April 1, 2022
The Hummingbird Newsletter
A Word from Our President
"Spring brings us a boost of fresh air, warmer weather, and a better mood"
Spring is the season during which the natural world revives and reinvigorates after the colder winter months. During spring, dormant plants begin to grow again, new seedlings sprout out of the ground and hibernating animals awake. It is considered an awaking or rebirth. Many fun things happen during the spring season.
Springtime flowers begin to bloom, days start to get longer, the temperatures start to rise. It’s the time of year when people get to enjoy outside and do fun activities again especially after a long and harsh winter. Spring is one of the four Earth seasons; it goes after winter and foreshadows summer. During this time of the year, days become longer and warmer with better weather.
Spring season means more outdoors activities such as walking, jogging, and spending time outside enjoying nature. Spring is the time of the year for meditation, forgetting about worries, clearing your mind, and concentrating on the beauty and the sounds of nature.
Spring in many countries with a strong Christian tradition is marked by Easter, which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and his triumph over physical death. Easter this year will be celebrated on Sunday, April 17, 2022.

Trinidad & Tobago Association of GA (TnTGA) will be having our spring fundraiser "Pound Cake Sale" on Saturday, April 16. Please place your orders early.

Thanks for your continued support to the organization
Introducing our new PRO 
I am introducing myself as the new PRO of the Trinidad and Tobago Association of Georgia. I am Wendolyn Venus Llanos. I was born in Point Fortin Trinidad, spent some time in Diego Martin, and attended Girls RC school. I then relocated to Point Fortin where I spent the best years growing up. I can vividly remember climbing trees like the boys, walking on the oil pipelines cutting school with friends to go pick mangoes and other fruits. I left Trinidad for the USA in October 1972 where I spent my teenage years through adulthood in New Jersey. I worked at UMDNJ in Newark for 32 plus years up until my retirement in October 2014. I then moved to Lithonia GA where I am currently residing and keeping myself very busy by volunteering in several clubs and organizations. It's a pleasure working with such exceptional groups of associates. I intend to work very hard to make this organization very successful.
February: Black History Month
Caribbean Nations Featured on FOX 5 News

Each year, February is proclaimed as Black History Month. TnTGA was among the associations featured by the Caribbean Association of Georgia as they kicked off Black History Month. Click on the picture to view the short documentary on how the Caribbean contributed to black history.
March: Women's History Month
Featuring Ms. Hazel Scott
(June 11, 1920 - October 2, 1981)
Hazel Dorothy Scott was a Trinidad born American jazz and classical pianist, singer and actress. She was a critically acclaimed performing artist and an outspoken critic of racial discrimination and segregation.
Ms. Scott used her influence to improve the representation of black Americans in film.
Born in Port of Spain, she moved to New York City with her mother at the age of four years. Miss Scott was a child musical prodigy receiving scholarships to study at Juilliard School when she was eight years. In her teens she performed in a jazz band and was also featured on the radio.
She was prominent as a jazz singer throughout 1930s and 1940s. In the 1950s she became the first black American to host her own TV show ‘The Hazel Scott Show’ . Her career in America faltered after she testified before the house Un-American activities committee in 1950 during the McCarthy era. Ms. Scott subsequently moved to Paris in 1957 and began performing throughout Europe not returning to the United States until 1967. Click here to read more about Ms. Hazel Scott
Birthdays for January, February, March
Armin Noel, Allan Nottingham, Annette Sandy, Patricia Hamilton
Wendolyn Llanos, Wendy Jobity, Ashaki Sharpe, Hazel Mitchell
Bryce Bonaparte, Cyril Aman, Josephine Wilson     
Senior Nugget
When doubt comes to visit, don't give him his own room. Make doubt a spectator not a participator in your life.
Corn Soup Saturday was a success
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Pound Cake - April 16