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Dorian Update at the Norman's
As you all know, Hurricane Dorian is scheduled to reach Florida in the next few days.  We have been receiving a lot of messages asking what our plan in is and where exactly we are located.  Thanks so much for the concern, it means a lot to us!

At of the time of this email being sent, and according to the latest weather reports for Coral Springs, Florida, we will be just on the edge of the affected areas.  

We have made the decision to stay in our home as it is made of concrete and is very solid.  With the help of God-given friends, we were able to board up the house and are enjoying the sun while it's still shining.  We have braved the crazy lines and have food, water, and our gas tanks are full!

Let's all pray that this hurricane goes back out to the ocean!
The last six months we were blessed for Laura to have part-time temporary employment with Praying Pelican Missions.  It was the perfect job for her as it allowed her to work from home with flexible hours, especially since Nate travels so often and we have no family nearby to help with the kid's busy schedules.  Laura's  contract with PPM ended last week, as they no longer have a need for the position she was filling. We were blessed to have that six months of increased funds which helped to cover the same amount of loss that we experienced in our support since moving to Florida.  Now we are back to a critical stage again as we look to increase our support so that we can remain faithful where God has planted us to touch the nations!  We are excited to see the ways in which God continues to provide for all of our needs as we continue to trust Him. 

We are so thankful for those of you who have remained steadfast and faithful with us.

If you would like to join our Monthly Support team, we would be so grateful!  You can use the link below to begin your monthly donation!
"I don't know that I'm believing in you
as much as I am counting on you!" 
Two months ago we received a text message from a friend back in Delaware stating that he was committing to increase his support.  We are so thankful for this family's support in the past and our networking in the Gospel work together.  

With a grateful heart I wrote back saying: "Thanks so much believing in us!"

His text back has shaken me to my core.  He simply said, "I don't know that I'm believing in you as much as I am counting on you!"

This statement showed us many things that have helped us to continue in the good fight of faith.  In real ity we are just people that said yes to the call of full-time ministry, no matter where that takes us.  

But this friend's statement showed me that our supporters don't just flippantly give monthly funds to see missions happen.  Our supporters are counting on us.  We don't take that as pressure, but as a high responsibility to make good use of the funds, skills, and abilities that the Lord has given us.

We truly feel blessed and honored that our supporters believe that the work that we do is important and worthy of being invested in!  We are in this together!  
Nate's August Travel Report
August has been a very crazy month for us Normans!  From school starting, to the beginning of the boy's first season of playing flag football, to the girls in a special dance performance at church, Laura & I serving at church, and trying to maintain a normal home has been a long month!

Nate flew to Minnesota two times this month.  First to participate in a Department Leader's Meeting, in order to share vision and prepare for the fall.

Nate's second trip to Minnesota was for four days of Praying Pelican Missions' full- time staff meeting.  We get together every fall to celebrate all that God did in our summer trips!  This summer was unlike any other with record numbers of participants and teams out serving alongside of the local church.  The stories we celebrated brought us to tears and caused us to praise God even more.

Nate's final trip was a short visit to Costa Rica to open a bank account for PPM-Costa Rica.  This bank account may not seem like a big deal, but to our staff in Costa Rica it's going to be a huge time-saver and make it much safer for all of our staff.  After a four-hour long battle at the bank, everything was set!  That afternoon Nate was also to meet with the Board of PPM-CR and cast vision for the year!  We have an incredible team set up in Costa Rica!

Now we are better prepared logistically to have even more teams come to serve alongside of the incredible pastors of Costa Rica!

Guess what?  Nate will be home all September!  Wahoo!
August Photos
Malachi was able to go to a Real Madrid soccer game with friends from church!
School is back in session!  1st, 4th, 7th, & 9th graders now! Reagan is very excited to now be attending a public high school with no uniforms!
We were so happy to have our great friend Melissa come visit us from Costa Rica!
Melissa put everyone to work to lead us in making arroz con pollo (chicken with rice), one of our favorite Costa Rican meals!
Reagan and Abbi loved being part of the dance team for a family service at church!
Isaiah and Malachi are both playing Flag Football this season.
Abbi made the Cross Country team and started taking sign language classes at church!
Isaiah turned 7 this month and loved his taco piƱata.
Nathan, Laura, Darrell (in DE) , Reagan, Abigail,  Malachi,  & Isaiah