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Hurricane Otto HELP!
Thanksgiving day was a rough day here in Costa Rica.  We started with a North American Thanksgiving dinner with some of our staff.  Knowing there was an impending hurricane coming, we opted to eat a few hours earlier to allow everyone to return safely to their homes.  We had a great celebration, though much of the talk was of the looming Hurricane Otto.  Just as the last visitors left, the rain really started to pour.  

Within a few hours we were watching news broadcasts of the storm heading directly towards us.  Fortunately, we only received rain in our area, but it was not so fortunate for the city of Upala, a mere one hour away from us.

Over the last three months I have spent a lot of time in Upala as we were introduced to five new pastors in that area.  We quickly grew to love these pastors and desire to be able to send mission teams as soon as possible.

Around 11:00 pm on Thanksgiving night we started making phone calls to see how our new friends held up during the hurricane that had progressed to a Category 2.  The news was devastating!  The first pastor we heard from had been evacuated from his house but was allowed to go back later to see the damage.  His home and adjoining church was filled four feet high with water and mud.  Everything was lost.  Everything.  

As we continued contacting more of our pastor friends, we heard of another in the same city of Upala that lost everything as well, house and church.   The structures are standing, but it will take a lot of time and money to rebuild life back to normal again.  

We have seen all over the news and facebook about the outpouring of local love and support, sending blankets, canned meats, water, and personal hygiene items.  Costa Ricans have so much love for each other!

Here is where you come in:  We want to see these two churches and pastor's homes that lost everything restored.  They are already working around the clock to begin the clean up process while also reaching out to their communities in desperate need.   Would you be willing to make a financial gift to restore the lost property and damage done to two pastor's homes and their adjoining churches?

You can do so by going to the  Praying Pelican Donation Page.  Make sure you are at the "Location Specific" area and select Costa Rica.  In the note you can write "Hurricane Otto Relief" and we will get the money sent to Upala, Costa Rica to get these pastor's homes and churches back into operation.  We are so thankful for your support in this very desperate time!
Home for the Holidays
We are looking forward to getting back to the U.S.A. for an extended visit this Christmas season.  Laura and I are looking forward to long-overdue night away in NYC, the kids are looking forward to sleep-overs and seeing their friends.  We cannot wait to see Darrell again, and all of our extended family and friends!  There is so much to be seen and done in such a small amount of time.

We know that it will be impossible to see everyone,  but here is where you can find us:

Delaware:  December 17-25
Ohio:  December 26-27
Michigan:  December 28-January 3
Preaching at New Jerusalem Christian Fellowship January 1, 10:30 am
Ohio:  January 4-5
Delaware:  January 6-23 
Preaching at Immanuel Church January 8, 10:00 am
Preaching at Warehouse Student Ministries of Immanuel Church January 15, 5:00 pm
Thankful in Costa Rica
In case you missed the short videos we created and posted on Facebook and Instagram, here they are:

Nathan     Laura     Reagan     Abigail     Malachi     Isaiah

Nathan, Laura, Darrell, Reagan, Abigail,  Malachi,  & Isaiah Norman