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January 26th, 2024

Weekly Newsletter

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1,150 people treated at health clinic in Rafah, Palestine

A young girl stands outside and smiles while she holds up a new package of toothbrush and toothpaste.

With Humanity First USA’s financial support, our partner Anera successfully conducted two free medical days in Rafah this week. The first day 800 people were treated by three doctors on site, a pediatrician, a general physician, and a gynecologist. The second day 350 people received free treatments of medicines and consultations with doctors, nurses and pharmacists.

Health days will continue in Rafah and other areas over the next two months so that people continue to receive care for injuries or ongoing health conditions.

Visit our social media platforms tagged below for periodical updates that Anera shares on various social media platforms.

(All images credited to Anera)

Outside a low structure people are waiting in long lines. A man speaks to a woman and child and writes in a notepad next to a sign announcing a free health day sponsored by Humanity First and Anera.
Three people in scrubs or white coats wearing surgical masks sit behind a table and speak with a man and women who have their backs to the camera. The man holds a cane and the woman is covered in a dress and headscarf.
A woman in a white coat and headscarf hands a bottle to a man with a patch on his face. She stands behind a table with boxes and bottles of medicine on top under a makeshift tent structure.
Support people in Palestine

How do you build a new middle school?

You work day and night! Our new middle school, in its final stages of construction, will pair with Humanity First Ahmadiyya Primary School in Morogoro, Tanzania. When complete, the middle school will educate 300 students.

A crew of men carries items and walks across the top of the roof of a one-story building under construction.
Under field lighting at night a crew works alongside a one story building under construction and a large mound of dirt.
Help us to educate more children
In a driveway covered in snow four people load supplies into a car with its truck popped open.

Stay safe this winter

To all our community who have been through the recent cold and icy weather, stay warm. HF continues to help people in need - like the volunteer team distributing food in Willingboro NJ - and we hope everyone stays safe. 



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