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Feed a family in need

Hunger among Americans is real. 44.2 million people in the United States, including 13 million children, are battling hunger and are food insecure.

The Humanity First Fast to Feed campaign invites you to “Donate a Lunch." Make a donation worth the value of one meal to fill a hungry stomach.

During this month of Ramadan from March 12th - April 10th, Muslims fast for over 12 hours a day and experience firsthand the hunger so many food insecure people live with on a daily basis. Supporters from any faith can experience a day of fasting or skip a meal and donate the cost of that meal to feed children, parents, and elders who are suffering because of hunger in America.

Funds from donating a lunch or more will support HFUSA’s food and meal distribution sites across the U.S. and in partner countries.

Let's beat hunger in America.

Feed a hungry family today
A person standing outside of a car gently hands a bag of food to an outstretched hand through the passenger window. The person outside of the car wears a white t shirt reading Humanity First and black live matter on the back.

Nasir Hospital Provides Life-saving Kidney Transplants

This year's #WorldKidneyDay theme focuses on equitable access to care and medication. We at Nasir Hospital have been on the journey to provide life-saving kidney transplant surgery for patients in need and provide patients access to vital procedures to improve their health.

Follow HF Healthcare

Support Nasir Hospital
Under the words World Kidney Day March 14 are two pictures of a young man. In one he lies in a hospital bed connected to a dialysis machine and in the other he stands next to an elderly woman. Logos at the top are HF Healthcare Services and Hospital Nasir.


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March 14th, 2024

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