice between superheroes and villains is threatened and nothing is as it seems.

Green Wake # 4

The revelation of Green Wake's next murder victim sends Morley on a frantic mission against time. All the events in Green Wake begin to converge, combining together to reveal the darkest of its mysteries. But for Morley, there is more than time working against him, and allies aren't always what they seem.

The Intrepids # 5

'CARBON CALAMARI' The face of the enemy is revealed in this high octane, plot twisting issue! The Intrepids come up against their most challenging adversary yet; a many armed mechanized monster from the mind of Dr. Koi!

Reed Gunther # 2

'REED GUNTHER IN A STALAC-TIGHT SPOT!' Reed Gunther and his grizzly bear Sterling venture into a spooky abandoned mine in search of hidden gold, despite the warnings from the town loony that something dangerous lays hidden in the caves! But what does he know? He's crazy... right?

27 vol. 1 First Set tp

The dark mysteries of rock and roll royalty's '27 Club' are revealed in this collection of the hit series. All the twists, all the action, all the weirdness, in one beautiful package! Full of extras, including an all-new 12-page backup story, it's the most exciting thing to hit since the Beatles at Budokan! Collects 27 #1-4


When the woman that raised him is murdered, an assassin turns states evidence against his employers and is given a once in a lifetime chance to enter Operation Trailblazer - the most unique witness protection program in the world. Sent back in time to the Old West, the assassin begins a new life, but it isn't long before his past and the future catches up with him.

Elric Returns to Comics!

For 40 years comic fandom has thrilled to the exploits of Elric since his introduction in Marvel Comics' Conan the Barbarian in the early 1970s.

Neil Gaiman called Elric's creator Michael Moorcock 'my model for what a writer was'.

 Now the godfather of the Multiverse teams up with hot New York Times bestseller Chris Roberson (Superman, iZombie) for an ongoing series that sees a crisis break out across multiple worlds with Moorcock's other two most famous fantasy franchise characters, Corum of the Scarlet Robe and Dorian Hawkmoon!

The workings of Fate are being tampered across the Multiverse, upsetting the Cosmic Balance. Elric is on a quest to restore The Balance and save the Multiverse from ruin! Elric, Corum, and Hawkmoon are forced into action far and wide, but will they fight on the side of Law?


Celebrate the new season of True Blood on HBO by saving $1.00 Off the price of any Trueblood comics, including the new book this week! Great time to try out this series or pick one up for a fan of the show.
Offer Expires: 7/6/11 Friendly Neighborhood Comics www.friendlycomics.com