Hurricane Maria Evacuees Funding
Dear Providers,
We wanted to send an update regarding available statewide funds to assist with the housing crises of Hurricane Maria Evacuees here in CT. 

This short-term financial assistance is intended for use in shelter diversion or to help exit from shelter to a permanent housing solution. Allowable expenses cannot exceed $2,500 per household. Please note that exceptions will be made in the event that there are special circumstances that will require an amount exceeding $2,500, specifically for security deposit and first month’s rent, or for a type of assistance not listed below. Please e-mail Joanne Vitarelli to explain and we will work with you to try and accommodate the request.  
As of December 31, 2018, all funds will need to be accessed through homeless service providers who have a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with CCEH. All individuals or families seeking assistance will be required to register with 2-1-1 and issued an HMIS ID# which will be required as part of the request for funds.  

  • Families or individuals newly identified or previously identified as Hurricane Maria evacuees who are currently in shelter, presenting for shelter, are seeking housing assistance for a housing crisis through 2-1-1, or are doubled or tripled up and can no longer remain where they are living.

DOH has expanded the language around the possible use of these funds (see below):
  • Utility deposits, payments and arrears
  • Rental arrears
  • Rental assistance (no more than 2 months of rent if the client can be diverted. More than 2 months of rental assistance is RRH)
  • Rental application fees
  • Security deposits, last month's rent
  • Moving costs
  • Housing search and placement
  • Housing stability case management
  • Landlord-tenant mediation 
  • Tenant legal services
  • Credit repair 
  • Car repairs if primary transportation to employment
  • Costs associated with obtaining identification
  • Bus passes if primary transportation to employment
  • Gift cards/flexible funding; and
  • Furniture, necessary for functional daily living such as bedding, dining/kitchen table and chairs.
Currently, the following agencies have executed MOU’s to access these funds:

New Reach – New Haven CAN
CHR – Central CAN
FCA – Fairfield CAN
CRT - Hartford & MMW CAN’s

Thank you for all your important work to help these individuals and families. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or .  
Mimi Haley and Joanne Vitarelli
Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness
(860) 721-7876 |  |