Volume 16, Issue 2 - Winter 2016


 The Interpersonal Gap by Dr. John Wallen


 Midway through our 16th year of publication we 

return to one of the most useful theories we know. Click above to watch a video presentation and/or

on the link below for print.  

  The Interpersonal Gap, from "Fight, Flight, Freeze"

Robert P Crosby on the steps taken to improve organization performance !
High performance is possible in any system with the right blend of clear authority and engagement. In this 5 minute video, the second in a series, our founder explores the steps taken to engage work groups.

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"...the leaders that went through Tough Stuff showed statistically significant improvement in all dimensions of the (employee engagement) survey, but particularly, in how their teams rated them as supervisors."

Valentina Zackrone, Chief HR Officer


Robert P Crosby Seattle April 2016 Tough Stuff

Jamaica February 2016 Tough Stuff

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