Dear Friends,

Welcome. The Holy Spirit is always at work among us in so many different ways. We simply have to pay attention.

In the haste to meet the demands of fall schedules it is all too easy to lose our center. Whether it be buying school supplies, signing up for classes, taking on new responsibilities, starting a new job, or simply having to make an adjustment because things have changed over the summer, all of us experience a shift in pace or circumstances. So as we slide into our worship this coming Sunday, draw a calming breath and pause to give thanks for God’s never failing and loving provision for our well-being.

When your mind has stilled, look about - you will be in the household of God. That house is not a building but an assembly of people. We are surrounded by faces. Faces familiar and faces new, old and young, short and tall, happy and sad, singles, couples, families – how different we are from each other and what a blessing to be sharing in this life together. It is not difficult to conclude our God loves diversity and variety.

It is perhaps a little less obvious, but equally true, that we are created to be in relationship with that diversity and variety . In fact, not one of us can achieve anything very much by ourselves. As individuals, we are unique, but it is a uniqueness that finds its fullest expression in the sharing of life and love with each other. Paul reminds us we are each a temple of the Holy Spirit . We enter temples gently and in awe of what we might find. Just look at the human temples filling our worship; temples made not of stone but flesh and blood. Temples filled with life and dreams, longing and hope.

The summer is past. It is time to begin again. Time to discover once more that “The law of the Lord is perfect and revives my soul; the testimony of the Lord is sure and gives wisdom to the innocent.” It is time for us to come and dream together.

Make the time. Ninety percent of the gospel is showing up – God will do the rest.


The Reverend Susan N. Eaves
Connect with St. Paul's