MARCH 2019

Note From The Principal
It is hard to believe that March is already here. This year has definitely flown by. It won't be long before the warm weather arrives and the end of year madness begins! As we begin to enter our STAAR season, this presents a great opportunity to discuss your child's progress in school. As you are aware, spring break is approximately 2 weeks away. Once we return, we will be deep in STAAR review, preparing our students to do great on their test.
As a reminder, please help us work toward building literacy in all academic areas with our students, please continue to ensure that your children are reading at least 30 minutes a day.  We need to continue press hard to increase our math development as well as reading. All students have I-station and/or Prodigy.
As testing season approaches, please ensure that students are present and on time to ensure that they are getting all of the class time that is needed. As always, we appreciate al that you are doing to make sure your children are progressing in school, and making sure that they are staying healthy in this season.


William Davis, M.Ed. 

Reminder, our tardy bell is at 7:45. Please ensure that your child is in school before that time, to reduce tardies.

Terrell Hutchinson - email

March Character Trait: Fairness
Students who are fair are:
  • honest
  • reasonable
  • unbiased
  • just
  • careful
  • open minded
Teach the importance of fairness at home by:

  • playing a game and demonstrating how to be a good winner and a good loser
  • listening impartially and hearing the facts before forming an opinion
  • dividing a snack equally among family members
  • taking turns with a toy
  • discussing how to accept the consequences of misbehaviors
  • Being fair means knowing both sides of the story.
  • Being fair means treating others like you want to be treated.
  • Being fair means avoiding cheating and lying.
  • Being fair means respecting the rights of others.
  • Being fair means following the rules at home and at school.
From the book, Kids with Character.

Fallbrook Invitational (Track Meet) - March 29th and 30th

Northland Christian School 4363 Sylvan Field Drive, Houston, TX

Track                  Tuesday and Thursday 4:30-5:30 and Wednesday 4-5:00

Remind 101 Text Alerts

Campus Info: 
Text "@TRSHumble" to 81010

Route1: text "@HUMRoute1" to 81010
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Campus Personnel
Principal: Mr. Williams Davis - email
Asst. Principal: Mrs. Monet Calhoun  - email 
Secretary: Mrs. Devita Nelson - email 
Registrar: Mr. Kenneth Killings - email 
Counselor: Mrs. Terrell Hutchinson - email  
Parent and Community Volunteers

We are always looking for parent crew members who are available to lend a helping hand. Please contact Jackie Autman via email at or via phone at (281) 458-4334 ext. 127

Volunteer Event

Learning Labs
03/27        Houston Zoo                 Pre-K
03/23       State Competition       Fine Arts
03/26       Urban Air                    4th Grade

02/27       PTO MEETING @ 7:00 P.M. Humble Campus Cafeteria
Dazzling Dolls      Wednesday and Thursday 4pm-5:30pm
BSB                     Monday-Wednesday and Friday 4pm-6:00pm

Rhodes School for the Performing Arts Fine Arts Program introduces and develops student to the arts in order to propel them into higher heights academically and creatively. Arts education helps students improve visual analysis skills, learn from mistakes, be creative and make better critical judgments

Arts Participation and academics have a positive impact on student achievement:

15% higher GPA . Students involved in art or music throughout high school had average GPA's exceeding 3.0, as compared to students with no art or music classes averaging GPAs below 2.6

Visual Arts: 38% higher graduation rate.  Students with no visual arts credits in high school graduated with a diploma 67% of the time. However, high school art students had a graduation rate of 93%.

Music: 34% higher graduation rate.  Students with no music credits in high school graduated with a diploma 70% of the time. However, high school music students had a graduation rate over 94%.

Music and art students stay in school.  When engaged in the arts for four years in high school, the student dropout rate is below 7%. These students are more likely to stay in school than their non-artistically-engaged counterparts.

Higher test scores.  High school music students average 8.5% higher on the SAT math and 10.4% higher on SAT verbal than students with no music credits. High school art students average 3.4% higher on the SAT math and 7.4% higher on SAT verbal than students with no art credits.
Information from A Cohort Study of Arts Participation and Academic Performance.

For more information, contact Dr. Kathleen D. Sanz, Ph.D., ( ) or download the full report from the Center for Fine Arts Education (CFAE) Advocacy site at .

Rhodes School for the Performing Arts - Humble

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