Moving Beyond Chapter 222: A Vision for Progressive School Discipline in Massachusetts
was a success!

We are so grateful to have shared important information about the school discipline landscape in Massachusetts and possibilitiesfor future investment with  over 100 attendees representing 12 districts, students, teachers, principals, state and local administrators, and advocacy groups on October 19th at UMass Boston.

We want to tha n k our panelists and presenters, Dan Losen, Suzan Maze-Rothste in, Lind a Solomon, and Denyse Wornum for their time and wisdom,  and also extend our gratitude to Drew King of UMass Boston and Colin Jones of MassBudget.

By the end of the day it was clear that there was interest in continuing discussions in multiple ways. Please reach out if you would like to be a part of ongoing dialogue.

7th Annual Listening Project reached 
hundreds of Boston students!

This week, on October 24th, over a dozen young people and several adult allies conducted our yearly
Listening Project at train stations across Boston as part of the  Dignity in Schools' Week of Action Against School Pushout! 

This year the theme was "Education is a Human Right" and we were out informing students about our Boston Student Rights app as well as hearing from students about discipline conditions in their schools. We collected stories and surveys from hundreds of students across the district.  Over the next few weeks we will analyze the data and compile a report on what we heard.