still no roofs or structures have been lost!

Cravo houses had been previously hit by Hurricane Jeanne, Francis, Charlie, Katrina, Wilma, Ike, and Norbert. 


Hurricane Manuel - September 19, 2013, Culiacan MX

Retractable roof house at INIFAP in Culiacan. Tomato plants transplanted September 6, 2013.  (Pictures taken September 26,2013)

42 hectare retractable roof operation 
in Culiacan.  There was no damage to
the roof or structure and all roofs were
operational after the hurricane.
Retractable roof also protected crops
to -6C during the freeze on February 6,
2011.  (Pictures taken September 27,

Hurricane Norbert - October 11, 2008, Los Mochis MX

Retractable roof house (on left) in Los Mochis.  Retractable roof house was 
fully operational the day after the hurricane.  (Pictures taken November 
28, 2008)

Hurricane Jeanne, Francis & Wilma - 2004-05, Florida US
Cravo A Frame retractable roof ( one left of both pictures) in Boyton Beach Florida was hit by 3 hurricanes in 18 months. The roof was retracted for Hurricane Jeanne and Francis but was closed to protect the plants during the 200km per hour winds during Hurricane Wilma. The reinforced polyethylene roofs were 6 years old when Hurricane Wilma hit. Installed 14 years ago these retractable roofs are still in use today.

Steel roof on packing house was 

destroyed but the retractable roof was
operational the day after the hurricanes.

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