Hurricane Season 2018
Preparing for emergencies and extreme weather can be overwhelming for seniors, the disenfranchised, and individuals  with disabilities.

Valued partner  BRIDGING APPS is hosting a  Facebook LIVE - Interaction Disaster Preparedness (4-part series) Workshop. This Workshop was previously announced on SeniorNet's Facebook.

Jana Rodriguez shares smartphone apps, tips, tricks and features to help prepare you for disasters.

Some folks believe hurricanes just impact Florida (not true).

See map below 2017 hurricanes and their track.... .

And so far this year 2018.. ....Alberto created tragedy across the mid-Atlantic states (flooding, deaths, complete loss of property, etc.)

Seize the opportunity to  engage this Free - training and education ....

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If you cannot attend this training / education...not to worry it will be provided to SeniorNet Leaders on Leadership Exchange.

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President & CEO

We appreciate your support to our mission. Teaching computer skills, mobile devices, applications and the latest technology to Seniors, Veterans, Disenfranchised and the Physically Challenged.

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