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We Raised over $200,000.00 for AI Education

Beneficial AGI Summit, Panama City

Women in Longevity Leadership - NEW Project

The Transhumanism Corrective [a Proclamation]

H+ Academy Roundtable: Addressing Bias

VIDEO: H+ October Debate

We helped raise over $200,000.00 for education in 2023!

Digitruck's Anyone Can Code, develops Ethiopia’s first AI and robotics lab.

Humanity+ helped the projects at iCog, known as "Anyone Can Code" that are aimed at decentralizing, democratizing and equipping kids and youth with the necessary skills to innovate and create utilizing emerging technologies. Digitruck removes these barriers for isolated communities. Congratulations to all!

Humanity Plus Meeting at Healthy Masters International Conference Portugal

Vice Chair Jose Cordeiro, Treasurer Paul Spiegel, and Executive Director Natasha Vita-More meet up at the Healthy Masters conference.

Friends Having Fun at Healthy Masters!

Ralph Montague

Gary Abramson, Maria Entraigues Abramson, and Natasha

!Alexander Paziotopolous and Christine Lemstra


We are delighted to announce the Beneficial (BGI) Summit & Unconference. This landmark event will take place from February 27 to March 1st 2024, in Panama City. The BGI Summit will primarily focus on leveraging human wisdom and values to guide the evolution of AGI.

For 2024, the event will unite industry leaders, AI entrepreneurs, investors, media, academics and the global leading voices in AI. BGI is organized by SingularityNET and TrueAGI, and our aim is to gather the most influential and established opinion leaders in the space, who play an instrumental role in shaping the ecosystem with the objective of advancing industry initiatives. Read more about the Summit here!

Beneficial AGI Advisors

Founded by Humanity+ Chair Ben Goertzel, the BAGI Advisors include Humanity+ Vice Chair Jose Cordeiro, Secretary Nell Watson, Advisors Susan Schneider and Max More, Executive Director Natasha Vita- More, members Calum Chace and Jerome Glenn, and other valued Humanity+ Associates!

Longevity Advocacy

Women in Longevity Leadership is founded by Natasha Vita-More, Executive Director of Humanity Plus, Maria Entraigues-Abramson, SENS Director of Development, and Lisa Fabiny, SENS CEO. We are pleased to announce Honorary Co-Founders and Sponsors Humanity+ and Sens Research Foundation. See the build of our new website!

Friends Who Love Paleo!

Who is this?

A Humanity+ Advisor in the kitchen cooking Paleo Who do you think this is?

(Psst ... Hint: cool guy who works out, eats well, and brainy).



A Proclamation to Reclaim Transhumanism from Misrepresentation and Misinterpretation

At the most recent H+ Academy discussion and debate on the topic of "anti-transhumanist" writings (video below), several transhumanists suggested that we reclaim "transhumanism" from the obfuscations and misrepresentations of the original meaning of transhumanism as a philosophy and worldview.

How did this happen? Over the years, there have been many "opinions" about what transhumanism is or isn't. These opinions could be personal interpretations of the philosophy, some of which may or may not be true. While diversity is welcome and new ideas are highly valued, the philosophy of transhumanism does have principles that form the core of its meaning. With a lot of leeway for opinion, interpretations can go in directions that are counter to transhumanism. Some of the more extreme opinions have caused a flood of anti-transhumanist bias and even hate. This is not what we want.

What can we do? We need to make it very clear what transhumanism is and is not. And we need to state this publicly and make it available to everyone.

How do we take action? Creating a public statement. We call this "The Transhumanism Corrective", which clearly states what transhumanism means and identifies misconceptions and misinterpretations and addresses the most adversarial anti-transhumanist claims. It would respectfully refer to "Transhumanist Declaration" (1998).

We need to continue being aware of the changes that are taking place, and how to better communicate with the public. The draft statement has already started. To get involved, please contact us!

Anti-Transhumanists Émile P. Torres and

Alexander Thomas Take on Transhumanism

Date: December 17, 2023, at 11:00 AM PST, the H+ Academy will feature anti-transhumanists philosophers Torres and Thomas in a discussion and debate about their views. The Eventbrite page is coming soon in an update next week. We will refer to the essay True Transhumanism and the Substack article on transhumanism in this session. More to come!

Video of the recent H+ Academy where anti-transhumanist Joe Allen argues for overarching myths and religious claims and comments. The informative discussion was also entertaining, causing us to laugh rather than to outright brawl.


Shout Out!

Death of Death continues to soar! It's listed as one of the best longevity books for 2024 by two very enthusiastic advocates! Way to go Jose Cordeiro and David Wood! Get a signed copy at the Dubai Global Health Summit.

Join Humanity+ and be an active part of our community. At $8.33 a month, the yearly $100.00 supports many educational projects. Please Join us and help advance knowledge that can help create a better future for all. Currently, we are focused on the upcoming Afrolongevity Innovative Competition, our collaboration with Icog "Anyone Can Code" in Ethiopia, our H+ Academy Roundtable Debates and Discussions, and the Transhumanist Studies virtual meetings. We are getting ready to launch the H+DAO in the public sphere after winning the Deep Funding Prize.
Afrolongevity Conference 2023 and the Innovative Competition project in Africa
Teaching coding in Ethiopia:
iCog Anyone Can Code

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