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Hunter's Creek Middle School
Monday, May 25, 2020

Here we are only two instructional days away from the end of the school year! The last nine weeks have certainly marked a turning point to introduce a whole new way of life. Education took a huge leap into the much needed digital and distance learning world to maintain the momentum of instruction during this global pandemic. We made it and we are finishing the year strong.

I am extremely proud of our Eagle family for standing together in solidarity throughout this period of time. There is no doubt that with all the hard work of our HCMS teachers, staff, parents and students, the learning gaps of our Eagles due to moving into online distance learning are minimal if any.

On that note, it's time for some celebrations! We have two special events planned for this week to bid our 8th graders goodbye as they leave us to go to high school and to celebrate the success of our Eagles.

The HCMS 8th grade parade will be taking place on Wednesday, May 27th from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM at the front parking lot car line. We have a special gift ready for each of our 8th grade Eagles. We can't wait to see you!

Our Evening of Champions drive thru edition will take place on Friday, May 29th from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM at the bus loop. Students and parents should have already received the invitations electronically. Please check your email.  

In this edition, we are proudly presenting to you our Eagles Awards recipients and our 2020-2021 National Junior Honor Society Inductees. Please see below.

Happy Memorial Day!

Your Proud Principal,

Joumana Moukaddam

Hunter's Creek Middle School

Pictured very top: Maria Villanueva's illustration for a ride at a theme park based on a myth from her assignment for Ms. Durgin.

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Dropping off and Retrieving Items

Student End of Year Drop Off & Pick Up Information  
It is time to drop off any school items that need to be dropped off: 
  • Library Books
  • Classroom Library Books
  • School-Owned or Rented Instruments
  • Ceiling Tiles
  • Musician Uniforms (clean)
  • Anything else owed to the school
All items dropped off should be put in bags and labeled with student name and ID#  
You will also be able to pick up items: 
  • Items from P.E. Locker
  • Items from Band Locker
May 26th & 27th  
9am-12pm or 1pm-3pm 
Anyone who has not dropped off or picked up items can come either day

Additional Information:
  • Students returning to an OCPS school (HCMS, FHS, etc.) will be keeping their device over the summer.
  • Please follow directions of staff when directing you.
  • Item exchange will not be hand-to-hand; we will have a No-Touch table set up.
  • Signatures will be required for all dropped off and picked up items.
  • No contact between students and faculty/staff will be allowed.
  • Please wear masks, if able.
  • Have students in two different grade levels? Then you may attend only one day.
  • The stations will be available in the bus loop. Here is the map of the drive route. Please note, there is a walk/bike station as well.

Not sure of what library books you owe? Visit https://bit.ly/2Z2UgM7 to see how to check for checked out books and any fines you may owe.
(Must be logged in with @students.ocps.net email to access)

Please note: This does not include picking up yearbooks. Yearbooks will be delivered over the summer as their printing was delayed during the warehouse's state shutdown. When yearbooks arrive, further communication will be sent.

Special Events

Summer Reading

Summer Math Packets 

End of Year EAGLES Awards! (Part I)

The following students were awarded the EAGLES Award for Excellence by one of their teachers:
  • Monika Awad: Monika was an exemplar Student Literacy Leader who was with us in the library for 2 periods a day. She led many initiatives in the library, and we could always count on her. Awad Squad for Life! -Ms. Moye & Ms. Armstrong
  • Jorgelys Lobo: Even the language barrier she does all her best effort to reach her grades -Ms. Lugo
  • Sbahi Lana: Getting straight As in all comp Science 1 tests. -Ms. Chiomadzi
  • Grace Polizzi: Having Grace in my history class was such a tremendous pleasure. With a bright mind, she is always asking questions and a wonderful student to have classroom discussions with. I see nothing but greatness in the years to come. Good luck in high school! -Mr. Solomons
  • Raida Nowreen: Raida has shown "excellence" in her work, attitude and classroom work ethic. Her artwork exudes "excellence"! -Mr. Gomez
  • Jordan Klinkbeil: As a Yearbook editor and Student Literacy Leader, Jordan embodies excellence in her work and attitude. -Ms. Moye & Ms. Armstrong
  • Morgan McCarthy: Morgan exemplifies what it means to be a student who always tries her best and thrives despite the odds against her. She is someone who has a positive attitude, a great skill set, and knows what she wants for her future. -Ms. Roberts
  • Jamie Liepshutz: Jamie exemplifies excellence in all areas; academically, socially, and behaviorally! Way to go Jamie! I will miss you! -Ms. Lebron
  • Sharanya Chatterjee: Sharanya strives for excellence on every assignment and has gone above and beyond every day in mastering the content in Digital Information Technology. -Ms. Homer
  • Amy Calvo: Amy shows excellence in everything she does.-Ms. Cecil
  • Ian Beltran: Ian has shown great excellence through his achievements in Algebra. Way to go, Ian! I will miss you! -Ms. Lebron
  • Daniel Alvarez: Daniel helps other ELL students, completes his work and contributes to class. He is very respectful and helps out the teacher and other students. -Ms. Spilker
  • Eliana Essa Delgado: Eliana demonstrated consistent excellent work in Life Science Advanced class throughout the entire school year 2019-2020. -Ms. Frontanez
  • Paola Mendez Betances: Paola is an excellent student all around. She is intelligent, thoughtful, and respectful. With such a large 7th period class, she shined with her positive attitude and demeanor throughout the year. Thank you, Paola! -Ms. Ennion
  • Sarah Carrillo-Pernalete: Sarah has worked hard in science and has excelled in all projects; especially being the first student to submit her STEM project this last week of school! -Ms. Renuart
  • Diego Morales: Most of the decorations in the library would not exist without the excellence work and attitude of Diego. We are forever thankful! -Ms. Moye & Ms. Armstrong
  • Katherine Sanchez: Katherine has excelled since the beginning of the year. She completes assignments, scores well on assessments, helps other students and comes to class with a smile on her face everyday. She is finishing the year with over 100% average and has been a pleasure to teach! -Ms. Pratt
  • Alisia Rivera: Alicia is an amazing and dedicated student. I am proud to have had the opportunity to teach you. -Ms. Quiles
  • Ashley Rini: Ashley's class work and discussions were always well supported with strong evidence. Great job Ashley! -Mr. Arunakul
  • Maria(Duda) Vannucchi Guedes: Duda has demonstrated the ability to excel no matter how challenging the task. -Mr. Baptiste
  • Christian Milano La Riva: Christian always puts 100% effort into everything he does and prides himself in being an excellent student! -Ms. DeLuca
  • Maria Rosales Gonzalez: Maria has striven for excellence all year long. I know that, no matter what challenges faced her, she would rise to them and excel. -Ms. Rokaw
  • Mariana Mendez: Mariana is the definition of "Excellence." She is an amazing student who continues to hold high expectations for herself in ALL of her classes. She has never given less than 100% of herself, which is why she continues to earn all As. So proud of you and your hard work, Mariana! -Ms. Chacon
  • Rodolfo Guerra: Rodolfo has been a wonderful student all year long. He has always been hard working while still staying positive! -Ms. DeLuca
  • Mariana Mendez: Mariana has been consistent in excellence all year; both online and in the classroom. She's focused, hardworking and perseveres through the most rigorous tasks. In addition, she's always respectful, kind, and helpful towards her classmates. -Ms. Gooden
  • Cooper Stutler: Cooper Stutler personifies greatness in everything he does. Whether it comes to his academics or helping another student out, he can always be trusted to be there when it matters the most. -Mr. Johnson

The following students were awarded the EAGLES Award for Academic Integrity by one of their teachers:
  • Lillian King: Lillian King is chosen for this award because she can always be counted when it comes to her academics. As soon as an assignment has been given out, she immediately jumps on it to get the job done. -Mr. Johnson
  • Hillary Millet: Hillary has been a pleasure to teach due to her wonderful attitude, respect, and responsibility. She puts in 100% effort to get work done and it shows! -Ms. DeLuca
  • Nicolas Ferreira: Nicolas is an excellent student with a high focus on his academics. He ensures that his assignments are always well done, and he encourages others to do the same. -Ms. Gooden
  • Amy Calvo: We are so proud of you following your dreams! You are going to rock the creative writing program at the Osceola School of the Arts! We love that your hard work, academics, and passion have led you to this! -Ms. Moye & Ms. Armstrong
  • Kumar Chakraborty: Kumar has always striven for high academic integrity in my class, ensuring he puts forth the most effort possible. -Ms. Rokaw
  • Gladys Dagatan: Gladys always does her very best in class. She has been responsible, trustworthy, and hardworking all year! -Ms. DeLuca
  • Anjuli Ramdin: I want to honor Anjuli for her integrity in all her academic pursuits in science. -Mr. Baptiste
  • Melissa Cresphilo: Melissa is an extraordinary and very smart student. She is always eager to learn, giving the extra mile every single day. Her high integrity makes her an outstanding student. -Ms. Quiles
  • Elena Fernandez: Elena has worked hard all year to maintain an average grade of above 100%. She gives her all in class, at home and on assessments! -Ms. Pratt
  • Alexis Peters: Alexis has been on top of work in her honors science course all year. She has excelled in this class while showing integrity! -Ms. Renuart
  • Maelynn Antel: Maelynn's work throughout the year has been thorough and thoughtful. Her work is a great example of using her own thoughts and words to answer a question and express an opinion. It was a pleasure having her in my class. -Ms. Ennion
  • Aneesah Fareeddudin: As Yearbook editor, Student Literacy Leader, and FPS member, Aneesah's work is always of the highest quality. Aneesah is an amazing student! -Ms. Moye & Ms. Armstrong
  • Arianna Gassman: Arianna is always honest about her strengths and when she needs assistance. -Ms. Durgin
  • Sandra M Ayad: Sandra is receiving the Academic Integrity award for her work ethic in Life Science Advanced during the school year 2019-2020. -Ms. Frontanez
  • Akshaya Rasakatla: Akshaya studies for all of her tests and quizzes and completes her work. She likes to help tutor other students and have good discussions to help others learn. -Ms. Spilker
  • Andres Robles Medina: Andres continues to do his best, purest work on a daily basis. -Ms. Cecil
  • Shanelle Han: Shanelle always gives her best on every assignment and her work is superior. She is responsible, reliable, and seeks to master the class content all of the time. -Ms. Homer
  • Benjamin Chen: Ben has gone above and beyond with his work in Algebra! Way to go, Ben! I will miss you! -Ms. Lebron
  • Rafael Sardina: Rafael is also looking for ways to do his best! -Ms. Cecil
  • Abigail Cramer: Abigail demonstrates academic integrity through her demonstration of her work in Algebra! She always shows her work which shows she understands the standards. Way to go, Abigail! I will miss you! -Ms. Lebron
  • Grace Polizzi: Grace has shown academic integrity in the classroom by being honest and direct when speaking her truth about any topic or content that matters to her. -Ms. Roberts
  • Alana Ramnarine: Alana takes great pride in her work. She not only strives to complete her assignments but understand them conceptually and to mastery. -Ms. Daniels
  • Lauren Flynn: Lauren is very respectful in class. Some art projects may have challenged her but she never backed down. Lauren has been helpful to me and to classmates who sit around her. -Mr. Gomez
  • Tiana Valdez: Tiana was such a tremendous student in my class. I can always count on her to follow directions, answer with detail and clarity, and provide perspective on all of her assignments. She is an ideal student, and I will miss her as she moves into high school. -Mr. Solomons
  • Leon Jose: Getting straight As in all comp Science 1 Tests. -Ms. Chiomadzi

End of Year EAGLES Awards (Part II)

The following students were awarded the EAGLES Award for Giving Respect by one of their teachers:
  • Abigail Cramer: Abigail has a great attitude. She is always complimenting student work, she seems to always find the good in things! She is very respectful to others and to the class. -Mr. Gomez
  • Aidan Cox: Aidan shows such great respect to his teachers and peers! Way to go, Aidan! I will miss you! -Ms. Lebron
  • Aishwarya Ganapathy: Aishwarya is not only warm, sweet, and kind but she is also respectful to her peers and teachers. It is heartwarming to see a student being so kind and respectful to everyone around her and I hope that she continues with this character trait throughout life. -Ms. Roberts
  • Alanis Parra: In addition to being a top performer in our class, Alanis consistently shines when she is working with other students. She is helpful, patient and respectful to teachers and her peers. She has the ability to assist other students without doing it for them. She is soft spoken with her words but loud with her awesome actions! -Ms. Pratt
  • Alanis Parra: Alanis is consistently kind, carning and gives respect not only to the adults in the school, but to all her friends as well. -Ms. Cecil
  • Ananya Uppalapati: She is always kind and willing to work with others. -Ms. Durgin
  • Angelica Gonzalez-Nunez: Angelica shows great respect to her teachers, staff, and fellow classmates. She truly is a great role model. Way to go, Angelica! I will miss you! -Ms. Lebron
  • Annabella Hernandez: Annabella Hernandez has been chosen for how respectful she is not only towards her peers but also towards her teachers as well. She is always willing and able to help others whenever she is needed. -Mr. Johnson
  • Camila Munoz: Camila is friendly, polite, and always has a smile on her face. She is respectful to her classmates and teachers and can always brighten my day. -Ms. DeLuca
  • Dheepika Royam: What can I say about Dheepika. She was always a bright light in our 5th period, showing politeness and respect at every turn, while also staying academically focused and motivated. Her willingness to help those around her also stood out. -Mr. Solomons
  • Diego Miranda: Every single day Diego entered my classroom began with a greeting of respect. That was refreshing to see each day. -Mr. Baptiste
  • Diego Sebriant: Diego is kind, caring, and always has something positive to say! -Ms. DeLuca
  • Emma Garcia: Regardless of what is happening, Emma is nothing but respectful toward her classmates and her teacher. -Ms. Rokaw
  • Gian Luca Ronconi: Gian Luca has proven to be very polite and respectful towards his teachers and classmates. I enjoyed having him in my class this year. -Ms. Ennion
  • Jaramillo Isaac: Isaac is very respectful and super smart. -Ms. Chiomadzi
  • Jayden Leon: Jayden is honest and a very good student overall. He volunteers to help the other students when there is a substitute or they are struggling. Jayden works hard for his good grades as well. -Ms. Spilker
  • Kyan Khong: Kyan showed an abundance of respect to his peers by taking the time to respond and complement their ideas in our class discussion. -Mr. Arunakul
  • Maryam Mikhaeil: Maryam was my student assistant this year and offered to always go above and beyond. She assisted me throughout the year and showed respect to students and staff! -Ms. Renuart
  • Melanie Sanchez: Melanie is a pleasure to have in class. She is respectful to us, her peers, and anyone who entered the library. She was a perfect addition to our Student Literacy Leaders. -Ms. Moye & Ms. Armstrong
  • Mikayla Jacobs: Mikayla always goes out of her way to be kind and respectful. -Ms. Cecil
  • Mikayla Jacobs: Mikayla is a very respectful young woman with her teachers and her classmates. I am proud to have had the opportunity to teach you. -Ms. Quiles
  • Paola Mendez Betances: Paola is one of the kindest, open-minded, and wonderful students I've (Ms. Moye) has had the pleasure of teaching. She leaves every class period by saying goodbye and have a nice day. And this is all on top of being a successful student and empathetic person. -Ms. Moye & Ms. Armstrong
  • Rayan Naim: Throughout the school year, Rayan has been extremely respectful to both his teachers and his classmates. He is a student that consistently works well with others. Rayan has been such a pleasure to have in class. -Ms. Chacon
  • Stuthi Baskar: Stuthi is no doubt one of the most kind, caring and compassionate students on the planet. She strives for excellence and demonstrates these qualities every day to her teachers and fellow classmates. -Ms. Homer
  • Tarunaadarsh Rajendran: Tarunaadarsh is receiving the Giving Respect of the Year award in Life Science Advanced because he always demonstrated respect to adults and classmates. -Ms. Frontanez
  • Valentina Morales Stakun: Valentina is always respectful. She's respectful to everyone, including teachers and students. -Ms. Gooden

The following students were awarded the EAGLES Award for Leadership by one of their teachers:
  • Simon Lopez: Simon Lopez exudes leadership qualities. He is a leader inside the classroom and outside of it as well. He even stepped up and participated in our schools oration contest this year. -Mr. Johnson
  • Paola Ramirez: Paola works well with any other students in the class to complete labs and projects. She completes her assignments on time and turns them in. -Ms. Spilker
  • Nicholas Wilder: Nicky is a natural-born leader! No matter what he does in his life, he will always have the gift of public speaking! -Ms. Rokaw
  • Morgan McCarthy: Morgan is always open to stepping up as a leader when asked. She never hesitates and is a student that can be counted on. Then within groups she is always a leader and helps accomplish any task needed. -Ms. Moye & Ms. Armstrong
  • Minaya Amarasekera: Minaya is a great leader in our class. She goes above to help her classmates understand the lessons! Way to go, Minaya! I will miss you! -Ms. Lebron
  • Marisol Herrera: Marisol typically leads the way in conversations of high interest with very significant commentary. I love to see how her mind unfolds as she adds to the conversations and this allows her peers to follow up with their thoughts, questions, and ideas. -Ms. Roberts
  • Maria Vannucchi Guedes: Maria is a leader amongst her peers and within the classroom. She displays both confidence and kindness with everyone. -Ms. Daniels
  • Maria "Duda" Vannucchi Guedes: Duda is always up to a challenge and is a leader in any group task given. She is organized, thoughtful, confident, and kind--all great aspects of a wonderful leader. -Ms. Moye & Ms. Armstrong
  • Lucas Vargas: Lucas is a natural leader. He is always looking for his success as well as his peers' success. -Ms. Quiles
  • Linuka Hewagama: Linuka is such a great leader with his peers in class. Way to go, Linuka! I will miss you! -Ms. Lebron
  • Jhonger Romero Lopez: Jhonger always puts in 100% effort in class and goes above and beyond to help others. -Ms. DeLuca
  • Jackson Cooke: Jackson has been a leader in many group projects throughout the year both sharing his ideas and being an excellent supporter of his peers. -Ms. Renuart
  • Hailey Diaz: There is something about Hailey that shows me she will be a leader one day. Her willingness to work with others, contribute to classroom discussions, bring unique opinions and perspective, as well as academically give her all will combine to make a wonderful future leader. I look forward to seeing her in her 8th grade year. -Mr. Solomons
  • Gustavo DaSilva: Gustavo exemplified leadership in my 4th period class. He was always respectful and took a lead in classroom discussion. -Ms. Cecil
  • Del Toro Adam: Adam has very good leadership skills and is super smart. -Ms. Chiomadzi
  • Cooper K Stutler: Cooper is receiving the Leadership of the Year award in Life Science Advanced because he used his leadership skills to succeed and to help his classmates as well. -Ms. Frontanez
  • Borin Parra Moran: Borin has consistently taken the lead in giving help to his classmates. He's especially helpful in motivating and encouraging the newcomer ELLs. -Ms. Gooden
  • Ayana Pernier: Ayana has been an amazing student throughout the school year. When working in a group in class, she would always make sure they were staying on task and working hard. I loved watching her leadership grow, and I know she's going to have a successful future. -Ms. Chacon
  • Andrea Caceres: Andrea is one of the school's top artists. She took it upon herself to help others around her in class. When she helps others, she does it with a calm voice and good attitude! -Mr. Gomez
  • Alexa Jean-Mary Gutfreund: Alexa has tried her very hardest all year to make sure that she, and everyone around her, succeeds! -Ms. DeLuca
  • Alejandro Navas: I have had the pleasure of teaching Alejandro this year, and seeing him in a leadership-type role in Boys and Girls Club. He is very respectful towards his teachers and leads by example with his behavior in and outside of the classroom. -Ms. Ennion
  • Abigail Cramer: Abigail has demonstrated great leadership skills throughout the school year in science. She knows how to influence others to get the task done and holding them responsible for their part of the task. -Mr. Baptiste
  • Abigail Cramer: Abigail leads by example every day. She not only is an excellent student in every sense of the word and conscientious beyond measure in regards to her academic work, but also demonstrates a kind, caring demeanor to anyone in need. While always very humble, she has been a beacon of trustworthiness and reliability inside and outside of the classroom. -Ms. Homer

End of Year EAGLES Awards (Part III)

The following students were awarded the EAGLES Award for Exemplifying Perseverance by one of their teachers:
  • Mateo Ortiz: Mateo has consistently worked hard to accomplish his goals from the first day of school. He comes to school prepared everyday with materials, assignments and a positive attitude! He is patient with himself and his classmates and has been an absolute pleasure to teach! Mateo never gave up when he was struggling and I am certain that he will be successful in high school and life! -Ms. Pratt
  • Sofia Rodriguez: Sofia has continued to try her very best, even while we switched to digital learning, and reached out often whenever she needed any type of help. She never gives up and always keeps trying! -Ms. DeLuca
  • Jordan Hoffman: Since making the switch to digital learning Jordan has gone above and beyond to make sure that his work is perfect! He checks in frequently and asks questions whenever needed to make sure he is staying on track. -Ms. DeLuca
  • Andrea Almestica: Andrea is a student that no matter the circumstances she always strives to be better every day. Worth admiring! -Ms. Quiles
  • Thaiany Bermudez: Thaiany is new to the school and the country. She emailed and asked questions daily about any assignments she didn't understand. Thaiany has completed her distance learning assignments and worked very hard. -Ms. Spilker
  • Abner Valencia: No matter how tough digital/distance learning can be, Abner continued to push through and to do his best in all of his classes this year. So proud of your effort and that you never gave up, Abner. You did it! -Ms. Chacon
  • Gabriella Gonzalez-Lalaguna: Gabriella has made great gains in Algebra this year and preserved through it all! Way to go, Gabby! I will miss you! -Ms. Lebron
  • Enrico Lisboa: Enrico has preserved through the challenges in Algebra. Way to go, Enrico! I will miss you! -Ms. Lebron
  • Santiago Matos: Santiago is the student we all wish to have. Having only been an HCMS Eagle since last May, Santiago showed strength this year with hard work and motivation to not only succeed in my civics class, but with his English proficiency. All students should show the dedication and care he shows in the classroom. He was a true pleasure to teach! -Mr. Solomons
  • Melissa Crespilho: Melissa's artwork has dramatically grown throughout the year. She wasn't really comfortable with some art mediums but worked hard at it and excelled! -Mr. Gomez
  • Fetzer Amilia: Besides many activities Amilia is involved in, she remains consistent and hard working. -Ms. Chiomadzi
  • Tony Hart: Great job to Tony for his hard work and checking in to make sure all his assignments were turned in! -Mr. Arunakul
  • Ana Rodriguez: Ana is one of my ESOL students who has shown the spirit of perseverance. She has learned how to use her resources to master the science content. -Mr. Baptiste
  • Emilia Bartlinski: Emilia has worked hard all year. She never gave up and kept pushing forward in the physical and digital classroom. It was a pleasure having her in my US History Class! -Ms. Ennion
  • Farida Bedair: No matter how hard things got, Farida was always positive and open minded. She persevered and showed that she is truly the Student Literacy Leader we all knew she was. -Ms. Moye & Ms. Armstrong
  • Angelina Dong: Even in situations that she may not have felt comfortable in, Angelina never stepped down in Student Literacy Leaders or yearbook. Her future is bright because of her perseverance. -Ms. Moye & Ms. Armstrong
  • Emilia Bartlinski: Emilia goes beyond what is required. She has persevered throughout the school year and despite the challenges of this 4th quarter she has risen to the occasion every single time with true grace. I am thrilled that I was able to have her in the classroom this year and I hope that she will continue to flourish. -Ms. Roberts
  • Djalolkhodja Nazirov: Djalolkhodja completed all distance learning from Uzbekistan! -Ms. Durgin
  • Noah Lospinoso-Bates: Noah completed distance learning on an iPad in New Jersey.  -Ms. Durgin
  • Stephania Serrano: Stephania is receiving the Exemplifying Perseverance of the Year award because even though she came into my Comprehensive Science class right before the spring break, she worked really hard during distance learning and showed perseverance in every activity we completed. I am very proud of her! -Ms. Frontanez
  • Sofia Diaz Linares: Sofia makes every effort to learn and practice the English language. She never gives up in completing all her tasks, and seeking help, if needed. -Ms. Gooden

The following students were awarded the EAGLES Award for Soaring to Greatness by one of their teachers:
  • Lucas Vargas: Lucas is soaring to greatness, especially this last quarter. He continued to do his best work no matter where he was in quarantine. -Ms. Cecil
  • Anna Tristao: Anna has been a role model for her peers this year by providing quality work samples, participating in class and always showing respect; I expect she will continue to shine! -Ms. Renuart
  • Sophia Gil: Sophia has shown consistently over the year that she is ready and willing to handle each and every assignment sent her way. She has a positive attitude and also has the utmost respect for her fellow students as well. -Mr. Johnson
  • Morgan McCarthy: Morgan is not only an excellent student but also has the unique ability to make all around her feel accepted and valued. Her positive attitude, friendly demeanor, incredible work ethic, and academic and personal integrity exemplify "Soaring to Greatness" -Ms. Homer
  • Sabrina Barroso: Sabrina began the school year unsure of her abilities, especially in math. As the year progressed, she worked hard, seeking help when necessary, and gained confidence. Now she knows exactly what needs to be done to achieve success. -Ms. Daniels
  • Shalise Benson: Shalise has been a delight to have in my class. She always strives for greatness! -Ms. Rokaw
  • Victoria Sutherland: Victoria has a very high academic ethic. She never gives up, and perseveres through the most rigorous tasks. Her work is always well done, she's focused and works hard. Victoria will achieve whatever she puts her mind to. She's soaring to Greatness. -Ms. Gooden
  • Nohara Rodriguez: Nohara is receiving the Soaring to Greatness of the Year award in Dual Language Life Science Advanced because she has all the qualities of an excellent student. -Ms. Frontanez
  • Gabriela Fiore: She worked around every obstacle and gained knowledge every time. -Ms. Durgin
  • Amy Gomez: Amy is soaring to greatness with her work ethic, zest for life, and an ability to work well with others. She has a great future ahead of her and I can not wait to hear more about her accomplishments. -Ms. Roberts
  • Zachary Langlois: Zack rose to the challenge of this year. In so many ways! He knows. There are things that would not have happened in the yearbook or in the library if Zack hadn't stepped up. We are forever glad that you joined the library student assistants this year! -Ms. Moye & Ms. Armstrong
  • Serine Majid: Serine is definitely our soaring Eagle. She is reliable, kind, and eager to help. Her positive attitude is a shining star and always brightened up our day. -Ms. Moye & Ms. Armstrong
  • Lesly Quezada: Throughout the year, Lesly has strived to understand the curriculum and work hard towards a goal. It was a pleasure to watch her grow this year in my classroom. -Ms. Ennion
  • Ibrahim Kaddoura: Ibrahim works hard on his assignments and is not afraid to ask for help in order to soar to his goal. -Mr. Baptiste
  • Emily Chambers: Emily rocked 4th quarter! Her effort and class participation were fantastic! -Mr. Arunakul
  • Castillo Allyra: Allyra has been soaring to greatness throughout the school year in Science -Ms. Chiomadzi
  • Amy Gomez: Amy wanted to grow artistically and she did! She persevered, worked in multiple mediums, always helpful, open to ideas and never backed down from artistic challenges! -Mr. Gomez
  • Mateo Ortiz: Mateo was such a hard worker in American History this year. I am proud of him in so many ways! I look forward to his growth in high school and will miss him in my class greatly! -Mr. Solomons
  • Anna Tristao: Anna has soared to greatness with the gains she has made in Algebra! Way to go, Anna! I will miss you! -Ms. Lebron
  • Brandon Conklin: Brandon has soared to greatness in the gains made in Algebra. Way to go, Brandon! I will miss you! -Ms. Lebron
  • Sophia Gil: Sophia has been "Soaring to Greatness" all year long. She gives 100% effort with everything she does and I'm so proud of her progress this year! I wish I could have a class full of students like Sophia. -Ms. Chacon
  • Sofia Rivas Vargas: Sofia has a wonderful positive attitude. She works hard to keep her grades up and helps other students. -Ms. Spilker
  • Miguel Palacios: I watched Miguel grow into an outstanding individual who excels in both academics and personal pursuits. I witnessed his extraordinary dedication and creativity first hand. His integrity, perseverance, and responsibility are beyond his years and he is well-loved by his peers, as well as all those who have had the pleasure of teaching him. -Ms. Quiles
  • Nguyen Ta: Nguyen has been an amazing student who gives her all at every opportunity. She isn't satisfied with anything less than the best and that shows in her hard work! -Ms. DeLuca
  • Barbara Ocque: Barbara has flourished since we made the switch to digital learning. She has completed her assignments, checked in whenever she needed help, and shown pride in her work! -Ms. DeLuca
  • Nola Tomi: Nola has continued to improve throughout the year and is finishing quarter 4 with an awesome 110%! Nola's attention to detail and persistence helped her rise to a top student in her class. She is inquisitive and hard working and thoughtful. I hope she carries these traits with her to high school where she will continue to SOAR! -Ms. Pratt

2020-2021 NJHS Inductees
Congratulations to the following students for their acceptance into the 2020-2021 National Junior Honor Society at HCMS!

Mrs. Moye's Memo: Week Eight
Mrs. Moye's Memos come out weekly and include important and interesting information for the whole school! This is her final week of Memos, but she will be pulling together Memos with any relevant information for acquiring ebooks or audiobooks and sharing them on the Summer Reading page on the HCMS website.

Week Eight's memos include: Returning library books, Summer Reading, Beanstack, #OCPSReads, Low Tech Home Activities

The eighth week can be accessed at:
Note: Google Drive must be logged in with students' @students.ocps.net addresses to access.

Virtual Author Talks
This past week we finished our May Author Talks! We are so thankful to these authors for giving us the gift of time with them -- we enjoyed them all so much!

Here are the final 3 author that visited us (students participating online to the far left, Mrs. Moye in the center, and the guest author to the far right):

Patrick Flores Scott http://patrickfloresscott.com/
L.E. Perez http://leperez.com/

Christina Farley http://christinafarley.com

Distance Learning with Ms. Durgin 
"Mythology Theme Parks"

Ms. Durgin's students read a minimum of six myths from different pantheons to look at key elements and themes that would inspire them to take these myths and transform them into a real-world theme park presentation to entertain and educate guests. They had to plan out which myths they were choosing, why they chose them, and what theme park areas they would inspire. Finally, they transformed them into either concept art for one aspect or a park map.

By Linuka Hewagama

By Augustus Kim
By Aidan Cox

By Brooke Ashcraft
By Jessica Ashcraft

By Shea Nayab and Davi Vianna

Distance Learning with Ms. Perez  
"A Living History" ebook 

Ms. Perez's Advanced Academic Courses created a compilation of pedigrees, biographies, and family stories that show the living history of their families.

View the A Living History e-book by visiting the link below and downloading:

* To access, please be logged in under their @students.ocps.net Google account

Distance Learning with Ms. Renuart
"Virtual Visitors"

Ms. Renuart continued her scientist virtual visits this past week with a guest speaker from Back to Nature, a rescue animal facility.

Distance Learning wth Ms. Rokaw
"Book Memes"

For a fun activity, Ms. Rokaw asked her students to create memes about reading or their book.

By Alisha Vaillant
 By Isabella Machado
** WARNING: Scythe by Neal Shusterman spoiler!!! **

By Valentina Muradas

Closing Image of the Week at Memorial Day . . .

Hunter's Creek Middle School remembers those men and women of the U.S. armed forces that laid down their lives for our freedom.
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* 8th Grade Administrative Dean: Shedrick Copeland shedrick.copeland@ocps.net  
* 8th Grade Counselor: Kelly Armstrong kelly.armstrong@ocps.net
* 7th Grade Administrative Dean: Joquetta Carter joquetta.carter@ocps.net
* 7th Grade Counselor: Sejal Shah sejal.shah@ocps.net
* 6th Grade Administrative Dean: Dominic Golia dominic.golia@ocps.net
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