June 2020
Hi, there!   

The summer has started out with a lot of activity. First, America The Beautiful, a virtual art show featuring artwork from all 50 states has launched, and I am excited to have 9 artworks in the show.

To visit this show to see some beautiful art, please visit www.MaryWilliamsFineArts.com, then click on the America the Beautiful logo. You can purchase these works of art from the website.
Here are links to the pieces I have on display at America the Beautiful:
Also, two additional shows are underway as well. The Jones Gallery show located in Kansas City, MO is open for personal visitation as is the Parker County Peach Festival Art Show being held at the Doss Western Heritage & Cultural Center, located in Weatherford, TX.

Malaya Woodard and I both have two artworks in the Jones Gallery Show (see below) and I have three artworks in the Peach Festival Show.
Inquiries: Don@donwoodard.com
Hungry Bear
This bas-relief, mixed media artwork was just finished and has been sold. This piece was originally going to be a landscape scene of Boulder Creek. However, after starting it, I felt it needed more action, then a bear appeared in my head, so he became a primary subject matter. 
Then, I decided he needed to be fishing for dinner, so a salmon came out of the water… but he needed some spectators, so a fox and a marmot came to life. This was a fun piece to create because it was not pre-planned, but just happened by inspiration!
Hula-Hawaii was created to be shown at the “functional art” show, The Western Design Conference, being held in Jackson Hole, WY in September. This piece measures 42” wide and features two picture frames that can hold photos of your own Hawaiian vacation. I guess we can call this artwork a “Picture Display,” and it is all carved from one piece of wood. 
Bull Moose
Bull Moose is another functional art piece created for the Western Design Conference. This piece has been shown previously, but it was shown as a bookshelf. Now it is being shown as a “nick-nack” shelf. Obviously, you can place anything you would like on the shelves.

I am truly honored to have been selected for a six-page featured article in the Summer Edition of Cowboy Lifestyle Magazine
The article features both my artwork and information about the pack-horse trips I lead into the Rocky Mountain Wilderness. You are invited to click on this link to view and read the article. If you enjoy the western lifestyle, you are also invited to subscribe to the magazine here.
Next week, we are leaving for Whitefish, MT to participate in the Summer ArtFest Show. In addition to four small artworks that are going to be offered at a silent auction, I will be completing Mountain Retreat at the show, and it will be included in a live auction.
Below is a picture of the piece “in progress,” but when completed it will include a painted cabin, an elk, and a beautiful painted sunset.
Following is an Absentee Bid Form that you can mail or email to the show, should you be interested in purchasing any of these artworks.
The Height by Width by Depth virtual 3-D art show is also in progress, being held by the San Fernando Valley Arts & Cultural Center in California. I have three artworks in this show.
A New Feature…Riding into the Wilderness
After many people have shown an interest in and curiosity about taking pack-horse trips into the Rocky Mountain Wilderness, in future issues of our newsletter, I will be showing pictures from past rides.
Should you want to take a horse ride into some of these areas, you can contact Dan Schwartz at Ripple Creek Lodge (www.ripplecreeklodge.com). He offers a variety of rides, as well as the Flat Tops 40, a four-day, 40-mile ride, where you camp at a different location each night.

Dan and I put this ride together after discussing some of my favorite locations in the Flat Tops Wilderness. This is a real western adventure!! If I'm available, I may join you on the ride.
This photo of Trappers Lake, located within the Flat Tops Wilderness, was taken by Dennis Bennett. Many of my artworks have been inspired by photos taken by Dennis. He has also participated in a number of our pack-horse trips.
Rocky Mountain Barn and Swimming Hole, both artworks being shown at the Doss Western Heritage & Cultural Center, were inspired from photos taken by Dennis, as well as Christopher’s Eagle, being displayed in the Jones Gallery Show.  

Dennis is also one of our featured artists in our gallery and you are invited to visit both our website at www.DonWoodard.com as well as our gallery* to see more of Dennis’ work.

*Don Woodard Artworks & Gallery, 12712 Lowell Blvd, Broomfield, CO 80020
That’s it for now. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon.