Hunger Hike - Dining for $$ - TODAY - ALL DAY
Get Your Orange Chicken at Panda Express
  • Chauncey Hill - 138 Northwestern Avenue, West Lafayette
  • THIS Saturday, October 21
  • 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. -- ALL DAY

Show the coupon (below) and Hunger Hike gets 20%. Support Hunger Hike while you enjoy your meal at Panda Express. 

Panda Express will donate 20% of the proceeds to Hunger Hike. Show the coupon on your phone or present the coupon when you order.

Please SHARE with your friends, family & co-workers to help make our fundraiser as successful as possible. More
Great Pumpkin Patch Supports Hunger Hike
Volunteer & Hunger Hike Gets $$
Congress Street United Methodist Church has selected HUNGER HIKE as one of the benefactors of the 14th annual  Great Pumpkin Patch. Sign up to work the Pumpkin Patch (NOW - October 31) or to bake and ice Cookies (NOW - Oct. 20) — here’s how:

  • Pumpkin Patch, click HERE
  • Cookie Baking, click HERE
  • Cookie Icing, click HERE

2. ENTER “Hunger Hike” in the Comments section

3. SUBMIT , Volunteer & have fun while supporting Hunger Hike

Please sign up online TODAY — and volunteer, have fun, sell pumpkins, bake cookies, ice cookies and   help Hunger Hike.
Hunger Hike - Make a Difference TODAY
5 Ways YOU Can Still Support HUNGER HIKE
  1. Make a Donation NOW, HERE
  2. Support a Hiker or Team, HERE— then click the TEAM tab
  3. Attend the Dine for $$ Fundraising Nights (see above), view coupon sheet HERE
  4. Volunteer at the Great Pumpkin Patch, NOW - October 31 (see above), sign up HERE
  5. If you have a First Giving page -- send it out again to all of your contacts asking for more donations. HERE
Hunger Hike's Sponsoring Organizations
All Proceeds from Hunger Hike Benefit...