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Monday, April 27, 2020

In observance of Administrative Professionals Day on Wednesday, 4/22, HCMS administrators and teachers showered our wonderful Professional Support Staff team with emails of gratitude and thanks for all they do. The team has provided us with tremendous support throughout this school year and their phenomenal support continues with the online Distance Learning.

I am glad that an opportunity to shower our HCMS teachers with emails of gratitude and thanks is coming up from May 4th through May 8th which marks National Teacher Appreciation Week 2020.  
" A word of appreciation often can accomplish what nothing else could accomplish."  ~ B C Forbes, journalist and founder of Forbes magazine

In recognition of National Library Week, I dedicated a part of this edition of our newsletter to recognize Mrs. Moye for her creativity, tireless efforts and solid commitment to spread the love of reading and literacy to all of our HCMS family.

Please help us stay connected and manage your time wisely! Two best practices of online distance learning are to stay connected by keeping the lines of daily communication open and to have a daily schedule to follow. We are providing below valuable information on the communication channels as well as a recommended daily schedule to follow.  We hope that you find these two resources helpful.

Thank you for your continued support. Please stay safe and healthy.

In Eagle Pride,
Principal Moukaddam
Hunter's Creek Middle School

Pictured very top: A shark expert guest speaker meets with Ms. Renuart's 8th grade students.

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Eagle Reminders About Staying Connected

National Library Week Recognition by Principal Moukaddam
As National Library Week wraps up, I wanted to celebrate our Hunter's Creek Middle School Teacher-Librarian (as she would like her title to be rather than a Media Specialist), Kellee Moye. Mrs. Moye utilizes the HCMS Library as a true extension of literacy in the learning environment.  It is a social hub that readily attracts the diverse interests of middle school students; whether it's incorporating your love of chess to your love of LEGO or your love of nonfiction or novels, this teacher-librarian not only has an area for you to develop your interests but can readily recommend a book that would complement these interests as well. Mrs. Moye has a wealth of knowledge regarding upcoming books, authors, and ways to increase literacy skills in the classroom.

In addition to running the library, Kellee Moye also teaches a group of Student Literacy Leaders that have obtained over seven thousand dollars in grants geared toward literacy and kindness.  These are true student leaders who collaboratively discuss how to increase literacy and the love of reading on campus and how to spread kindness around our school.  They brainstorm and develop creative ways to attract the attention of all students. She also runs a Lunch Book Club which is run with a grant Mrs. Moye received from the county. The Lunch Book Club reads books and has authors virtually visit to allow for students to interact with many authors throughout the year.  

For the second year now, HCMS continues with the tradition of annually hosting best-selling and award-winning American authors primarily known for young adult fiction (and Mrs. Moye has already set up our author for next year as well!).  HCMS students, staff, parents and the community had an amazing Neal Shusterman day on Thursday, March 5th. Driven by her passion, love for reading and spreading school-wide and family literacy, HCMS Superstar Teacher-Librarian, Ms. Kellee Moye, led this major literacy initiative and made it happen. The day included three grade-level assemblies, a writers' workshop with the author, and a signing after school.

In preparation for the author's visit, Mrs. Moye and HCMS literacy teachers made it their goal that each of our students reads at least one of Mr. Shusterman's novels. Some of our students exceeded the goal reading multiple books and were invited to the writers' workshop. What an awesome way to spread the love for reading! The incredible excitement amongst our Eagles was highly visible during the interactive grade level author assemblies and the quick writers' workshop as students had the opportunity to interact with the "Real Life Author."

If anyone has met Mrs. Moye, you know that she is all in and will do anything to help our students and school be successful. This has been made clear during Distance Learning as Mrs. Moye jumped in to help with so many different tasks. She has continued doing the weekly Canvas Dashboard Announcements to keep students and parents in the know, she created a Frequently Asked Document for students, she is completing weekly memos that literacy teachers share, and she is even working on getting multiple authors to come virtually visit our students in May.  

Mrs. Moye is truly focused on increasing literacy and creating and developing a passion for reading in all students at HCMS, and she is definitely someone that we can all count on to help in any way she can.

Recommended Daily Schedule
Distance learning can be a struggle for some, so here is a recommended daily schedule to help keep you/your student on track. And remember that you/students must sign in to EVERY CLASS, EVERY DAY (Monday - Friday) in Canvas. Also, be sure to check your EMAIL/INBOX and read new ANNOUNCEMENTS when posted.

** Want a Word Document or Google Doc of the schedule, so you can edit to fit your classes? It can be viewed and downloaded or copied here:


(to access, students must be logged in under their @students.ocps.net Google account)

But also remember to be eye wise:


Sometimes students get caught up in learning and forget to step away. When learning online, the American Optometric Association and the American Academy of Ophthalmology say it is important that students plan to look away from the screen every 20 minutes for at least 20 seconds. Guess what! There is an app for that! Try one of these chrome extensions to encourage healthy breaks and reduce eye strain:

Reminders / Hunter's Creek Social Media 

Through the end of the school year: Digital/Distance Learning
Weekly: Spirit Week  
Grab-and-Go Meals

Social Media Updated Continuously:
Please follow HCMS's social media for up to date information about upcoming events as things are changing often.

Students of the Week! 

As we move to distance learning, we want to highlight as many students each week for their successes as we can, so we'll be changing up our Students of the Week to include all nominees from teachers:
  • Jeriel Guadelupe: Jeriel has excelled with the transition to distance learning. He is taking initiative to fully comprehend our Math concepts and completing all of his work. His test corrections were very thorough and he demonstrated that he learned from his errors. I am extremely proud of Jeriel! -Ms. Daniel
  • Ana Rodriguez: Ana is a hard working student who goes above and beyond to accomplish the task. -Mr. Jn-Baptiste
  • Miguel Figueroa: Miguel has shown an impressive amount of effort over the last few weeks of digital learning! He has attended all available BBB sessions for extra help on his assignments, isn't afraid to ask questions when he is confused, and has been trying to help others understand as well. I am proud of his hard work and dedication to learning :) -Ms. DeLuca
  • Edgar Vargas: With distance learning he has really worked hard and has raised his grade to an A. -Ms. Amell
  • Addey Shubert: She comes to our conferences willing to talk out and share, completes activities with creativity and enthusiasm, and is a student that makes distance teaching more fun! - Ms. Davis
  • Valentina Morales Stakun: Valentina has been doing an amazing job with distance/digital learning. She is so hardworking, so responsible, and she is always communicating with her teachers to make sure all of her assignments are completed. And, she gives full effort on all of these assignments so she can get the best grade possible. So proud of her! Keep up the great work, Valentina! - Ms. Chacon
  • Malachi Riley: I am nominating Malachi for working hard on his assignments and completing all of his work during distance learning. He has put a lot of effort into making sure his answers are correct and everything is turned in. - Ms. Spilker
  • Ronit Apsingekar: Ronit has been working on all of his assigned work and managing his time wisely. In addition, he always attends and participates in our BBB conferences. Great job! - Ms. Renuart
  • Minaya N Amarasekera: Minaya is nominated for her amazing work ethic! She has done so well with the transition of distance learning. She makes sure to attend the weekly online office hours, completes work on time, and performs above her expectations. Keep up the great work and we all miss you at HCMS! - Ms. Lebron
  • Santiago Perez: He has improved in Science so much this quarter. Each quarter he has improved from the previous. -Ms. Ellis
  • Nola Tomi: I am excited to nominate Nola for Student of the Week! She has been doing awesome during Distance Learning! She keeps up with her assignments, checks into BBB when she has questions and rocked our Angle Relationships Test! I miss seeing her in the classroom but am so proud of how well she is working from home! -Ms. Pratt
  • Sharanya Chatterjee: I want to give a shout out to Sharanya for many reasons. Sharanya is at all of our FPS and Book Club meetings and is always reaching out for help or with questions. I also wanted to honor Sharanya because I am so sad that many of the next levels of the competitions she won are cancelled. Sharanya was our school's oration, geography bee, and spelling bee champion, yet all three competitions at the district or regional or even national level have been cancelled. As an 8th grader she will not be able to take part in the future, so I wanted to make sure to tell her just how proud I am of her. She is an exceptional student and all around person. -Ms. Moye

National Library Week 

We are so lucky to have a thriving library at HCMS; it is the hub of our school, and we are happy to celebrate it!

Last week, HCMS and Mrs. Moye (Instagram: @mrsmoyereads) celebrated National Library Week on social media!

Currently Reading
Since we can't be in our school library, we're celebrating by reading at home. 

Helpful Resources
There is now a page on our website specifically for Distance Learning Help Resources! 

If students have questions during this time that do not pertain to one specific class, they can fill out the #VirtualHCMS Questions form: https://forms.gle/kXNjG7to7r2GRCLQ8

Then all of the questions and answers are being compiled in a FAQ document: https://tinyurl.com/r9hnmn5

(to access, students must be logged in under their @students.ocps.net Google account)

Mrs. Moye's Memo: Week Four
Through Literacy classes (language arts and reading) students are receiving Mrs. Moye's Memos which each include useful information.

This week's memos also include the exciting announcement of our author for next year!!!

The fourth week can be accessed at:
Note: Google Drive must be logged in with students' @students.ocps.net addresses to access.

HCMS SSYRA Winners!     

The voting for the Sunshine State Young Reader Award closed last week, and while we await the state's winner (May 1st), we are happy to share the 2019-2020 SSYRA Winners for HCMS:

Happy Administrative Professionals' Day!
April 22nd was Administrative Professionals Day, so thank you to all of our office staff for everything you do for our school! 


If students have questions during this time that do not pertain to one specific class, they can fill out the #VirtualHCMS Questions form:

Then all of the questions and answers are being compiled in a FAQ document: https://tinyurl.com/r9hnmn5

(to access, students must be logged in under their @students.ocps.net Google account)

Examples of Eagles Distance Learning (Part I) 
We are four weeks into distance learning which means we're three week into our #virtualHCMS Spirit Weeks! Let's celebrate all of the fun days and amazing participation:  

Ms. Rokaw's 7th Grade ELA Students' Passion Projects
Completed during the first month of distance learning, Ms. Rokaw's student's passion projects show the depths of curiosity her students have for the possibility of learning, regardless of classroom walls. In addition to the projects, students created an essay sharing their research.

All of the projects can be viewed at: https://padlet.com/shannon_rokaw/o8i4rvavi6tqo9u1

The goal of passion projects was to practice what we have learned throughout the year by researching and presenting on a project that made students feel passionate; something that they cared about. By doing so, students were able to apply ELA standards to their real-world futures by discovering new things they wanted to learn and then finding all the things they could find. Finally, they took their learning and created a presentation meant to teach their topic to others.

Maya Dass

Brody Swalin

Kumar Chakraborty

Angelica Gonzalez-Nunez

Jacob Kesten

Examples of Eagle Distance Learning (Part II) 

Text-Dependent Reading Check Ins with Ms. Cole's 8th Grade Language Arts Students

One of Ms. Cole's priorities is keeping her kids reading, so her weekly assignments often include students using their own novel to ask text-dependent questions. These responses are students' writing journal entries as a character in their novel:

Alex Zhang

Enrico Lisboa

Please click here to see additional student work from Ms. Cole's 8th grade class

Examples of Eagle Distance Learning (Part III) 

Gamification: Quizlet Live and Gimkit to study electricity vocabulary in Ms. Renuart's Class


Mr. Johnson is Keeping in Touch with his 6th grade students through BBB sessions

* And in this session, Jeyson brought his younger brother to the chat also!

Spirit Week Highlights! 
"Rainbow Week" 

Time to celebrate all of the fun days and amazing participation from the third spirit week: Rainbow Week!

**All images shared on our social media; these are a few highlights **

Day 1: Red Day
Ms. Davis; BBB with Ms. Moye, Ms. Armstrong, Maria Segovia (7th), Melanie Sanchez (8th), & Morgan McCarthy (8th); Sharanya Chatterjee (8th); Ms. Rokaw; Ms. Lebron; Mr. Solomons; Layla Turkmany (6th); Ms. Nicosia

Day 2: Orange & Yellow Day
Gladys Dagatan (7th), Ms. Griggs, Minaya Amareasekera (7th), Hector DeLuca, Aline Miranda (8th), Lizzie Sanderson (8th) & her puppy, Abner Valencia (6th), Erica Blue (7th), Ms. Rasmussen & her puppy

Day 3: Green Day
Katie Schisca (6th), Ms. Armstrong, Ms. Davis, Ms. Swain, Ms. Renuart, Ms. Shah

Day 4: Blue & Indigo/Violet Day
Ms. Chacon & Ollie, Ms. Moye & Trent, Ms. Daniels, Ms. Frontanez, Eva Schisca (6th), Samuel Torres Montoya (7th), and Joley with Max & Jazzy

Day 5: Rainbow Day
Ms. Whitmore, Isabella Castro, Ms. Rebellodo, Leah Liu, Ms. Quiles

OCPS Chess 
Online tournament begins on LaunchPad May 4th!

Did you know that OCPS hosts district Chess Tournaments through Chess Kids on LaunchPad? The May tournament will begin on May 4th!

No Wi-Fi? 

The following local Internet Service Providers have taken the Keep America Connected Pledge and are offering low and no cost services during school closures for new customers.

AT&T- https://about.att.com/pages/COVID-19.html

Source: Statista

Stronger Than COVID-19 Community Action Survey

The Florida Department of Health (FDH) is requesting your assistance with the distribution of a survey to students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community members.

As Florida continues to work to fight the spread of COVID-19, the FDH launched a new survey, Stronger Than COVID-19 Community Action Survey. This survey is intended for Florida residents to anonymously answer a brief series of questions which the Department will use to help inform and improve the state's response to COVID-19.

The survey can be accessed at https://www.strongerthanc19.com/start

This study was approved by the Research and Evaluation (R&E) department. Please visit the Current Research in OCPS spreadsheet on the IMS site to find information regarding approved research requests. If you have any questions about this spreadsheet, please contact R&E at research@ocps.net or by calling Dr. Xiaogeng Sun at 407.317.3200, extension 200-4730.

You may also contact the Florida Department of Health at 1-(866) 779-6121 or COVID-19@flhealth.gov for any specific questions about the survey.

Leadership Team

* Principal: Joumana Moukaddam joumana.moukaddam@ocps.net
* Assistant Principal: Liesl Hernandez liesl.hernandez@ocps.net
* Assistant Principal: Jessica Swain jessica.swain@ocps.net
* 8th Grade Administrative Dean: Shedrick Copeland shedrick.copeland@ocps.net  
* 8th Grade Counselor: Kelly Armstrong kelly.armstrong@ocps.net
* 7th Grade Administrative Dean: Joquetta Carter joquetta.carter@ocps.net
* 7th Grade Counselor: Sejal Shah sejal.shah@ocps.net
* 6th Grade Administrative Dean: Dominic Golia dominic.golia@ocps.net
* 6th Grade Counselor: Joel Anderson joel.anderson@ocps.net
* Librarian: Kellee Moye kellee.moye@ocps.net


This communication may contain information that is legally privileged, confidential or exempt from disclosure, and intended only for the use of the addressee(s) named above.  If you are not the intended recipient, please note that any dissemination, distribution, or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. Anyone who receives this message in error should notify the sender immediately by telephone or by return e-mail, and delete the message from their computer and any printout thereof.  Please note that OCPS utilizes spam and junk e-mail filtration applications in its e-mail systems.  That filtering process may prevent or delay delivery of certain e-mail communications. If you do not receive a timely response to an e-mail communication, please contact the intended recipient by phone.

Copyright Notice 
Reproduction of this material, either written or electronically, including the general layout, graphics, analyses, and content topics without the express approval of Target Performance Systems, Inc., a Florida corporation, and OCPS - Hunter's Creek Middle School is forbidden without written consent.  Thank you for your support of the Orange County Public Schools and especially Hunter's Creek Middle School. Please contact Ms. Joumana Moukaddam (principal) at  37895@ocps.net with any questions.  
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