Volume 16 | October 10th, 2019
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If your reading this, congratulations, you've successfully made it through The Great Humboldt Blackout of 2019! All jokes aside, I was happy not to hear of any major issues stemming from the outage. Thankfully our counties power was restored after roughly 26 hours without electricity which was significantly quicker then the original five day forecast. I think its safe to assume that all of us dealt with varying degrees of frustration during this fiasco, which is more then fair with the ridiculous lack of notice that was given. One would think that a giant corporation such as PG&E would have a contingency plan for a situation like this and could give a proper heads up, even if its just a precautionary warning. Regardless of anyone's hard feelings towards the outage, the silver lining of this situation is undeniably bright; a mandatory crash course in emergency preparedness! I'm sure everyone learned some sort of lesson from this, such as filling up on gas and ice before it's all gone or just how important a deck of cards and an adult coloring book can be. Personally, I learned that you can plug an on-demand water heater straight into a generator for a warm shower and that our gas insert fireplace was able to ignite without electricity because it has a thermopile igniter. Regardless of your experience, at least you have just that, experience. When the next disaster, or power outage strikes, you will now be better prepared, and will be able to make quicker decisions saving you valuable time.
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