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Welcome to our latest newsletter. Harvest is underway! As exciting a time this is in our Pennsylvania orchard, what's even better is the chance to eat sweet, crisp, juicy, fresh Asian Pears everyday! Hungry yet?

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September 2015

A new pear in town. 

 AnaSan New Asian Pear
Harvest is an exciting time at Subarashii, a multitude of Asian Pear varieties are ripening at different times. Each week brings another variety of pear - there is always something new welcoming each day.

Our season always starts with the yellow Asaju, one of our patented varieties of pears.  Presently we are picking JunoSan, another of our delicious patented pears. JunoSan is sweeter (hint of kiwi flavor) and is a wonderful autumn orange color; often looks like a mini-pumpkin!

But Harvest 2015 is extra special at Subarashii, we are welcoming our newest variety of Asian Pear to the Subarashii line-up: AnaSan.
Beautiful orange-brown skin, distinctive sturdy stem...this very dramatic looking pear tastes a bit like spiced melon with the gentle aroma of new rain and country grasses.  We are just starting to harvest our new pear.

AnaSan will be available for purchase very soon.  Can't wait? Email us to be the first to be notified when AnaSan is ready for shipping.

Harvest Special. 

Harvest Special gift box
Further celebration is at hand this Fall season!
Special harvest price of $39.95 for our Team Builder gift box of fresh Asian Pears.

This box features eighteen smaller Subarashii fresh Asian Pears; nine pounds of fresh fruit. All packed in our classic gift box.

Regularly $45.95; we are offering Team Builder as a terrific Fall season value for the family or as a healthful gift to share around the office.

We'll pack 'fruit du jour' when you select our regular Team Builder gift offering; or select your favorite variety of Asian Pear in the Team Builder gift size. Shop Now!

Fall Fashion. 

Fall is all about new things and new flavors. To keep in step with the season, we have more delicious tidbits to share.

Many of you are waiting for our Exclusive Variety Collection to become available. In the meantime, we thought it would be terrific to offer another Asian Pear assortment gift box: the Subarashii Sampler.

This sampler gift box will contain 3 to 4 varieties of our fresh Asian Pears. Each pear will be hand-labeled, identifying its variety. Gift boxes will weigh nine pounds (fruit weight) you'll have the option include 9, or 12 or 18 pears per box. This is a wonderful new gift box, ideal for the pear enthusiast as well as your favorite foodie or wine lover. Buy a box for yourself and one for the office.  Free ground shipping, use promo code: manypears

(Pictured: Subarashii Sampler, nine pounds with nine pieces of fruit).

  BahnMi with Asian Pear      
Wonderful Wrap
Recently we led Chef Garces and Fair Food Philly on an industry tour of our farm. Part of the visit included experiencing our array of pear varieties.  

Our team also shared a wonderful new lunchtime wrap, Lehigh Valley Bahn Mi, made with our fresh Asian Pears. A colorful combo of pears, lightly pickled local fresh veggies, local cheese, cilantro and yes, local liverwurst! Filling and refreshing, all in one.
Click here to download how to make this wonderful wrap from Chef Terry.

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Eastern Pennsylvania