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October 6, 2022

Captains for Hire

The following is a list of names and links we have received of people who are available to take residents by boat to the islands. Please contact them directly to arrange transportation and other details as to cost, number of people, pick up location etc. Typically texting is the most efficient, as the cell service remains weak in Lee County. NOTE:  The DDWS does not endorse any of these people and they are only being listed as a resource and reference.  

Captain Eric Davis, 239.707.7113.

Captain Sean Kelly: 239.677.7929.

Captain Dave Russo: 239.634.0387

Captiva Adventures & Native Guides: 239.822.3337

Captain Andrew Barron 239.994.7002

Captain Peter: 239.825.8513

Captain Brandon: 239.253.6356

Captain Paul: 239.850.2088 (only 3 people at a time)

Captain Nelson: 239.810.0656

Dalton Outlaw: 239.628.0534

Captain David: 239.950.1541

Captain Jordan DeLaney: 239.464 8066

Captain Rob: 239.994.1238

Captain Cody: 954.422.3479

Captain Jenni Maughan: 239.309.8527

Jimmyzhoucharters 239.839.6528

Captain Larry 239.691.6543 (beginning 10/10)

Captain Frank: 239.337.4275 (beginning 10/10)


Captains for Clean Water Sanibel Operation Guides Directory

They have assembled a list of captains and contacts for hire

Access to Sanibel

The City of Sanibel clarified the following points about access to the island post-Hurricane Ian: 


Hurricane Ian Resource Links

If you are a resident or business affected by Hurricane Ian, here is a printable pdf of resources. We are trying to keep it updated, and it isn't in great order, but they are there in hopes of helping. 

If you have links you have found helpful, please let us know and we will add them to the list. 

New Damage Assessment Link

The City of Sanibel released an updated link to view damage assessments of properties on Sanibel and Captiva. The assessments of structures were completed by Urban Search and Rescue Teams.

The City will issue a new press release providing a link to an updated map once additional data is uploaded to the host site. 

Please note that this can give misconceptions on the level of damage to the home. It does not take into consideration the interior damage and the continued deterioration from lack of electricity and the damage from heat and humidity.  




Volunteer Florida coordinates volunteers with opportunities around the state and country.

The City of Sanibel:  If you have resources such as boats, equipment, services, skills please send an email to or call (239) 603-7261and provide the following information:  


  • Name
  • Resource available
  • Phone number
  • Email address

The Refuge will need volunteers in the future, but until we know more, please contact the city who can use people now. Thank you. 


The J.N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge has been a part of peoples lives in ways we don't even know. Please use #dingstrong in your social media posts regarding the Refuge, your happy memories or current thoughts. Thank you for caring. 

We are #SanibelStrong' #SamCapStrong and certainly #DingStrong.

Any updates, news, links to resources, or ways to support the Refuge as well as other organizations who are helping island residents directly can be found at Everyone has been impacted and please consider supporting those organizations important to you directly via their online giving pages. Please NO mail.  

The "Ding" Darling Wildlife Society is the non-profit friends group supporting the J.N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge Complex.


Birgit Miller, Executive Director

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