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Oct. 26th, 2023

Weekly Newsletter

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Happy Anniversary to Nasir Hospital!

Nasir Hospital in Guatemala opened its doors five years ago this month. The impact of healthcare for nearly 60,000 patients is felt throughout Guatemala and far beyond.

Thank you to the dedicated leadership, staff, donors, and partners who laid the foundation for Nasir Hospital to provide five years of high-quality, sustainable healthcare. We are excited for our next phase of development to expand operations for the next five years.

Anniversary Celebration celebrating 5 year of giving. A Guatemala map shows the number of patients from each state and world map shows the number of patients from each country. Total patients served is 58000 and underprivileged patients is 10000

A look back at the inauguration of Nasir Hospital in October 2018 evokes great memories and inspires us for the future.

The US Embassy Guatemala posts on X la ONG HF Guatemala que integra miembros del distrito de la congresista Norma J Torres en California contribuyo con fondos para la construccion del nuevo hospital en Santiago Sacatepequez.

His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad, head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, welcomes featured speaker US Congresswoman Norma Torres to the Inauguration.

Fazal Ahmad posts on X all of the local team in Guatemala today at the Nasir Hospital Inauguration have been awesome and a credit to HF. Photo compilation below of people standing by signs and tables smiling.

Supporter Fazal Ahmad celebrates the dedication of the Humanity First Guatemala and Nasir Hospital teams to prepare for the Inauguration.

Hundreds of people in business formal attire sit at round tables and watch the speaker podium under a large white tent.

Over 800 donors contributed to the founding of Nasir Hospital. Thank you!

We look forward to seeing you at the Annual Virtual Family Dinner!

Next Wednesday November 1st is the final day to place your order for pizza, wings, and soft drink to be delivered to your doorstep in support of HFUSA. 

As the Thanksgiving holiday is right around the corner, we invite families to come together over a meal. That meal and your donations will help to nurture others with food to meet their hunger, healthcare to heal their bodies, and education to build their futures. The Family Dinner program will take you to places around the world where your support matters every day.

Get your order in now to join HFUSA in giving thanks for our blessings and our ability to make a difference.

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Federal Employees, thank you for your support in the CFC Drive

Combined Federal Campaign logo blue and red version

Humanity First USA is part of the Combined Federal Campaign again this year, which is reportedly the world’s largest workplace giving program! If you are a federal employee who participates in this powerful campaign, please select HFUSA to receive your gift. The program offers payroll deductions and direct giving. Better yet, let a colleague know that HFUSA is your choice because our 20 years of local and global work has had a positive impact on nearly 4.5 million people’s lives.

Our CFC number is 15534 - thank you!

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