Local Campaign Leader Poses Enormous
P.R. Problem for National Campaign 

In recent weeks, the Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) has been contacted by several dozen extremely concerned supporters of Donald Trump across the state.  Their message"We can't make America great again or even Hawaii great again if the Hawaii Trump campaign is AWOL and nowhere to be found.  Can you please help us?"
Since nobody at HIRA wants Hillary Clinton to be our next president, HIRA spent several days investigating the substantial problems mentioned by island Trump supporters.  What we found:

Tomorrow marks three long months since Trump won the Hawaii Republican Party (HRP) presidential caucus.  Since then, there's no local Trump headquarters, no local fundraising, no local ground game, no local communications, no local phone banking, no local voter identification, no local get-out-the-vote campaign, no local canvassing, etc.
Two days ago, Peter DiRocco, Trump Hawaii co-chair and deputy director of the Windward Oahu campaign, issued an incredibly powerful and candid complaint about the Trump Hawaii campaign and the nearly dead Hawaii Republican Party:  "There should be much more going on and there does not appear to be much of anything.  Almost seems like HRP is tamping down the Trump train.  Kind of imperative that the HRP get involved or gets left behind. I am not adverse to a third party. Yes!  All of the pundits argue against it, but they are not in Hawaii dealing with the moribund vestige of a once proud organization.  Why we are not getting the jump on Hillary or Bernie and staying under the cloaking device?  It could be a weak spot in the Hellreich plan.  Unfortunately, at this point in time, some drastic action is needed. The people need to shake up the HRP and that is not happening from within."

It stands to reason that Hawaii voters need lots of persuading and contacting if a majority are to be convinced to choose Trump over Clinton.  Trying to blame the local GOP, the local Trump campaign is stuck in a holding pattern and unable to live up to its own hype.
At Hawaii's presidential caucus, Trump received only a plurality of 42% of the votes cast.  That's not much more than 6,000 votes in our currently very Democratic 'blue' state.  However, in 2014, 370,000 people turned out to vote in Hawaii.  Getting from 6,000 to 370,000 is an enormous gap to bridge with zero campaigning underway so close to the General Election on November 8th.  Time flies during campaign season.  Every candidate -- state, local, or national -- ends up wishing they had more time to make their case.

Time is running out
for Hawaii's Trump campaign as it tries to figure out if or when they can shift from capitalizing on Mr. trump's national media to influence a small state party's presidential caucus into a robust state chapter of a national campaign which could win Hawaii for its Republican candidate.

Kimo Sutton, another Trump Hawaii co-chair, was as blunt as his colleague DiRocco:  We are "without any direction.  Nathan (Paikai, chairman of Trump Hawaii) will try and control us, but our right to speak is not his.  I will look for my (own Trump campaign) events and let his friends fare for themselves.  It is not a delegation of smart volunteers from him.  Nathan will crash his own self. Not by my help. Wonder if he has meds."  DiRocco, Sutton - their words, not ours.
Which brings us to the Trump Hawaii campaign leader whose own deputy Kimo Sutton wonders if that leader is on "meds" and has surrounded himself with dumb volunteers.

At the center of it all is a man who appears to believe and literally claims on his website to be a "prophet" on par with Moses and Jesus Christ; the very prophet which the Holy Bible ( Deuteronomy 18:18) predicts that God " will raise up for them a Prophet like you from among their brethren, and will put My words in his mouth, and he shall speak to them all that I command him."
Heavy duty!  Calling himself "The Prophet", Nathan Paikai's own website claims that he " has been mandated by the Lord God Almighty to be a mouthpiece for the Kingdom of heaven, here on earth.  When God speaks, this man of God is faithful to deliver the message to those who have ears to hear.  Over the years, Prophet Nathan has gone wherever the Lord has directed him to deliver the Gospel Message, build a church, or edify the body of Christ. He delivers the King's words from the throne in order to build up a thirsty people."

This brings us to the single biggest concern of local Trump supporters.  Sure they're afraid of losing because they never built a campaign.  But they have a greater fear that Trump Hawaii's top leader Paikai is a national public relations disaster waiting to happen to a presidential campaign which already has its endless share of controversies played out on the nightly news.
Paikai already self-destructed and imploded several times.  HIRA previously reported on one of these occasions which followed the Hawaii GOP state convention a few weeks ago.  The Prophet's obnoxious behavior toward the entire delegation comprised of party leaders, and the Cruz, Rubio and Trump supporters resulted in pressure from GOP officers to force Paikai to make apologetic phone calls to many who endured his most un-Christian behavior.

That dramatic meltdown by Paikai, seen by dozens, prompted a key volunteer in the Trump Hawaii campaign to tell HIRA off the record that Paikai and his boorish behavior brought about the local campaign's complete standstill for the past three wasted months:  "As far as the 'Trump Hawaii' leaders (DiRocco, Sutton and King) - nowhere to be found.  They are now silent after the crazy Prophet finished cooking and burned his convention delegation goulash."
Trump Hawaii national delegate Tim McClary told the Cruz Hawaii campaign's leadership that Paikai campaign is secretive and dormant:   "We haven't been told a thing."
For a prophet who has the knack for crying right on cue, what makes this situation less tolerable for Hawaii Republicans and Trump volunteers alike is that the Prophet told the Oahu League of Republican Women that God personally "chose him to lead the Hawaii Trump campaign."
God certainly has His own way.  Still, it's hard to believe that He would really want this petulant, walking PR disaster and false prophet named Nathan Paikai to keep the Trump campaign frozen in place if God wanted Donald Trump to be the next president of the United States and select more than a couple Supreme Court Justices.
With the only 'name' Republican candidates in Hawaii known as Trump haters, there won't be a favorable down or up ticket effect.  Djou haaaatttttttessss (that is, hates) Trump and Aiona only this week begrudgingly offered to vote for Trump in November.

If there's one appointment on your calendar which CANNOT be rescheduled, it's Election Day.  Even God knows that day is Tuesday, November 8th.  Self-proclaimed prophet and political novice Nathan Paikai doesn't seem to realize that day is right around the corner.  Just ask his sidekicks.
It's widely known in Republican circles that the politically inexperienced local leaders of the Trump campaign did nothing to win those 6,000 votes on March 8th but simply watch the Trump wave arrive on Hawaii shores.  Since then, Paikai has spent most of his time basking in that small victory while forging a partnership with Jeb Bush supporter and progressive national committeewoman Miriam Hellreich, who has closely aligned herself with Paikai in order to improve her relations with Trump's conservative followers in Hawaii.  Vague promises of Hellreich bringing funds back from the mainland to help Donald Trump in Hawaii have gone unrealized while Paikai and Hellreich have conducted their extended political romance at the expense of Hawaii's Trump campaign.

Paging Donald Trump:  Your Hawaii campaign is crying out for help.  And your leadership team in Hawaii seems determined to watch you go down in flames.  You need to take decisive action before the national media starts Googling crackpot Nathan Paikai and his YouTube videos.  Paikai's sidekicks can't even stand him and will probably be the first to sell him out to the Nightly News.
Hawaii Republicans deserve a robust presidential campaign effort in the islands in order to help the 'down-ticket' effect on Hawaii's GOP candidates running for state, county and federal offices.  Just five months from tomorrow, local newscasts will be breathlessly reporting election returns as ballots get counted.  The dormant Trump campaign and the "moribund vestige of a once proud" Hawaii GOP are setting themselves up for an extremely memorable failure.  But it will be Hawaii residents who ultimately pay the steep price for another 62 years of Democrats running Hawaii plus the steep price of Hillary Clinton in the White House.  Almighty God, please hear our prayer!

And the winner is . . .
Well, that depends on the Hawaii GOP and Trump campaign.

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