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At WW Philadelphia, memberships were designed with your preferences in mind, whether you love to chat online or in person. Prefer dedicated guidance, or find inspiration from a group? Like to Zoom with your friends? Now we support you in specialized and personal Virtual Zoom Workshops, too.

And, if you didn't know by now, every WW Coach and Guide is a WW Success Story themselves, having lost weight, reached their goal, attained the coveted Lifetime Member Status, and went on to train to become part of the
WW Philadelphia Staff.

Weekly, we feature a member of our Staff. Meet Myrtle!
Myrtle T
WW Guide & Lifetime Member
Ridley and Springfield Studios
Myrtle lost 65 pounds and became a Lifetime Member of WW. She kept it off for 5 years until it all came back ...and then some!
Myrtle has a welcoming face and smile for every Member she meets. As a WW Guide, she registers Members, checks you in, and has answers to your questions as you privately step on the scale. Myrtle is the first person you'll see at your WW Workshop in the Ridley and Springfield Studios. She's been a Guide for 5 years and says being with the group keeps her on track to getting back to goal.
On her first weight loss journey, she lost 65 pounds, made Lifetime, and kept it off for 5 years. "Then", Myrtle tells us, "I fell off the wagon and I fell hard. I gained back the entire 65 and then some!"

When asked how it happened, Myrtle replied with a much-understood response, "Life. Life happens and facing hardships sometimes makes us turn to food through those stumbling blocks life presents. Ten years ago, when I joined Weight Watchers, I lost every week--even if it was half a pound, I lost. I simply worked the plan."

Enter tough times--"I relaxed; I stopped following my program as religiously as I did from the time I reached goal and the following 5 years." Myrtle continued, "I got sloppy making choices, and I stopped tracking!"

"I knew WW works. I came back, became a Guide, and have dropped 18 pounds! I'm tracking and using all the resources WW has to offer. I'm making smart choices--good choices for myself and am getting a lot out of the Workshops. The back and forth that happens in such a positive environment is really great because, usually I find if I don't ask a question that's on my mind, someone in my group does. It's where we get answers!"

To fellow members, she asks: "Are you working The Plan?" Myrtle is proof when she says,
"If you work the Plan, The Plan works for you."
Food • Activity • Mindset • Sleep
These are the four pillars of WW's approach to weight loss. While each of these things is important on its own, the combined power when all four work together is undeniable. Each affects the other, and they can all work together to help us achieve our health and fitness goals.
Food Distraction-Free Eating
Activity Workout Buddy
Mindset • Support Team
Sleep Sleep More, Lose More
This Week's Message From DebW!
Voice of WW Philadelphia and General Manager
September 29, 2021
Hello WW Philadelphia Members,

Don’t stop changing, your best ‘you’ might be right around the corner.

For this human traveling through life, the maturation process has brought great empathy. Having empathy makes me a better human than the one I was in my 20’s. I would not be good at this job without the empathy that has grown inside of me.

Like many of you, I have lost a few hundred pounds using the WW program. My best streak was a 94-pound loss at which time I was invited to work for WW-Weight Watchers.
I was excited to help others lose weight LIKE ME. The part I didn’t understand at that moment is everyone loses weight LIKE THEMSELVES and not LIKE ME.

I was six months in as a Leader/Coach and questioning whether I would ever be good enough to help someone make the big steps in their weight loss. When the very first person in a group where I was the Leader/Coach became a Lifetime Member, I remember being proud but not that proud because she only lost 12 pounds to get to goal.

Then my thinking began to change. For one, why hadn’t I thought of losing weight when I was 12 pounds overweight instead of 94 pounds overweight???

As the newly minted Lifetime Member (minus her 12 unwanted pounds) shared her story, I realized there are so many stories of value other than my own. She was a young attorney working for the county. She later became a judge. She is highly intelligent, beautiful, Hispanic, and tiny, maybe 5’1”. That 12 pounds meant everything to her. One of her comments to the group about her weight loss was she “couldn’t afford suits in multiple sizes” due to paying off college debt for herself and her husband who was at that time completing his degree. Her journey was so different from mine but had equal value.

I never judge Members for their need to take “time out” from WW Workshops even when it means going to another weight loss product. I know that if Workshops are best for them and I feel for most it is, they’ll be back, and we’ll be here ready to help. If you’re a Member who switched to Digital Only and would like to restart with an offer that includes live workshops, we have an excellent Workshops+Digital offer available through October 16th. If you need assistance with switching, do not hesitate to call our office at 215-648-1000.

In today’s world of differences, I encourage you to embrace your difference and the differences of others. I know the more experienced and wiser Members reading this have learned this lesson as time has passed but I challenge the rest to appreciate all the differences out there. Our HUMAN sameness can override the fear of the differences to make our communities a better place for all of us.
Stay well, be kind and wash your hands,

Deb Wright
General Manager
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Personalized Virtual Workshops
Offered every week in addition to daily Virtual Workshops
Mondays 7 pm:
Lifetime Over Goal

This Virtual Workshop
is exclusively for
Lifetime Members
with 5+ lbs to lose

Get back to goal with WW Weekly Personalized Virtual Workshop. Be motivated by your Coach, a Lifetime Member At Goal, and Members in the group! Make 'one day' become today!
Wednesdays 7 pm:
Lose 100+ Pounds

This Virtual Workshop
is exclusively for Members
with 100+ lbs to lose

Coached by a WW Lifetime Member who lost over 100 lbs and trained to share the plan as it will work for you. Along with your Coach, Members will be like-minded and goal-oriented like you!

Georgia C. lost 117 lbs* since joining WW
A study of WW members suggests that going on a weight-loss journey yourself can help your partner or close family member get healthier, even if they don’t do it “with you.”
It’s a ripple effect!
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