July 1, 2023
The Hummingbird Newsletter
A Word From Our President
Summer is Here!
Summer is here and we are exposed to more sunshine, giving us a chance to soak up its natural power which produces vitamin D. This vitamin helps boost our moods and can be incredibly beneficial for our health. While some foods can help keep our levels up, there is nothing that quite compares with the sun’s warmth on skin. 
However, summer does come with some drawbacks as well – higher temperatures make it harder for the body to maintain an internal balance causing fatigue in many people. Despite this though, most people still associate this time of the year with fun due to school holidays or office breaks; light clothing such as shorts or dresses become popular choices during these months so people don’t overheat while they enjoy outdoor activities like picnics or beach visits.
Additionally, fruits such as mangoes and pineapples ripen during this season making them great additions for any meal plan.
The summer brings brighter and longer days, which exposes the beauty of nature; the grass is green and flowers are in bloom. I hope that everyone finds a rewarding balance between work and leisure. Let the summer be a time for reflection, renewal and giving thanks.
All-in-all summer presents itself as a beautiful time of year where you get ample opportunity not only take advantage of all its nutritional benefits but also have plenty of fun experiences outdoors that will last long after the season has ended.
Blessings to the families, members and friends of TnTGA
Featured Trinbagonians
Leah Francois
Young Film Maker
Leah graduated Summa Cum Laude from The University of Alabama with a 4.0 GPA.
Leah currently attends the University of Georgia for her master’s in fine arts. She also writes, produces, and directs movies.

Leah prides herself on being a Disney expert. Her hobbies include watching Marvel and Disney movies, acting, singing, and dancing. Moreover, she enjoys stage management and acting in theatre. Her long term goal is to own a production company and work with Disney on a movie.

Leah has written and directed a short film entitled Perspective.
Perspective is about an interracial relationship. A loving couple moves into a neighborhood. The wife experiences mistreatment and it takes a toll on her. The husband does not see how distressed the wife becomes until she reaches her breaking point. The couple must learn to stand together with their love in order to surpass this mistreatment.
Leah is the daughter of Skeeter-Jo Francois, Trinbagonian Immigration attorney serving Atlanta and the greater GA community.
Congratulations to this Mother / Daughter Dynamic Duo
Follow the link or click on the picture to watch Perspective
Deante Taylor and Tyrone Smith
T&T Scholars at Howard University Attain Highest GPAs
After receiving the best grades possible in their computer science coursework, two T&T students graduated at the top of Howard University’s College of Engineering and Architecture.
Deante Taylor, 23, and Tyrone Smith, 22, now have positions as software engineers at tech behemoths Amazon and Google, respectively, thanks to their accomplishments. They are currently working on a “pipeline” initiative that will assist other T&T citizens in obtaining internships in the US.
At the graduation ceremony held in Washington, DC, the two young men were presented with diplomas alongside US President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley.
Taylor shared, “Essentially at Howard, the highest grade point average (GPA) you can have is a 4.0 which is essentially a perfect GPA, and Tyrone and I both achieved this grade.”
In addition to pursuing their professional goals, they intend to further the “pipeline” initiative, which has already sent five students and their families to the US for internships, in the hopes that it would open up additional chances for other T&T nationals.
Article courtesy of The New York Carib News click here to continue reading.
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To everyone who Supported our Family Fun Day and May Fish Fry

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Senior Nuggets
*A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader. A great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves *
-Eleanor Roosevelt-

*A leader sees greatness in other people. He nor she can have much of a leader
if all she sees is herself*
-Maya Angelou-
* A genuine leader is not in search of consensus, but a molder of consensus*
-Martin Luther King, Jr.-
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