Seven Tips for Professionals moving into Management
For professionals exploring a management opportunity, there’s a lot to learn. Keep the following tips from Stacey McCreery, founder of ROI Search and Nicole Harper, director of revenue cycle improvement at Eskenazi Health, in mind as you lay the groundwork for your career move:

Hello to the ROI Search Group Community,

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt our day to day activities, we would like our clients and candidates to know that we at  ROI Search Group  strive to continue to do what we do best. We recognize that with the constantly changing COVID-19 situation around the world, this is an unprecedented time for everyone — a time that, for many, is filled with uncertainty. Our hearts and thoughts go out to each and every one of you.

I appreciate that you will be receiving many letters like this, but as a client who uses our services, I want you to know how we are here during these challenging times. Our focus today is the same as it’s always been — ensuring you have the most reliable support and services for your talent needs, whenever, whatever, and wherever you need our service. That could not be more important than it is now, as this crisis creates an environment where you are likely looking to use our service differently, perhaps working or learning from home. We are taking a range of actions to ensure we continue to meet your needs at this critical time, whether your talent needs are for permanent placement, contract staffing or interim leadership, and/or outplacement services.

As you may know and as a valued client and partner, at ROI Search Group, we already work remotely. Due to the nature of our business, we have access to the best web-based technology through several of our trusted partners: Box , Zoom , and Reciprocal Technologies . Regularly, we are required to connect our clients' out-of-state candidates remotely throughout the interview process until the final stages when in person meetings are requested. Over the next several weeks and for an unknown period of time, we expect our virtual meeting rooms to be a huge benefit as everyone tries to maintain a “business as usual” outlook. I want you to know you have our commitment to continue providing you with the services you depend on. We have implemented our business continuity plan to ensure we provide you assurance, commitment, and service you have always been accustomed to.

First and foremost, our plan ensures the health and safety of our employees, so we can continue to deliver and support the services you count on. Considering the most recent news and announcements from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) , we have temporarily suspended business travel.
I wanted to share on behalf of ROI Search Group, we pride ourselves on being flexible and providing unique solutions to our client needs. If we can be of assistance to your organization as we work through the challenges of the pandemic and moving to working in remote environments, please reach out to us. We would be happy to discuss how we might be able to assist and provide additional bandwidth to your team as we navigate these challenges. After all, we are all in this together. 

Warm Regards,

Stacey McCreery
Founder and President, ROI Search Group
ROISG Business Continuity Plan
We continue to monitor the COVID-19 very closely, and in contact with our clients, who are on the front lines. To support our clients, we have numerous clinical roles we are actively recruiting to ensure they have the staff they need to support the patients, which is our mission. We also have opportunities in other industries, such as construction, where the work continues. Our team is working remotely and continues the same support you are accustomed to on a daily basis. You are a very high priority as we know you taking care of the most vulnerable population.

I wanted to take a moment to thank the team at  ROI Search Group  while they are juggling many priorities including their families, they are making the support to our clients a very high priority. As I mentioned today, the work you do matters.

Feel free to look over the career page on our website. We know how important this work is and will continue to support our clients.
Tips on How to Lead Your Business Through the COVID-19
According to the Harvard Business Review here at 12 tips to get your business through COVID-19:
1 ) Update intelligence on a daily basis.
2) Beware of hypes/news cycles.
3) Don’t assume that information creates informedness.
4) Use experts and forecasts carefully.
5) Constantly re-frame your understanding of what’s happening.
6) Beware of bureaucracy.
7) Make sure your response is balanced.
8) Use resilience principles in developing policies.
9) Prepare now for the next crisis.
10) Intellectual preparation is not enough.
11) Reflect on what you’ve learned.
12) Prepare for a changed world.
For the full articl e on "How to Lead Your Business Through the COVID-19"
Working Remotely for the First Time? These Seasoned Experts Have Advice for You to Follow
Useful insight from on how to transition from the workplace to the home office. These effective and helpful tips can make the difference in productivity, so that your company does not absorb losses in the shift of working remotely.
Organizational Change Management: How to Create Buy-in
Gre at article from netlogx highlighting how Change is inevitable, and what matters is how you react to it. But, more or less how you plan for it.
From the Classroom to Online
Today’s student's are having to relearn their educational approach from the classroom to online. This approach is not to depreciate the value of their education, but continue to enrich their education while taking the necessary precautions to remain safe.

As an Indiana University educator at Fairbanks School of Public Health I am making the necessary changes in accordance with university guidelines. During this unprecedented time in education it is critical to adapt and advance the education of the future.
Mental Health Check: It is critical to stay positive and maintain good mental health as everyone practices social-distancing. But, it is important to not emotionally distance yourself from friends and family at a time when you need them the most. Great highlight from Eskenazi Health .
Community Involvement
Feeding America  has 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries. Please click the image or below if are able to donate, or would like to read their mission statement.
Meals on Wheels  delivers meals directly to the homes of seniors. Please click the image or below if are able to donate, or would like to read their mission statement.
No Kid Hungry  works to end childhood hunger in the United States. Please click the image or below if are able to donate, or would like to read their mission statement.
Navigating the Job Search through COVID-19
During this time period companies are facing the difficult choice of having to make layoffs. But, other companies are also going through a time of growth where they need employees. Indeed has provided a great opportunity for web-based messenger feature and a signup for job opportunities.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.
We will be happy to meet with you to discuss how we can help your organization.

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