July 2018 Edition
Welcome to the Hunterdon County Economic Development E-Newsletter
A Note from the Economic Development Director

Hunterdon County is uniquely positioned for long term prosperity by virtue of its proximity to major markets, the quality and skill of its workforce, the strength of its diverse business base, and the natural beauty of its environment. The County Freeholders have firmly committed to work with county partners to create and sustain programs and relationships that will keep Hunterdon vibrant for generations to come…and this economic development effort is one of their main tools to do just that.

Whether it’s partnering with the private sector to grow the economy, with our communities to lend tools to enable them to continue to flourish, or with our schools to develop career pathways for our students…and so much more…the Economic Development Division will always seek to continue to raise expectations for what all of our citizens can expect out of the quality of life in Hunterdon County! Please contact us at any time, for any reason and give us a chance to help grow your opportunity here!
News Spotlight
Ribbon Cutting officially opens Regus for business!
By providing a flexible work environment well-suited to the needs of today’s entrepreneurs, Regus gives Hunterdon County another key component in a growing local innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Innovation lives here...  

Economic Development Visits The Hydrogen House
The Hydrogen House project is just one of many innovative and cutting technology projects being developed in Hunterdon County. The effort is dedicated to the pursuit of renewable energy, and runs the Hydrogen House’s property and projects entirely on solar and hydrogen fuel cell energy.

Learn more about the research being recognized by Scientific American, The New York Times, major automakers, and many more.

Clinton Launches First EDC
The town’s newly established Economic Development Committee held a launch party in June and discussed with the public plans to keep Clinton’s business community thriving. Through this initiative, Clinton joins a growing movement in Hunterdon (joining communities such as High Bridge, Frenchtown, and Flemington) where towns are establishing new entities that focus on sustainable development while better partnering with the County’s efforts to do the same.  Hunterdon continues, in an ever-more coordinated fashion, to be open for business. For more info on Clinton’s EDC, contact Riley Karsh at rkarsh@clintonnj.gov or Sherry Dineen at Sdineen@clintonnj.gov
Lambertville Tech Firm RobustWealth Acquired by Principal Financial Group
"...With the deal,  RobustWealth gains access to insights from Principal’s work with more than 16 million customers, while Principal will be able to better serve its clients with leading digital advisory capabilities, the companies said."

County Economic Development in the News
Tourism is Big Business in Hunterdon, Study Shows
"The impact study is positive and heartening news about tourism as an economic driver in the county and, most importantly, demonstrates that there is tremendous room to grow the tourism element of the local economy,” said Freeholder Board Director Matt Holt ."

Innovation Initiative Updates
The 2nd Annual HackHunterdon Hackathon is a Success!
For a second year in a row, Hunterdon’s hackathon shined a spotlight on local innovators, their creative ideas, and their ability to work together to bring new product ideas forward. With sponsorship from companies like Cisco and personnel from companies like Facebook involved in the effort, the HackHunterdon Hackathon will continue to be a key component of the county’s tech initiative for years’ to come.
Pictured: Freeholder King, Deputy Director Lagay, Candy Sanelli, Lorenzo Sanelli, John Sanelli, Freeholder Lanza and Freeholder VanDoren.

Winner of the 2018 HackHunterdon Hackathon is a Hunterdon Central Student!
A 15-year-old high school student, Lorenzo Sanelli of Three Bridges, won first place and $5,000 in the second annual HackHunterdon Hackathon competition for creating a messaging app called "Communique"..

Do you want to prepare for the next Hackathon? Or just meet some really cool people? Come to a Hack Hunterdon Meetup. The group meets once a month at the Lone Eagle Brewery in Flemington. Speakers or cool workshops are scheduled, such as "R einforcement Learning...the most hyped (maybe over-hyped) area of AI" .

State News
 Economic Development Association CEO Tim Sullivan said: “Research with NJ will provide businesses with a window into the state’s extensive research community, enabling partnerships that will help them easily identify relevant areas of expertise and foster the transfer of technology to the marketplace, and ultimately, our ability to market the state as a center of innovation.”

Governor Murphy Announces Initiatives to Spur Development of New Jersey’s Innovation Economy
"To re-ignite the promise of New Jersey’s innovation economy, Governor Phil Murphy today announced two initiatives – the STEM Loan Forgiveness Program and the NJ Career Accelerator Internship Program – to encourage individuals in STEM fields to make a long-term commitment to building and maintaining a career in New Jersey. The initiatives were part of the Governor’s Fiscal Year 2019 budget message ."

Vocational Schools to Share $3M to Partner with Businesses
"These grant awards demonstrate our commitment to offering multiple career pathways to high school students,” said Acting Commissioner of Education Dr. Lamont O. Repollet. “One of our priorities is to increase access to CTE and this grant program provides students with opportunities to obtain an apprenticeship, industry-valued credentials, or dual credit from a post-secondary institution.”

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