4,500 Ice Cream Bars to Celebrate
Independence Day in Downtown Milford
Once again Huron Valley State Bank gives back to the community at Milford's Independence Day Parade, handing out ice cream. With around 60 staff and family volunteers and an ice cream truck, HVSB was able to pass out a record number of 4,500 ice cream bars to a passionate and spirited crowd! "This year we experienced record high temperatures in the 90's, which made the audience even fonder of our ice cream," said Jack Shubitowski, President and CEO of Huron Valley State Bank.
Huron Valley State Bank Celebrates
Another Year Of Bank at School Partnerships
Huron Valley State Bank (HVSB) and four local elementary schools, Spring Mills, Johnson, Heritage and Country Oaks celebrated the success of the Bank-At-School program. This is a student run bank located inside of the school that teaches hands-on financial literacy, money management, and provides for real life banking experience. Students applied and interviewed for positions earlier in the year, and were trained for actual banking positions to accept money from their fellow classmates to deposit into the bank. The schools celebrate the end of the year program with a ceremonial pizza party at which all student bank employees and customers enjoy lunch, games and prizes. More Info.

From left to right (Top) Spring Mills Bank at School and Heritage Bank at School
From left to right (Bottom) Country Oaks Bank at School and Johnson Bank at School
Anna Winstead, Compliance Analyst at HVSB's Financial Center
Anna Winstead began her career five years ago at Huron Valley State Bank with a position as the bank's courier. From there she furthered her knowledge and experience in other role's including the position of an intern, and as a CSR (Customer Service Representative). Currently Anna is a Compliance Analyst for HVSB and primarily works in the financial center. Anna says that her favorite part about working at the bank is, "the pleasant work environment and the opportunities to be active in our community." Outside of her job, Anna is on the board of the Huron Valley Council of the Arts, and enjoys photography and golf.

Huron Valley State Bank Supports Money Smart Week
Money Smart Week, a nationally-sponsored campaign dedicated to helping families better manage their financial resources is held the last week of April. To support this program, Huron Valley State Bank hosted a poster contest for elementary age students in the Huron Valley district and presented a segment on financial literacy to families at the Highland White Lake Business Association's Money Camp.
The Money Smart Week Poster Contest hosted by Huron Valley State Bank asked the question, "Why Is a Penny Saved A Penny Earned?" There was a $25 cash reward for the best poster by grade level and a grand prize cash award of $100.   Posters were submitted at the end of the month, judged by employees of the bank and displayed at the Highland and Milford Branch for two weeks. The poster winners are as follows:
Grade level winners are: Aniah Krahn (1st Grade, Country Oaks), Olivia Luttenbacher (2nd Grade, Heritage), Nellie Buckner (3rd Grade, Heritage), Maddy Herron (4th Grade, Kurtz), Tessa     Koshkarian     (5th Grade Johnson). The grand prize winner was Lauren McCaul a Fifth Grader at Spring Mills.  More Info 

Lauren McCaul, Grand Prize Winner, Spring Mills Elementary
Amish Krahn, 1st Grade
Country Oaks Elementary

Olivia Luttenbacher, 2nd Grade
Heritage Elementary
Nellie Buckner, 3rd Grade

Maddy Herron, 4th Grade
Kurtz Elementary

Tessa Koshkarian, 5th Grade
Johnson Elementary
Juliana McKay, Milford Branch
Full Time Customer Service Rep
In early July, Juliana McKay accepted the position of full time Customer Service Representative (CSR) working out of the Milford Branch.  Juliana was hired as a part-time CSR for the Highland branch in 2016.  She has occasionally helped out at the Milford Branch as needed, floating between the branches.  
"Although our Highland Branch will dearly miss Juliana's smiling face everyday, we are very excited for her new opportunity," said Cecilia Tomasi, Customer Service Supervisor, Highland Branch.
"Working between branches has made this transition easy for me, and I am excited to be full time at Huron Valley State Bank, " said Juliana McKay.
Celebrating Years Of Service 
Lori Verbrugge, Senior Vice President of Retail Operations, 13 Years
Melissa Herron, Cash Management Specialist, 11 Years
Nancy Gomez, Assistant Branch Manager of Milford, 10 years
Steve Peacock, Senior Vice President, Commercial Banking, 9 years
Tim Collins, Vice President and Commercial Lender, 7 Years
Sheri Miles, Marketing Director, 4 years
Lisa Henning, Assistant Vice President, Senior Credit Analyst, 4 years
Anna Winstead, Compliance Analyst, 3
Rebecca LeDuc, Customer Service, 3 Years
Kevin McIsaac, Vice President, Commercial Lender, 2 years
Amanda Hepola Gomez, Customer Service Rep, 2 Years

Congress Passes No Fee to Freeze Law 
If you were one of the many people who opted to freeze his or her credit due to the Equifax breach last year, it may be no comfort to know that if you had waited till this fall, you would not have been charged. Yes, while it's still more secure to have done it back then and most certainly it is still recommended that you don't wait, Congress recently passed and the president signed into law new legislation (SB2155) preventing the credit bureaus from charging customers to freeze and unfreeze their credit.   More Info 
New Version of Online Bill Pay 
Pay a Person, Pay a Bill and More
Huron Valley State Bank has recently upgraded Bill Pay to make paying bills better, easier and more convenient than ever, giving you more freedom to enjoy life.

Pay a person, pay a bill, gift a donation. Make recurring payments, scheduled payments, one-time quick pay, expedited payments and much more. Take advantage of our new and robust Online Bill Pay through online banking to pay your cell phone payment, schedule a mortgage payment, or make a recurring payment to your church or daycare. Whatever your payment need is, your Bill Pay could be the ideal solution.   More Info.
Calling Back A Missed Call Can Cost $50 Per Minute
Beware of Vishing
Phishing doesn't come only by way of an email message anymore. Those days are long, long gone. There are many ways cybercriminals can dupe unsuspecting users now and using a phone is one of the ways that is becoming more popular as the number of cell phone users increases all over the world. Telephone operators everywhere are warning users of scams using the phone.

Called "vishing," these scams are perpetrated when someone calls and tries to trick the call recipient into falling for something. In many cases, it's the promise of free stuff. In other cases, it could be a pre-approved credit offer and perhaps the most notorious one is the tech support scam. In this one, someone calls pretending to know that you have a problem with your computer. How perceptive of them! They offer to help you fix it for a small fee. Unfortunately, many have fallen for this scam and given up payment card details to scammers.   More Info
Mobile Deposit Endorsement Changes
Effective Immediately
To comply with industry regulation changes, the way checks are endorsed when using mobile deposit will be impacted.
All checks deposited through Mobile Deposit must be endorsed with the language "For Mobile Deposit Only", your full legal signature and your account number. 

An example is as follows:
For Mobile Deposit Only
John Doe

Thank you for your cooperation with this change. If you have any questions, please call your branch office. Milford 248.684.9626 or Highland 248.887.9900.

Want to learn more about Mobile Deposit, which will let you snap a picture of a check and deposit it anywhere, anytime. Click here.  More info
Huron Valley State Bank
(248) 684-9626