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Monday, October 21, 2019

It is hard to believe that the first grading period is already concluded! We have just completed the first quarter of the 2019-2020 school year. Please look for your student's report card to be issued on October 28th.

We are very proud to feature the activities of the Eagles student leadership groups at HCMS. For starters, please see the picture just above of our Latinos in Action students who tutor elementary school students twice a week. These emerging leaders act as role models to all of our students on campus. They hold themselves to the highest academic and moral standards.

Our newly elected SGA president and vice president are not wasting a minute. They have already compiled a list of innovative ideas to serve the student body and the school, and presented it to me!

HCMS National Junior Honor Society students have kicked off our annual Pennies for Patients Fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! Their goal is to raise $2,019.

HCMS is participating in Red Ribbon Week which begins October 28th to commemorate the sacrifice made by DEA Agent Enrique "Kiki" Canarena who was killed while working undercover in Mexico. This is an avenue for schools to take a stand against drugs and to commit to live drug free lives. Please see details below.

Thank you for looking over this latest edition and have a great week Eagles!

In Eagle Pride,
Joumana Moukaddam
Proud Principal  
Hunter's Creek Middle School

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Pictured very top: Our Latinos in Action students on their way to tutoring at our feeder elementary school.
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Upcoming Events
  • October 21st: SAC Meeting, 5:00 pm in the HCMS Library
  • October 22nd: ESOL Parent Class starts (pre-registration required)
  • October 23rd: Away Volleyball Game
  • October 23rd-October 31st: "BooGrams" on sale in the courtyard for $1 before school (proceeds Future Problem Solvers); delivered on 10/31
  • October 28th-November 1st: Red Ribbon Week (see section below)
  • October 28th: Report Cards distributed & PTSA 'A' Student Recognition
  • October 28th: Away Volleyball Game
  • October 29th: 6th Grade Vision Screening through Science Classes
  • October 30th: HOME Volleyball Game vs. Lake Nona, 5:00 pm
  • October 31st: Band Spooktacular for Beginning Band classes
  • October 31st: Last Day of "Pennies for Patients" Campaign (please see below)
  • November 1st: Breakfast of Champions, 8:00am
  • November 3rd: End of Daylight Savings Time (set clocks back 1 hour)
  • November 4th: Magnet HS Information Meeting for Parents 5:00 pm, HCMS Library
  • November 7th: Music Class Photos
  • November 21st: Teach-In

Eagle Students of the Week!
Andres Robles De Medina, Felix Lee, and Omar Heda

Because of the amazing amount of nominations, we have decided to switch from Student of the Month to Student of the Week!

From left: Omar, Eggbert, Felix, Andres

8th - Andres Robles De Medina
"Andres works very hard to comprehend stories/articles in class. He is always respectful and attentive during whole group discussions."

Please congratulate these three students for winning the HCMS Eagle of the Week award for their grade levels!
7th - Felix Lee
"Felix is always ready to take part in class discussions. He has great insights and he always has a smile on his face. He has a great, warm demeanor and is a phenomenal addition to my classroom!"

6th - Omar Heda
"Omar goes the extra mile each day. He attends tutoring sessions regularly, even though he understands all of our concepts. His work ethic is exemplary and his peers look to him as a leader. He sets goals for himself, academically and personally, which is one of the reasons why Omar is so successful!"


"The road of the extra mile is never crowded."
Congratulations again to our three Eagles of the Week!

Classroom Spotlights  

Sixth Grade Language Arts with Ms. Gooden - "Close Reading"
Close reading and writing in Ms. Gooden's 6th grade Language Arts class! Love the focus and annotations while looking at the positive and negative effects of caffeine.

Science with Ms. Renuart - "Classroom Without Walls"
To complete one of their science experiments, Ms. Renuart and her classes took their science into the real world!

Special Recognition 
Ms. Deocleide Britos, ESOL Paraprofessional

We would like to celebrate our very own Deocleide Britos, HCMS Portuguese ESOL Paraprofessional, for being invited to the first Focus Brasil Conference for Brazilian writers in New York City. She was hand selected to attend the conference to share her 2015 book.

Ms. Britos is the author of SARAH BRITOS: A History of Love and Faith, 2015.

* Focus Brasil's mission is to promote a positive Brazilian image and celebrate the achievements of Brazilians abroad.

HCMS Teacher-Library in The Washington Post
Congratulations to Mrs. Moye!

Please help us congratulate Mrs. Moye, HCMS published author, for her incredible accomplishment. We are so proud of Mrs. Moye, and HCMS is grateful that Kellee is a part of our family.

Driven by her passion for books and reading as well as her deep concern to make sure that every student is a reader, Mrs. Moye wrote an article with her blog partner. The Washington Post published their article titled "What's wrong with assigning books -and kids- reading levels" on Friday, October 4th.

Please follow the link below to access the full article. Happy reading!

SGA Election Results

Congratulations to our elected Student Government representatives!
  • President - Carolina Lewis
  • Vice-President - Zixuan (Tom) Chen
  • Secretary - Isabella Tompkins
  • PR Director - Isabella Alfonso
  • Treasurer - Lucas Fernandez
Teacher Features
Meet Ms. Occhipinti and Ms. Chacon as interviewed by Student Literacy Leader Farida Bedair . . .

Student Literacy Leader Farida Bedair hosts our teacher features for this newsletter with her interviews with Ms. Occhipinti, 8th grade U.S. history teacher, and Ms. Chacon, 6th grade reading teacher.
Farida with Ms. Occhipinti, U.S. history teacher. Ms. Occhipinti has also trained dogs for veterans and individuals with disabilities.
Ms. Occhipinti
Q: What inspired you to become a teacher?
A: When I was in 11th grade, I had an amazing American history teacher who made me want to learn, and I wanted to inspire other students just like my teacher inspired me.

Q: What's one thing that makes you excited about being a teacher?
A: When a student is successful. Especially when a student who struggled and then starts understanding.

Q: Can you explain your journey working for this school?
A: I started as an intern when I was 20 years old. Then after the internship, I got my first job here, and now I am in my 13th year at HCMS.

Q: What college did you attend?

Q: Tell us a fun fact about yourself?
A: I trained service dogs for veterans and individuals with disabilities.

Farida with Ms. Chacon, 6th grade reading teacher and 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year.
Ms. Chacon
Q: What inspired you to be a teacher?
A: In 4th grade, I had an amazing teacher, and I wanted to impact students just like how my teacher impacted me.

Q: Can you explain your journey working for this school?
A: I started working here my second year teaching, and I was teaching all grade levels of reading. I also was a volleyball and track coach until I had my son. Now I am in my 9th year teaching at HCMS. I was HCMS's Teacher of the Year last year.

Q: What is a word you would use to describe your journey at HCMS?
A: Impactful, and I hope I am impactful to my students.

Q: If there is something you can go back and change what would it be?
A: I believe that if something has gone wrong that means it has happened for a reason.

Q: What's your favorite book?
A: Scythe by Neal Shusterman

Red Ribbon Week
HCMS will celebrate our pledge to be drug free the week of October 28th to November 1st.

Media Center Update 

Ms. Armstrong is bringing books to life during the month of October!
Make sure your student stops by on October 22nd, 24th, and 29th to see who she brings to life next!

Eagle Super Readers
Currently we have 40 Eagle Super Readers! On our way to meeting our goal of 400 Eagle Super Readers by the end of the year!!

Congratulations to:

  • Ana Puchades
  • Ronit Apsingekar
  • Smit Gupta
  • Eva Schischa
  • Nitya Anthireddy
  • Lillian King
  • Gavin Zhong
  • Prisha Kansakar
  • Ully Tristao
  • Ashley Rini
  • Cooper Stutler
  • Addelyn Shubert
  • Gabriel Rarag
  • Katie Schischa
  • Stuthi Baskar
  • Kanak Sonje
  • Alex Colombini
  • Maryam Mikhaeil
  • Nathaniel Klaff
  • Maria Fareeduddin
  • Gabriel Mccrea
  • Masha Renggli
  • Princess St Lot
  • Sebastian Hernandez Meneses
  • Akshaya Rasakatla
  • Shreya Baskar
  • Abel Torres
  • Gabriel Mccrea
  • Celiamny Pijuan
  • Maria Segovia
  • Giovana Ribeiro
  • Qiaoqiao Wang
  • Tarunaadarsh Rajendran
  • Eliana Esaa DElgado
  • Euna Lim
  • Cooper
  • Nour Al-Ugaili
  • Brandon Lai
  • Samhita Bommineni
  • Santiago Cubillan Castilio

Hunter's Creek Vital Signs - "Reading for Pleasure"

Link to above infographic:

Performing Arts Update
Congratulations to our talented advanced fine arts classes and amazing teachers on a fantastic Fall Fine Arts Showcase on October 10th!  

Guidance Corner

Hello Eagle Family:

Welcome to the Guidance Corner! In this part of the newsletter we will be sharing news and information from the Guidance Department. Nine weeks sure goes by fast, huh? Whether you are new to Hunter's Creek Middle or are an HCMS veteran, the first few months of school can be both parts exhilarating and exhausting. New teachers, new classrooms, and new experiences await with each new year and each year we see our students grow in every way.

Throughout all grades we have been talking with students about some groups we are starting soon. These groups cover many different topics, such as coping skills for stress, anger management, family change/transition and many more.

If you believe your child would benefit from participating in a group, please let your grade level counselor know. Sometimes a student's struggles outside the classroom can impact them inside of it, and we want to ensure that any and all barriers to learning are taken down and to give the students the power to do so.
Eagle Athletics
We are extremely proud of our ELITE EIGHT Ladies Soccer Team - congratulations again!  

Volleyball practices are underway.
All upcoming games can be found on our website calendar or above in the upcoming dates.

Traffic Safety

Please remember the following safety rules:
  • All students dropped off or picked up need to be done through the car line. (Students should not be dropped off or picked up off the side of the road.)
  • When in the car line and picking up, HCMS faculty and staff will call for your student when it is their turn. Please do not yell out for your student; it causes confusion.
  • Remind your student to use crosswalks. Many students are crossing in front of Peace United which is 5 lanes without a crosswalk.

Tardy Policy Reminder
Hunter's Creek Middle School's students coming in late are required to have the parent/ guardian come to the Front Office to sign in the student(s).  

Tardies rob our students out of important instructional time. Students must be present in class for bell-to-bell instruction. Please remember that the first bell rings at 9:25 am and the late bell rings at 9:30 am.

Blue Up
Our 8th graders wearing blue for World Day of Bullying Prevention!  

Eagles Helping Others - "Pennies for Patients"  
Starting October 1st, NJHS kicked off our annual Pennies for Patients Fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! 

HCMS has set a goal of $2,019 to raise to help this cause!

Each student received an individual collection box as did every teacher. Students may bring in coins or bills to their first 1st period classes from October 1st to October 31st. The 1st period class that raises the most will win an Olive Garden pasta party at the end of the fundraiser.

Students may also donate online this year by creating an account. This information was sent home in a letter that went home with students when they received their collection boxes.

Technology Tip (Creating a Folder for each Class) 

Think of Google Drive like one of your student's binders. Just like dividers and neatness helped keep 3-ring binders organized and easy to use, Google Drive is easier to use when it is organized.

Ask your student:
* Do you have a folder for each of your classes?
~ If not, advise them to make a folder for each class the move all work for that class into that folder. This allows them to find things easier.

Monday's Motivational Moment! 


Walt Disney was once asked, "How does it feel to be a celebrity?" This was his answer:

"It feels fine when it helps me to get a good seat for a football game. But it never helped me to make a good film, or a good shot in a polo game, or secure the obedience of my daughter. It doesn't even to seem to keep fleas off our dogs - and if being a celebrity won't give one an advantage over a couple of fleas, then I guess there can't be much in being a celebrity after all."

Don't confuse fame with success,
Lady Gaga is one, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is the other.

Welcome to the second quarter of 2019-2020 Eagles! Let's make this a great first week!
Ms. Moukaddam, Principal
Hunter's Creek Middle School
Sunday, October 20, 2019

Leadership Team

* Principal: Joumana Moukaddam
* Assistant Principal: Liesl Hernandez
* Assistant Principal: Jessica Swain
* 8th Grade Administrative Dean: Shedrick Copeland  
* 8th Grade Counselor: Kelly Armstrong
* 7th Grade Administrative Dean: Joquetta Carter
* 7th Grade Counselor: Sejal Shah
* 6th Grade Administrative Dean: Dominic Golia
* 6th Grade Counselor: Joel Anderson


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