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 Connect with your colleagues in Long Beach to share your insights, exchange ideas, ask questions, learn from other experts/innovators and see new products. The IEEE EMC Society seeks original, unpublished papers covering multiple aspects of EMC and SIPI. In addition to Technical Papers , we are seeking proposals for Workshops & Tutorials , Special Sessions and Experiments & Demonstrations .
The First Transcontinental Flight by Calbraith Rodgers was completed in 1911 in Long Beach, California. Cal Rodgers flew a distance of 4,000 miles from Sheepshead Bay, New York to Long Beach, California, when he landed in water just near the Pine Avenue pier. The flight required 49 days to complete due to a series of 16 near fatal crashes as he followed railroads westward as his guides across the nation. His actual flight time was three days, ten hours, four minutes. On December 10, 1911 Rodgers completed his flight in Long Beach and was escorted over the water by Earl Daugherty, Frank Champion and Beryl Williams, other Long Beach aviators. He landed near Seaside and Linden Avenues. Made against seemingly overwhelming odds of weather and mechanical malfunctions and failures, Rodgers demonstrated to the nation the potential of the airplane for long distance travel and air commerce, and established the feasibility of transcontinental airmail service.

Photos: Cal Rodgers Lands at Seaside and Linden in Long Beach, December 10, 1911.
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