January 2021
Humidification Season Is Here!
The optimal humidity of 40-60% in a room has a decisive influence on the well-being and health of the people. A stable and controllable indoor climate is also essential for many production processes. HygroMatik provides sustainable humidification solutions for industry, commercial, culture and leisure buildings.
NEW! FlexLine Plus & Process
For applications needing high precision constant output

FlexLine Plus & Process are designed around our heater technology to provide high precision, constant steam output for applications where humidity control directly affects the process or product.
• Control precision to +-0.5%RH
• New, Touchscreen advanced controls
• Long-life cleanable stainless steel cylinder
• Incoloy heating elements
• High precision staged SSRs
• Pressure feed fill system
• Multiple fill valves minimize boiling interruption
• Integrated drain cooling < 140°F drain water
• Powerful drain pump grinds minerals
• Integrated ModBus/BacNet options
• Electronic water level control - no floats
• Capacities from 5 lbs/hr to 114 lbs/hr
• Multiple units may be networked
Indoor air with optimum humidity.
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during this challenging time, please contact us.
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