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March 7th, 2024

Weekly Newsletter

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HFUSA provides tents in Gaza with $50,000 for HFUK

Humanity First USA’s partnership with Humanity First UK is providing critical relief for people in Palestine. This $50,000 will cover tents, coordination, and delivery to a camp for displaced people as part of the urgent HF global effort to provide 300 tents for shelter.

With the support of HFUSA, HFUK has already delivered food and supplies as people face severe shortages of food, water, and ways to keep warm. This aid included over 6,800 kilograms of staples and protein rich foods like rice, flour, beans, tuna, cheese, and more than 3,000 liters of water to help people survive. 1,200 jackets and blankets have also been provided to protect against the cold. Thank you to everyone who has donated to Palestine relief and who supported our contribution to this recent global campaign for tents.

A large white truck with the humanity first logo on the sides of the cab and on the outside of the pallets of packaged materials on truck bed.

Humanity First USA has extended our reach and impact by coordinating with the HF network around the world for all 20 of our years of humanitarian service. These international partnerships allow us to mobilize and leverage resources anywhere in the world particularly in times of conflict and disaster.

Anera continues to deliver crucial medical care

Health days supported by Humanity First continue to help people in Gaza get medical checks and treatments in Al-Mawasi, Khan Younis and Rafah.

Photo credit: Anera

Hundreds of people screened and treated at Gift of Health medical camps in Guyana

Over two dozen people pose in two rows one standing and one sitting next to a sign reading Global Health Humanity First Guyana. They are inside a thatched building and many of them wear blue medical scrubs.

Gift of Health group of 9 students with Dr. Nadia Malik⁩ of California and the team and partners of HF Guyana.

An inspiring collaborative medical mission in Guyana is underway, led by the Humanity First Student Organization of the University of Toledo in partnership with HFUSA, HF Guyana, and the HFUSA Doctos4Humanity initiative.

665 people came to three days of medical camps at St. Cuthbert's Amerindian Village and police outposts in Georgetown. Patients had access to blood pressure screening, tests for sugar levels, doctor consultation, pharmacy, dental care, and optical services. In addition, the clinics guided patients through screenings for both cancer and HIV.

Two women seated on the left side of a table wear blood pressure cuffs. Each cuff is being monitored by a person on the right side of a table people wearing all blue medical scrubs and blue baseball caps.
A man wearing latex gloves stands on one side of a table attending to the finger of a man who is seated on the other side of the table with his hand outstretched.
A woman wearing blue medical scrubs and a hijab takes gauze to the finger of a man with his back to the camera.

Beyond medical care, the camps offered food for 400 people, walkers to help with mobility, women’s hygiene kits, dental hygiene kits, Vitamin C, and donated eyeglasses. Students had collected, packed and brought the dental hygiene kits and eyeglasses with them for the mission.

Collaborations with The Ministry of Health, U.S. Embassy and Ambassador Nicole Theriot, Diamond Optical, Food for the Poor, Guyana Cancer Foundation, and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at Guyana helped bring this robust set of services to people this week.

A group of people pose standing outdoors next to a sign reading Global Health. Some of the groups wears white t shirts or medical scrubs and baseball caps or hijabs. In the center is a tall blonde woman in a red blazer.

Thank you to Nicole Theriot, US Ambassador to Guyana, for visiting the clinic and supporting our efforts!

Health care missions and camps as well as permanent clinics and hospitals under the Humanity FIrst Global Health program are a vital part of our 20 year journey to safeguard human life and dignity. Thank you to the Humanity First Student Division for leading this latest mission.

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In case you missed it...

Inauguration of the Hasanah Kautsar orphanage

An exciting milestone as HFUSA celebrates our 20th anniversary this year.

See photos from the inauguration

A mix of men women young men and young women pose in two rows in front of a sign that says Peresmian with the logos of Humanity First and the orphan care program. Most of the people are making a thumbs up or a peace sign.
A young boy and his mom smile brightly as the boy sits at a desk in the hospital next to a large oxygen tank and his mom crouches next to him for the picture.

Nasir Hospital caring for patients in the hospital and at home

Nasir Hospital announces Home Care and shares how the Care Fund is there for people who need it.

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Kids for Humanity is seeking Youth Coordinators!

If you are at least 18 years of age and are excited to help youth learn leadership skills through service, this is for you.

Learn more and apply

A drawing depicting a diverse set of children holding hands standing atop a globe with the title Kids 4 Humanity.


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