October 2018
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Read about Civil Air Patrol's Hurricane Response, Uncle Wiggly Wings Message for You,
CAP Sets New Record, Advocate Passes, and more...
CAP Responds to Hurricanes
Civil Air Patrol’s Florida Wing flew six aerial photograph missions Thursday to document the devastating damage by Hurricane Michael’s landfall on the state’s Panhandle region.
Lt. Col. Bill Weiler, one of the wing’s incident commanders, said the volunteer civilian auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force was flying sorties until daylight faded.
Hurricane Florence hit home for so many on the coast of North Carolina. Corbin Endre and his family were lucky to have little damages, but Endre's attitude of service has lead him to give more to his community in the face of such trauma...
CAP Breaks Modern Record for Most Lives Saved
A save off the coast of Florida launches CAP to a new record of saves in a single year - 155 - and most of those with the successful support of CAP's National Cell Phone Forensics Team.
See What the Candy Bomber Says About Civil Air Patrol
Col Gail Halvors en, CAP Congressional Gold Medal recipient, is an international hero whose aviation career began with Civil Air Patrol before WWII.

As the Berlin Airlift 70 th anniversary is celebrated, Col Halvorsen shares his love of and appreciation for CAP.

The inspiring humanitarian effort of the Candy Bomber / Uncle Wiggly Wings is portrayed in CAP’s “Uncle Wiggly Wings” early learning book and teachers guide. YOU can help us share with other youth the amazing CAP Cadet and Aerospace Education programs to inspire them toward the skies.
Advocate for Civil Air Patrol Dies
Bruce Whitman, chairman, president and CEO of FlightSafety International and a charter member of Civil Air Patrol’s Board of Governors, died Wednesday at his home in New York. He was 85.
Meet Our New Deputy Chief for Alumni Relations
Col. John Knowles
What year did you join Civil Air Patrol? As a cadet or senior member? And why?
I joined the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Cadet Squadron in august 1972 as a cadet. Two reasons – the first is my sister, who was a cadet, wanted a recruiting ribbon so she recruited my twin brother and I. The real reason was I grew up in a military family and I saw it as a way to serve my country in a time when serving was pretty unpopular (Vietnam War)
Most Memorable Moment
Rescuing two people while on a CAP mission during a flood in 1979. 
Current Career?
Vice President for Logistics and Equipment for a major US construction company.
What specific lesson/experience from CAP has influenced your career or your life?

The lessons that I learned about "followship" and leadership, practical and written, have been one of the keys to my success. Putting others before yourself and following the tenets of servant leadership was demonstrated by my first squadron commander, Capt Bill Hicks, and I have tried to live by them in everything I do.
Anything we didn’t ask that you would like to share?
The best thing that happened to me was meeting my future wife – Teri Hanna who has been by my side for over 36 years. 
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