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Monday, May 18, 2020

Congratulations parents! You have accomplished great success as a first year homeschool teacher. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your amazing children's lives and education (Traditional and Online Distance Learning). Students! Finish the year strong by doing your school work and turning it in on time. Honor your parents and follow their advice for only they will give you unconditional love.

As we close out the year, we have scheduled student end of year items drive-thru drop off and pick up days. We will be collecting all school-owned items except for digital devices. Our returning 6th and 7th graders will bring their devices back at the start of school in August. Eighth graders will keep them to use at the high school. Please make sure that you closely read the detailed information included below.

We can't wait to see you on your scheduled day. Have a wonderful week!

Your Proud Principal,

Joumana Moukaddam

Hunter's Creek Middle School

Pictured very top: An Earth Day project by Bevin Fernando where he used recyclables and kitchen scraps to make hanging plants.

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Dropping off and Retrieving Items

Student End of Year Drop Off & Pick Up Information  
It is time to drop off any school items that need to be dropped off: 
  • Library Books
  • Classroom Library Books
  • School-Owned Instruments
  • Ceiling Tiles
  • Musician Uniforms (clean)
  • Anything else owed to the school
All items dropped off should be put in bags and labeled with student name and ID#  
You will also be able to pick up items: 
  • Items from P.E. Locker
  • Items from Band Locker
Sixth Grade 
Seventh Grade 
Eighth Grade 
May 18th 9am-12pm
Student's Last Name A-De
May 18th 1pm-3pm
Student's Last Name Di-Lo
May 19th 9am-12pm
Student's Last Name Lu-Ri
May 19th 1pm-3pm
Student's Last Name Ro-Z 
May 26th 9am-12pm
Student's Last Name A-C
May 26th 1pm-3pm
Student's Last Name D-I
May 27th 9am-12pm
Student's Last Name J-O
May 27th 1pm-3pm
Student's Last Name P-Z

May 20th 9am-12pm
Student's Last Names A-Cha
May 20th 1pm-3pm
Student's Last Name Che-Ge
May 21st 9am-12pm
Student's Last Name Gi-Lu
May 21st 1pm-3pm
Student's Last Name Ma-Pa
May 22nd 9am-12pm
Student's Last Name Pe-Ru
May 22nd 1pm-3pm
Student's Last Name Sa-Z 
Additional Information:
  • Students returning to an OCPS school (HCMS, FHS, etc.) will be keeping their device over the summer.
  • Please follow directions of staff when directing you.
  • Item exchange will not be hand-to-hand; we will have a No-Touch table set up.
  • Signatures will be required for all dropped off and picked up items.
  • No contact between students and faculty/staff will be allowed.
  • Please wear masks, if able.
  • Have students in two different grade levels? Then you may attend only one day.
  • The stations will be available in the bus loop. Here is the map of the drive route. Please note, there is a walk/bike station as well.

Not sure of what library books you owe? Visit https://bit.ly/2Z2UgM7 to see how to check for checked out books and any fines you may owe.
(Must be logged in with @students.ocps.net email to access)

Please note: This does not include picking up yearbooks. Yearbooks will be delivered over the summer as their printing was delayed during the warehouse's state shutdown. When yearbooks arrive, further communication will be sent.

Can you not make your student's assigned date/time?
Please complete: https://bit.ly/2WTXheV
Important Reminders and Announcements

May 29th from 4-7pm: Evening of Champions Drive Thru

Through the end of the school year: Digital/Distance Learning

May 27th: All work for the 4th quarter is due

Please follow HCMS's social media for up to date information:


Summer Reading

Students of the Week! 

As we move further into distance learning, we want to highlight as many students each week for their successes as we can, so we'll be changing up our students of the week to include all nominees from teachers:
  • Sydney Reynolds: I nominate Sydney Reynolds because she has demonstrated determination during distance learning. She has transitioned well and works diligently to learn new concepts. I am so proud of you, Sydney. Keep up the great work! -Ms. Daniels
  • Maria (Duda) Vannucchi Guedes: Duda is such an awesome student and a wonderful person. Each day Duda enters my science classroom, she shares a smile and a joke with me and her friends. She is unique with her styles and is not afraid of being herself. I appreciate her leadership during laboratory experiments. She is one of my science scholars and I will miss her as she moves on to high school. -Mr. Baptiste
  • Cooper Stutler, Sachit Rajkumar, Lucas Fernandez, Kirollous Habib, Addelyn Shubert, and Kyan Khong: These students did a phenomenal job at presenting the Human Body Systems Project! -Ms. Frontanez
  • Shanelle Han: Shanelle has a great attitude and is a hard worker. -Ms. Garcia
  • Sofie Wluka: Sophie has been going above and beyond since the school year started, and she has not let digital/distance learning change that. Sophie has continued to give her classes 100% effort and I am so proud of her performance and growth this school year. Keep it up, Sophie! -Ms. Chacon
  • Ian McCormick: Ian is extremely involved in the DIGITAL LEARNING process. He completes all of his assignments and goes above and beyond to make sure they are correct. He recently completed an EXTRA PROJECT where students had to Video themselves performing one of the pieces of music we were planning to perform for our Spring Concert. He also had to DRESS UP in in Concert Uniform and play for an audience (family at home) He did an OUTSTANDING JOB and continues to push himself. -Ms. Berry
  • Gabriel De Almeida: Gabriel is new to HCMS this quarter. I have not met him because of distance learning, but he has shown to be a great student. His work shows terrific effort and he is good about asking for help if he has questions or concerns. -Ms. Maluchnik
  • Luis Fonseca: Most Improved in Civics(Q4) -Ms. Shah
  • Anna Beatriz Ramos Frizera: She has been really diligent about reaching out with any questions and is always striving to make sure that her work and submissions are the best that they can be! -Ms. Davis
  • Layla Turkmany: Layla has been a great student all year. She takes responsibility for completing her work, asking questions and even helping other students. She has completed all of her assignments during distance learning and emails with any questions. She is very kind and a wonderful student overall. -Ms. Spilker
  • Sofia Rodiguez: I am nominating Sofia for student of the month because she has put in an incredible amount of hard work and effort this quarter! She has stayed on top of her grades by always trying her best on each assignment, reaching out to me when she needs help, and attending almost every BBB conference I have had available. She has also maintained a positive, cheerful, and friendly attitude which manages to brightens my day even while we are only working online. She truly is showing what it means to be an HCMS Eagle by soaring to greatness! -Ms. DeLuca
Teacher of the Month: March

Congratulations to Ms. Shelley Daniels, high school math teacher, for being the HCMS March Teacher of the Month!
Here are some of the amazing things said about Ms. Daniels by her students:
  • I am nominating Mrs. Daniels because she is kind and funny. She also helps a lot and I enjoy going to her class. She makes Algebra fun.
  • She's such a great teacher, always makes sure her students know what to do and how to do it, she's the best teacher ever.
  • Mrs. Daniels makes learning geometry fun and exciting.
  • She helps me with math. When I have a family issue I tell her and she helps me out with that. And she cares for everyone and thinks that everyone should get a great future.
  • She is epic.
Ms. Daniels, Mathematics, March 2020 Teacher of the Month
Teacher of the Month: April

Congratulations to Ms. Shannon Rokaw, 7th grade language arts teacher, for being our HCMS April Teacher of the Month!

Here are some of the awesome things said about Ms. Rokaw by her students:
  • This teacher is nice and extremely hard working for us doing everything she can to make Digital Learning easier for us students.
  • Through distance learning, Ms. Rokaw is holding her conferences daily to allow us to ask questions and make sure we understand everything. She is doing an AMAZING job giving me an in-class experience and understanding of the project we are doing. She is also holding private conferences so we have 1 on 1 time with her so we can privately ask questions. She is making sure that we will succeed at the highest we can. She is giving us so much advice on how to stay active and do well. She is a very deep teacher that loves to be a part of our lives. She is the best in the school :)
  • I am nominating this teacher for teacher of the month award because she is not only a great teacher but she is just a great person in general. Even in these difficult times she still cares for her students the same, maybe even more. Not only does she not care about our grades but she cares about us in general. She makes learning fun and easy for everyone and understands that you go through stuff so if you have to turn it in a little late that is fine with her because she knows that everyone goes through things. She is probably my favorite teacher and she is one of the best teachers in my eyes.
Ms. Rokaw, ELA 7th Grade,
April 2020 Teacher of the Month
Support Person of the Month: March/April

Congratulations to Kim Drake, PASS and MTSS, for being the HCMS March/April Support Person of the Month!

Here are some of the kind things said about Ms. Drake by students and peers:
  • It's almost the end of the school year and seeing how we aren't going back to school... I'm nominating Mrs. Drake because she has been there for me since 6th grade and I can't imagine walking into school and not seeing Mrs. Drake standing there and saying hi to students even if they don't say hi back and wishing them a great day. I'm going to miss Mrs. Drake next year and I hope she knows what an impact she has made on my life. So if this little reason is shown to her... (this is from me to Mrs. Drake) Thank You!
  • Ms. Drake has been working hard on keeping our course recovery students on track during distance learning. Her contact with parents and the detailed spreadsheet she updates regularly has been instrumental in keeping these udents on track. She is wonderful!
  • Because she is great with advice.
  • I nominate Ms. Drake because Ms. Drake is nice and caring to everybody and if you're feeling down she would make you smile and make you happy. She is always there for me and my friends and she is the best.
Ms. Drake, PASS and MTSS, Support Person of the Month for March & April 2020
Mrs. Moye's Memo: Week Seven
Mrs. Moye's Memos come out weekly and include important and interesting information for the whole school!

Week seven's memos include: Harry Potter at Home, Access to free ebooks, Nearpod Trips, 16 Personalities, Jason Reynolds Video Series

The seventh week can be accessed at: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1mFKnQ7aS5BifniRZk7adrhNVLO4hK0cv8GpygjT2OhQ/edit?usp=sharing

Note: Google Drive must be logged in with students' @students.ocps.net addresses to access.

Virtual Author Talks

Ms. Moye acquired 8 authors for virtual author visits during the month of May! Since the last newsletter, 4 authors have "visited" our students!

Linsday Stoddard - https://www.lindseystoddard.com/

Jennifer Swanson - https://jenniferswansonbooks.com/
and https://solveitforkids.com/

Cyndy Etler - https://cyndyetler.com/

Chris Crutcher http://www.chriscrutcher.com/

Eighth Graders: Theater and Tech at FHS

Are you interested in Theatre I or Technical Theatre I at Freedom High School next year? If so, fill out the forms below:

Theatre Interest Form
Technical Theatre 1 Form

Attention Incoming 7th Graders!

OCPS parents of rising 7th grade students, the state of Florida requires that all students entering 7th grade must have the Tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis (Tdap) immunization. Your child MUST have this immunization in order to start the 7th grade.

We want to let you know the Florida Department of Health in Orange County is offering a special session for 7th grade students to receive their required Tdap vaccine at no charge starting May 18. To schedule an appointment please call 407.723.5004 and press 2.

For information you can visit orange.floridahealth.gov. Your child's immunization will be documented on the updated form you will need to submit to your child's school before they can attend class for the 2020-21 school year. This is also an excellent opportunity to have your child's immunization records reviewed by a health care provider to ensure your child's vaccines are up-to-date.

Cinco De Mayo Projects
Here are more wonderful student examples from the Cinco De Mayo project in Ms. Calderon's classes . . .

Christina Tewari, 7th
Jarianys Robles, 7th
Krizia Lopez, 7th

Examples of Eagles Distance Learning (Part I)

Science with Ms. Frontanez: Human Body Presentations
In Ms. Frontanez's science classes, students virtually presented about the human body. Here are some examples from her classes with presentations by Cooper Stutler, Sachit Rajkumar, Lucas Fernandes, and Addelyn Shubert.

Ms. Frontanez also wants to highlight Isaiah Morales and Sebastian Gamez from her Dual Language class because they went above and beyond by creating a model (Sebastian - top pictures) and an experiment (Isaiah - bottom pictures) about the body system that they researched.

Science with Ms. Renuart: Virtual Visitors
Ms. Renuart continued to host virtual visitors for her science students!

An aviculturist visited with her penguin friends
An animal trainer

Examples of Eagles Distance Learning (Part II) 

Harry Potter Digital Escape Room
Ms. Rokaw's students took part in a Harry Potter digital escape room and used math, science, and reading skills to make it safely back to their dorm rooms!

COVID-19 Testing Sites in Orange County
Two additional free appointment-only COVID-19 testing sites are available through a partnership between the City of Orlando. These two sites are mobile drive-thru and pedestrian-accessible.

Engelwood Neighborhood Center, 6123 La Costa Drive, Orlando 32807 on Thursday, May 14 from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Northwest Community Center, 3955 W D Judge Drive, Orlando 32808 on Tuesday, May 19 from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Find more information at

The Florida Department of Health in Orange County has openings for appointments for free testing at its sites this week. Call 407-723-5004. They have a capacity for 500 appointments per site.

Visit www.ocfl.net/coronavirus for all options for COVID-19 testing.

Leadership Team

* Principal: Joumana Moukaddam joumana.moukaddam@ocps.net
* Assistant Principal: Liesl Hernandez liesl.hernandez@ocps.net
* Assistant Principal: Jessica Swain jessica.swain@ocps.net
* 8th Grade Administrative Dean: Shedrick Copeland shedrick.copeland@ocps.net  
* 8th Grade Counselor: Kelly Armstrong kelly.armstrong@ocps.net
* 7th Grade Administrative Dean: Joquetta Carter joquetta.carter@ocps.net
* 7th Grade Counselor: Sejal Shah sejal.shah@ocps.net
* 6th Grade Administrative Dean: Dominic Golia dominic.golia@ocps.net
* 6th Grade Counselor: Joel Anderson joel.anderson@ocps.net
* Librarian: Kellee Moye kellee.moye@ocps.net


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