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AGEISM | \ ˈā-(ˌ)ji-zəm: prejudice and/or discrimination against
an individual or a group on the basis of their age.

Ageism is more than disparaging comments and offensive commercials. It is a pervasive mentality and a violation of human rights with very real consequences at the systemic level: poor or limited access to housing, health care, and justice; lack of inclusion of older adults in policies; discrimination in the work place; lack of representation in research. The impact of such discrimination has profound effects on the quality of life of older people and on their physical and mental health.

In this webinar, a panel of Canadian and International experts will address ageism through various lenses and will explore the work taking place across the world to eradicate it. The panel will look at ageism as it manifests in:

  • Health care and mental health; 
  • Access to information and technology;
  • Discrimination in the work place;
  • The era of Covid-19 

The session will further explore the work taking place to demand a Convention of the Human Rights of Older Persons, as the next session of the UN's Open Ended Working Group on Ageing is about to begin later this month.
Martine Lagacé
Associate Vice-President, Research Promotion
and Development,
Dr. Kiran Rabheru
Liat Ayalon, Ph.D.
Professor, Deputy Directory, Chair of the Retraining Master Degree Program
Margaret Young
Founder, Age Knowble; Steering
Group Member, Global Alliance for
Margaret Gillis
For further information, please contact:

Raeann Rideout
Director of Partnerships & Outreach
Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario

Bénédicte Schoepflin
Executive Director, Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse