Human Resources and Furlough Update
In an effort to keep the campus community informed, Idaho State University is sharing the following information with all faculty and staff.
Hiring and Budget Freeze Update
The Office of the Governor has informed all state agencies that Idaho’s hiring freeze has been lifted. The University now has the delegated authority to fill needed positions, but due to continued budget shortfalls, Idaho State will maintain a limited hiring freeze at the institution. 

Essential positions will continue to be filled, but a limited hiring and personnel action freeze is needed to strategically maximize salary savings from position vacancies. To date, ISU has saved more than $1.3 million through the hiring and personnel action freeze as an important element of our budget recovery plan.

As positions become vacant, searches will not immediately be launched. Open positions will require approval from the Administrative Council to start the hiring process. Human Resources, in collaboration with the Office of Equity and Inclusion, will prepare a weekly report on all personnel actions and make requests for consideration by the Administrative Council.
Spring 2021 Furlough Plan
As announced last May, the University has implemented a Mandatory Furlough Plan throughout FY 2021. As part of this plan, Idaho State required all impacted employees to take half of their assigned furlough days during the Fall 2020 semester, with the remaining half of furlough days to be tentatively assigned for the Spring semester 2021. This plan was intended to give the University flexibility in the event that assigned furlough days for the Spring semester needed to be modified.

After careful consideration of the University budget’s overall status, including enrollment projections for the spring semester, Idaho State will proceed with the Spring 2021 furlough plan as originally planned. The Office of Human Resources will distribute individual furlough notifications to impacted employees in the near future. The notifications will be consistent with the original plans outlined on the furlough plan website.
Thank you for your continued support, patience, and understanding as we continue to navigate these challenging times together.
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